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Bring Back a Lost Lover or a New Love Debilitated Venus Can Spruce Up Your Love Life

DateOctober 22, 2009

Venus denotes the force of attraction in the cosmos. Among human beings this attractive force manifests as love for others and for enjoyment of beauty. Through Venus we relate to others, appreciate the aesthetic principles of balance, harmony, color and sound as well as learn to co-operate.

Venus is the planet of civility, etiquette, admiration and essential for feeling respected. Venus is the planet of love and happiness; both these things ONLY work when we approach them unconditionally. Venus gives love, relationship and luxury, all very powerful elements for experiencing well-being and wholeness on this material plane.

How and Whom You Love is Controlled by Venus
Your Venus describes how you love, whom you love, and what you love. Of course, Venus is the planet of love and romance. Venus’s position in your birth chart can help you answer these questions:

  • Is it just infatuation or a lifelong relationship?
  • How much are you hoping for that right someone to cross your path?
  • Are you hungry for a greater intimacy with your partner?
  • Are there obstacles which make your love life with your current partner a nightmare?
  • How does the man or woman of your dreams feel about you?
  • What type of chemistry do you share with that special someone?
  • Do you have long-term potential?
  • Are you dating the right guy or girl?
  • How can you help each other grow?

When Venus is in favor of you, you attract beautiful people and have great rapport with them. Without a good Venus, you will be lonely and brooding.

Venus and Your Astrology
Venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony, rules the signs Libra and Taurus. In Libra Venus is aesthetic and cultured, lending harmony and love to relationships. In Taurus Venus is manifested as more earthy, materialistic and sensual, teaching the true value of what we attract and possess through our free will and the responsibilities of ownership. Venus in Debilitation Now – November 3rd:

Virgo is the constellation of debilitation for Venus. It is a barren sign and Venus in Virgo would create opportunities for romance and love but will not yield fruitful results. Men should be aware that their selfish partners do not take an undue advantage over them. Venus in now found to be debilitated in the sign Virgo until November 3rd.

In addition, at present Venus receives aspects from a debilitated Jupiter. The astrology dictum is that if a debilitated planet aspects another debilitated planet, the debilitation of the aspect receiving planet is lessened. In the case of Venus, though it gets debilitated it does not lose its full power. It would bring some dignity to your love, financial success, and reconciliation.

Since it is through the principle of attraction that we draw and add to ourselves, an afflicted Venus spells difficulties with love and money. Often this shows a need to learn the true meaning of giving and sharing.

Do You Find Yourself Saying: “I Wish I Knew How to Bring Back a Lost Love or a Create a New Love?”

The dark side of Venus is hatred and meanness. When our need for social acceptance becomes so great, we act falsely in order to “get” someone, for we are dwelling in the shadows. The positive side of Venus brings in special benevolent energies that enhance all Vedic remedies in general, but specifically for those to loosen our own darker aspects and clear the way for love.

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