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Auspicious Dates for Marriage in April 2024

DateMarch 8, 2024

Is it okay to get married on any day? According to Vedic astrology, it may not be a good idea. Planetary energies on a particular day can be good or bad, and they can influence the outcome of your marriage. If you are someone who believes in astrology and wants to have a happy, harmonious, and prosperous marriage, you can consult an astrologer or Pundit to find an auspicious date for your marriage. Such auspicious dates are called Shubh Muhurat.

 Shubh Muhurat is a propitious time for marriage. Marriage marks the beginning of a new life for a couple, and getting married on an auspicious date has great importance in determining the success of the marriage.

 In a marriage, both the bride and the groom have their own stars and energies. These stars and energies will be interconnected to each other, like the couple. When they interact with each other, there will be some outcomes that will manifest in the lives of the couple.

 Choosing the right Muhurat or auspicious date is key because it is the time when the stars of the bride and the groom will align to welcome each other. It is the best time for them to begin their life journey together.

 Beginning the marriage on an auspicious date can have many advantages as per Vedic astrology – joy, harmony, long life, prosperity, good progeny, and much more.

 Role of Planets in Shubh Muhurat

Astrologers usually look at the placements of beneficial planets like Jupiter, Venus, waxing Moon, and Mercury on the days of marriage. This is why many people avoid getting married on Tuesdays (ruled by Mars, a malefic planet) and on Saturdays (ruled by Saturn, a malefic planet). There will be at least one day in the Panchang that will be favorable for both the bride and the groom. This date will be chosen as the wedding date. Some yogas can change throughout the day, and they also determine the right time of the day to start the rituals. Sticking to these timings will have a positive impact on the couple’s marital life.

If you are planning to get married this April, here are some of the auspicious wedding dates in April 2024.

April is a good month to tie the knot. It’s the month of spring and new beginnings. Also, most Shubh Muhurats or auspicious wedding dates fall on or near the weekends. Which means that your guests will find it convenient to attend your wedding.

 So, let us look at the auspicious marriage dates in April 2024!

 18th April, Thursday

Tithi: Dashami upto 17:33:59

Nakshatra: Ashlesha upto 07:57:19

Karana: Gar upto 17:33:59

Paksha: Shukla

Yoga: Ganda upto 24:42:21

Day: Guruvara

Sun And Moon Calculations

Sun Rise: 05:52:10

Sun Set: 18:48:58

Moon Sign: Karka upto 07:57:19

Moon Rise: 14:00:00

Moon Set: 27:27:59

Ritu: Vasanta


20th April, Saturday

Tithi: Dwadashi upto 22:44:15

Nakshatra: Poorva Phalguni upto 14:05:02

Karana: Bhav upto 09:26:04, Baalav upto 22:44:15

Paksha: Shukla

Yoga: Dhruva upto 26:46:51

Day: Shanivara

Sun And Moon Calculations

Sun Rise: 05:50:09

Sun Set: 18:50:09

Moon Sign: Simha upto 20:51:45

Moon Rise: 15:46:00

Moon Set: 28:22:00

Ritu: Grishma


22nd April, Monday

TithiChaturdashi upto 27:27:59

Nakshatra: Hasta upto 20:00:11

Karana: Gar upto 14:23:21, Vanij upto 27:27:59

Paksha: Shukla

Yoga: Harshana upto 28:27:17

Day: Somavara

Sun And Moon Calculations

Sun Rise: 05:48:11

Sun Set: 18:51:19

Moon Sign: Kanya

Moon Rise: 17:30:59

Moon Set: 29:14:00

Ritu: Grishma


24th April, Wednesday

Tithi: Pratipada upto Full Night

Nakshatra: Swati upto 24:41:02

Karana: Baalav upto 18:07:30

Paksha: Krishna

Yoga: Siddhi upto 29:03:46

Day: Buddhavara

Sun And Moon Calculations

Sun Rise: 05:46:15

Sun Set: 18:52:29

Moon Sign: Tula

Moon Rise: 19:21:00

Moon Set: No Moon Set

Ritu: Grishma


26th April, Thursday

Tithi: Dvitiya upto 07:48:08

Nakshatra: Anuradha upto 27:40:01

Karana: Gar upto 07:48:08, Vanij upto 20:07:44

Paksha: Krishna

Yoga: Variyan upto 28:18:09

Day: Shukravara

Sun And Moon Calculations

Sun Rise: 05:44:24

Sun Set: 18:53:40

Moon Sign: Vrishchika

Moon Rise: 21:21:00

Moon Set: 06:52:59

Ritu: Grishma


Some Special Wedding Dates in April 2024

 10th April, Wednesday – Eid-ul-Fitr

Dvitiya: upto 17:34:27

Nakshatra: Bharani upto 27:06:07

Karana: Baalav upto 07:00:38, Kolav upto 17:34:27

Paksha: Shukla

Yoga: Vishkambha upto 10:36:50

Day: Buddhavara

Sun And Moon Calculations

Sun Rise: 06:00:38

Sun Set: 18:44:26

Moon Sign: Mesha

Moon Rise: 06:50:59

Moon Set: 20:42:59

Ritu: Vasanta


13th April, Saturday – Vaisakhi

Tithi: Panchami upto 12:06:19

Nakshatra: Mrigashirsha upto 24:49:53

Karana: Baalav upto 12:06:19, Kolav upto 23:50:14

Paksha: Shukla

Yoga: Sobhana upto 24:33:15

Day: Shanivara

Sun And Moon Calculations

Sun Rise: 05:57:24

Sun Set: 18:46:07

Moon Sign: Vrishabha upto 12:44:47

Moon Rise: 09:11:00

Moon Set: 24:00:59

Ritu: Vasanta


14th April, Sunday – Vaisakhi

Tithi: Shashti upto 11:46:14

Nakshatra: Ardra upto 25:35:30

Karana: Tetil upto 11:46:14, Gar upto 23:54:16

Paksha: Shukla

Yoga: Atiganda upto 23:32:20

Day: Ravivara

Sun And Moon Calculations

Sun Rise: 05:56:20

Sun Set: 18:46:40

Moon Sign: Mithuna

Moon Rise: 10:07:00

Moon Set: 24:56:00

Ritu: Vasanta


17th April, Wednesday – Ram Navami

Tithi: Navami upto 15:16:24

Nakshatra: Ashlesha upto Full Night

Karana: Kolav upto 15:16:24, Tetil upto 28:22:27

Paksha: Shukla

Yoga: Soola upto 23:50:04

Day: Buddhavara

Sun And Moon Calculations

Sun Rise: 05:53:12

Sun Set: 18:48:23

Moon Sign: Karka

Moon Rise: 13:03:59

Moon Set: 26:57:59

Ritu: Vasanta


21st April, Sunday – Mahavir Jayanti

Tithi: Trayodashi upto 25:13:58

Nakshatra: Uttara Phalguni upto 17:08:57

Karana: Kolav upto 12:00:36, Tetil upto 25:13:58

Paksha: Shukla

Yoga: Vyagatha upto 27:43:10

Day: Ravivara

Sun And Moon Calculations

Sun Rise: 05:49:10

Sun Set: 18:50:42

Moon Sign: Kanya

Moon Rise: 16:37:59

Moon Set: 28:48:00

Ritu: Grishma


23rd April, Tuesday – Full Moon

Tithi: Poornima upto 29:20:30

Nakshatra: Chitra upto 22:32:16

Karana: Vishti upto 16:27:12, Bhav upto 29:20:30

Paksha: Shukla

Yoga: Vajra upto 28:55:03

Day: Mangalavara

Sun And Moon Calculations

Sun Rise: 05:47:12

Sun Set: 18:51:54

Moon Sign: Kanya upto 09:18:55

Moon Rise: 18:25:00

Moon Set: 29:42:59

Ritu: Grishma

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