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Addiction Recovery or Addiction Treatment – This is The Perfect Time!

DateApril 1, 2011

What is Addiction, one of the most common questions which you might have come across in your life time?

Addiction is a continued involvement with a substance or activity regardless of negative consequences associated with it. It originates in pleasure but over time it is needed in order to make us feel normal. It can also be called as an abnormal psychological dependency on substances like alcohol, drugs or other behaviors, to the extent that they feel overwhelmingly deprived if they attempt to stop.


Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, food addiction and gambling are some of the mostly seen forms of addictions and it has to be treated as a health problem. Addiction treatment will induce a person to get rid of the sick thinking, to refresh him or her, to promote abstinence and to interrupt the life threatening habit of that individual.

Some say addictions are genetic. Some say that it is formed from early childhood traumas and still others say that it is habitual. But the spiritual truth states that addictions are karmic and karmas are strongly determined by planets.

Understanding Karmic Link for Addiction help

It is the effects of the planetary positioning in a person’s Birth Chart which is responsible for all the addictions which he or she indulges in. However, one can deactivate their addictions by reducing the effects of karma through powerful Vedic remedies.

Recovery from Addictions through the powerful astrological remedies by dissolving the karma will suppress the unfavorable influences of planets.

Preparing for De Addiction through Vedic Addiction Therapy

Addiction is a serious impediment in people’s lives, but divine methods can dissolve the effect of addictions from your life. Navagrahas, the 9 Planets, influence our consciousness on a daily basis as each hour is influenced by a planet and even down to the minute, second and so on.

Sun is moving into Aries on April 14th, Vedic New Year, which is the perfect opportunity to begin a new life as a new de-addicted person. AstroVed, with the blessings of the almighty, is offering a special program to overcome addictions!

Overcome the negative influences of addictions by participating in the de-addiction program and powerful rituals of AstroVed!


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