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Activated Jupiter Will Improve Your Finances

DateFebruary 5, 2013


Jupiter is the most benefic of all the planets but when Jupiter becomes retrograde, he loses his ability to protect. The retrograde motion of Jupiter ended last week and once again whatever area in your chart Jupiter influences, that area will improve. There is a saying, “If you have a good Jupiter in your horoscope, He will erase a million karmas.” Since Jupiter is an indicator of intelligence, this means that you can correct a lot of problems by using your oftentimes dormant Higher intelligence.


A popular mantra for activating Jupiter (aka Guru) is:

“Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu,

Guru Devo Maheshwaraha,

Guru Saakshat Para Brahma,

Tasmai Shree Guruve Namaha”


Currently Jupiter is in Taurus, which is the finance house for the entire earth plane. By increasing Jupiter energy within, you will improve your higher intelligence and finances. There are many ways to do this;

  • Meditate on Jupiter on Thursday, which is his day
  • Fast on Thursdays
  • Worship Jupiter through his mantras
  • Do the virtual pooja for Jupiter
  • Keep a pure consciousness

Astroved offers several Jupiter services during this time; so you can take advantage of and increase your Jupiter energy.


Vishnupati: The Time for Money

The Sun moves into the mystical and immensely powerful fixed sign of Aquarius on February 12, 2013.When the Sun moves into a fixed sign, it is called Vishnupati. And on this day, the celestial energies align allowing you to increase your wealth. Aquarius is the natural 11th sign of the Zodiac, it is possible to initiate long lasting prosperity on this day. In addition, this transit of Sun in Aquarius will provide opportunities to enjoy spiritual bliss.


Connect with the Archetype for Wealth

Vishnupati is the time we can connect with the preserver archetype, Vishnu. Vishnu, like the Higgs Boson (the God particle that exists everywhere) is an infinite source of power. Vishnupati is your chance to invite the wealth vibration to live within you.


Thai Amavasya: New Moon Ancestor Worship

Although your ancestors have passed from this world, their unfulfilled desires have a stronger impact on your thoughts and motivations than you could ever imagine. After death, they gain the power to affect your destiny. Failures in relationships, health, finances, career, etc. can often be traced to interference from unsatisfied ancestors.

This coming New Moon on February 9th – 10th, IST is one of the 3 Power Days of the year, for connecting to your ancestors. On this day, by giving them what they want; you win their favor and they allow peace and prosperity to come.



Astrologically, Jupiter is considered the most beneficial of all the planets as he governs Supreme Intelligence. With Intelligence, you can avoid or overcome most problems. The Moon’s aid is most important in manifestation of Supreme Intelligence as Moon represents consciousness. Interestingly, Jupiter is exalted in the Moon’s home of Cancer. A strong mind becomes productive through Supreme intellect and this Supreme Intelligence is signified by Jupiter.


Did You Know?

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn are the five visible planets and of these only Jupiter & Saturn will be easy to see in the night sky during February 2013.



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