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About the First House

DateApril 3, 2009


What is the 1st House?
There are two types of 1st Houses. The natural 1st House and ones own personal 1st House. We will begin by covering the natural 1st House in Astrology, i.e. Aries, and also what areas the 1st House controls. Ones own personal 1st House is selected based either upon your “rising sign” or your “moon sign” and is the subject of the next newsletter.The natural 1st House in astrology is the Sign of Aries, which is associated in the sky with the constellation known as Orion’s Belt.

Characteristics of the 1st House
The First House is known as the “House of the Body”. It signifies your physical self and basic personality or disposition. Whether your First House is Aries or Taurus or any other sign, it is always a signifier of ones own personal self. Should you want to know the general behavior, attitude and physical appearance of someone, you look to their 1st house. It also controls the physical head and general health and well-being.

Each sign has its own unique flavor when it is the 1st House and sets the background of an individual’s demeanor. Further, a planet in the 1st House or “aspecting” the first house will greatly alter one’s physical appearance and personality. By means of an example, Aries is examined in detailed below.Characteristics of Aries
Aries is the natural 1st house, the beginning of the zodiac. The Tamil New Year is celebrated when the Sun returns to this sign. In the northern hemisphere the return of the Sun to Aries coincides with the arrival of spring, the time of rebirth.

The characteristics of Aries is directly derived from the 1st House traits and also by its ruling planet Mars. As the 1st House is all about the physical self, the sign of Aries always brings focus to one’s self. Aries also picks up many Martian characteristics. The Aries personality and demeanor is full of vitality and energy. It likes immediate action and getting things done. As Mars is likened to a military leader, so do individuals with a personal Aries first house have a tendency to make effective, passionate, strong leaders.

Aries’ symbol is the ram. It also represents an independent nature and combative personality.

If your birth chart shows Aries as your 1st house, you are likely to have the athletic body of a Mars warrior, and you may be drawn to competitive sports. Depending upon the placement of other planets, Mars as your first house lord could give your appearance a fiery or reddish tint to your hair, eyes or complexion.

Planets Placed in Aries
In all charts, planets placed in Aries will activate Martian tendencies for that planet. When the Sun is here (birthdates between April 13th – May 14th), the person’s actions, represented by the Sun, will be Mars-like. They would be likely to take quick, bold, decisive actions. When the Moon is here, the person’s emotions, represented by the Moon, will be Mars-like. This would be a very passionate person whose feelings “heat up” quickly with Mars’ fire, and can have frequent, extreme changes in emotions and are likely to be more restless than folks with their Moon placed in calmer signs.

Mars will stimulate and bring its quick, sharp, energy to the places it touches in your chart. If it is placed in its own signs, Aries and Scorpio, that person will maintain their youthful appearance – they will naturally by resistant to the effects of aging.

Sun and Saturn
There are 2 planets which deserve special attention when looking at Aries. These are the Sun and Saturn. The Sun loves the sign of Aries. As a matter of fact, of all the places in the sky, the Sun’s characteristics shine brightest in Aries. Therefore, Aries is called the Sun’s Sign of Exaltation. From direct experience we know that the Sun during late April and May brings about warmth and growth and new life. It is the Sun at its most effective strength. The Sun is “Friends” with Mars. When the Sun comes into Mars’ house of Aries, it feels right at home.

The Sun in your chart represents your vitality. Its condition in your chart will affect your overall health and energy level. A strong Sun – whether it is placed in its own house of Leo, in its friends houses of Mars (Aries or Scorpio) or Jupiter (Sagittarius or Pisces), for example, will contribute to your physical well being, giving you a healthy glow with the brightness of the Sun and an ability to bask in the spotlight.

Conversely, Saturn dislikes everything about Aries and Mars. Saturn considers Mars an “Enemy” (fyi, Mars is neutral toward Saturn). Saturn is about removing focus from the self, taking the time to do things right and repeating things again and again until they are correct. When the slow Saturn enters Aries, which is fast-passed, forceful, immediate and self-centered, conflict immediately occurs. Therefore, Aries is Saturn’s Sign of “Debilitation”.

Now that we have understood some of the characteristics of 1st House, the sign of Aries, and the planets that it favors, test your knowledge with the quiz below!

and remember,

“There is planet behind any facial imperfection. It can be corrected through plastic surgery or other forms of medical and healing procedures. But primarily the planets should lend their blessings to let you do it. I have known many people that after doing their remedies found money in a miraculous way to do plastic surgery. Go to the planets first, before you go to the beautician or doctor.” — Baba

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