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A Mysterious Cosmic Being Can Speed Up Time and Give You a Great Life

DateJune 2, 2016

Once upon a time—want to hear the rest of the story? This could be the story of your life.

Love it or hate it, your tridimensional life on earth is marked by seconds, minutes, hours, months, seasons, years and long waits for getting what you want—a promotion with a bigger paycheck, a soul mate or that much-needed vacation in a dream resort. Doubts, too, can be gripping: “Will I ever get that?”

In your worst moments you could be tempted to give up on your dreams out of sheer exhaustion.

This can happen even to a genius like Steve Jobs. He kept postponing a face-to-face meeting with his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, because he didn’t have the money to travel to India. By the time he got the funds and reached India, his Guru had died.


Vedic knowledge of time

From a Vedic perspective, time is connected with a somewhat scary concept—karma. When our karma is not good, we can’t manifest our heart’s desire.

At times we may surrender to the pessimistic view that what we want may never come.

Karma is the spiritual law of cause and effect—like the ball you bounce off a wall that comes back to you.

Additionally, karma in the form of thoughts or mindsets, is due to the nine planets that are closest to Earth.

The myriad ways these celestial bodies shape your life largely depends on your karma from past lives—on which you have little or no control.

Memories of past lives

Don’t believe in reincarnation? There’s now much scientific evidence of children born with memories of previous lives.

More often than not, they remember being someone from a different era and unrelated to their own bloodline, which quickly dismisses any possibility of genetic memory within the cells.

In most cases, their previous identities have been verified through details provided by the children.

The Vedic study of time and how it affects you is called Vedic astrology—a serious science, according even to the Supreme Court of India that looked into its scientific methods and found that it really works.

Your unique world’s view, your desires or frustrations and the actions you’re likely to take in the future can all be seen in the blueprint of your birth chart.

Your best ally in influencing time to suit your needs is Kala Bhairava—an exceedingly powerful and fierce form of Shiva. Because time management can be difficult and we need help in cutting off bad habits, this benevolent angel can help you complete your unfinished projects and allow the fast achievement of your goals.

Moreover, he helps you attain your heart’s desire when you invoke him.

Kala Bhairava’s myth

As a phenomenologist of religion, Dr. Pillai is a big supporter of myth, because it helps us understand in a nutshell complex esoteric and scientific subjects. He calls myth a “permanent and absolute reality.”

During a dispute between Shiva and Brahma, one of the five heads of the Creator God laughed scornfully at Shiva.

Shiva became infuriated and his out-of-control anger gave birth to a very fierce black being, Kala Bhairava. This mysterious apparition with a ferocious looking face promptly cut off Brahma’s insulting head.

Cutting the head of the Creator God was obviously a grave sin. Vishnu, the God Preserver of the Universe, intervened and Shiva forgave Brahma. But Kala Bhairava was forced to wander endlessly with a dog and the head of Brahma attached to his hand. To atone for his sin, Kala Bhairava reached Kashi (or Benares), where he lived and observed strict penances.

Being a form of Shiva, Kala Bhairava now builds time shaktis (or time slots) for different universes. Needless to say, time is not the same in all galaxies. This celestial being is in charge of assigning slow, medium or fast time to each.

If you want to reach a goal that would usually take years, Kala Bhairava can help you and make it happen right away.


How to connect with Kala Bhairava on the 8th Moon

Visualize Him

  • His black body is covered in a cloth made from the four directions—east, west, north, south
  • He is accompanied by or rides a dog and holds Brahma’s head in his hand
  • He wears a crescent Moon on his head
  • Across his body is a snake worn as a sacred thread
  • He shines like billions of Suns

He has a blue throat and holds a trishul or trident.

What to ask him for

  • Salvation
  • Fulfillment of your desires
  • Removal of bad karma karma—the kind that keeps you stuck, waiting for achievements
  • Avoid mistakes that can further spoil your karma.
  • Power to control your own destiny
  • End suffering
  • Reduce excessive passions that lead to more pain
  • Permanent removal of poverty


The 8th Moon has a unique influence on the human mind. It leads us to turning within, tapping into our inner powers. Kala Bhairava responds quickly to those who invoke him at this time with the sounds OM KALA BHAIRAVAYA NAMAHA 108 or 54 times.

Quicker results

Sponsoring professional Fire Labs to Kala Bhairava grants you immediate access to his celestial super powers. Watch as your problems are quickly solved within a day or two.

Happy manifesting!

By Donatella Lalitha Riback


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