FAQs – About the Technique

Why is Royal Astrology referred to as Divine Sign astrology?

The Newtonian theory states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is true not only in physics, but for every action everywhere. While scientists called this law action, response or reaction, spiritualists call it Karma.

Carl Gustav Jung (26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961), the famous Swiss psychiatrist, an influential thinker and the founder of analytical psychology, wrote extensively about the phenomenon of omens and coined the word ‘Synchronicity’, which he described as meaningful coincidences that reveal the ultimate oneness of the universe.

By definition, Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently casually unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance. Moreover, these events are observed to occur simultaneously in a meaningful manner. That is why there is reason to believe that the pattern of stars or planets at one’s time of birth has a significant impact on one’s personality and destiny. A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with one’s individual karma. This process also applies to one’s activities and experiences.

What are the Divine Signs that the astrologer uses for my prediction?

The number of betel leaves that you select, the process of lighting the lamp and the body part that you use, and the question that you ask are all important indications of what you are going through at present.

How does the astrologer interpret the Divine Signs?

Every choice you make is a hint given by the Divine about your present state of mind and your overall life. Though they seem to be apparently disconnected pieces of information, the astrologer receives these clues and interprets them through his proficiency in astrology and his power of intuition.

The Rishis who formulated this great wisdom were self-realized beings. They understood that all the external actions of an individual are purely based on his or her inner psychic world and unique destiny.

So each choice you make is an action that comes from your inner being and is created by both your thoughts and your karma.

How can the leaves, wicks and flames be predictive tools and provide specific information on future events?

The happenings in one’s life are influenced by one’s own actions. Every action is driven by a thought, which is nothing but an impulse from the brain. These impulses originate in the brain according to the programs in the subconscious mind caused primarily by planetary influences and one’s karma. That means the number of leaves or wicks you choose, the appearance of the flame, etc., represent your actions and indicate your karma. It is the present stemming from your past, and an indicator for your future. So all these factors are connected to you.

What is the purpose of this type of reading?

The purpose of the Royal Astrology is to take a step towards knowing yourself better. Another important advantage of this reading is that anybody, even those who don’t know their correct time of birth, can learn about main future events and find solutions for pressing concerns.

The average lifespan of an individual is 60 to 70 years. So it’s both impractical and difficult to record all the big and small events that can happen in that person’s lifetime.

For instance, a person whose life expectancy is 70 years lives for 25,550 days (without considering the leap days). Out of these, each day might be a turning point in his or her life. The Betel Leaf Astrology reading is a powerful tool – because it deals with the present and takes also into consideration the choices made by you under the guidance of your higher self.

What is the advantage of this method?

Accurate predictions for a birth chart strongly depend on the exact day, time and place of birth that are used for generating the birth chart. Whereas, even without correct birth details the betel-leaf astrologer can make accurate predictions, based on a specific problem that one is experiencing and the time of the question.

If omens are happenings in nature, and I’m making a decision by applying my own thoughts, how can an omen be a valid sign?

The Thambula Prasna or the Royal Astrology Divination method is purely a Divine Process guided by the Divine intent and the natural occurrence of omens. Your prior mental planning has no place here and so it can’t influence the process. All people involved in this process are just channels for Divine will.

Whether you think about making a specific choice or randomly make a selection, the Divine has decided it. A Higher Power is at work while you make that decision.

Please note that after making your selection you will not be able change it. This uncontrollable aspect of the reading process guarantees its accuracy and makes it specific to your individual life needs.

What role does the Astrologer play in the prediction process? Can he or she influence the predictions?

The energies of the planets, signs, and houses interact with each other in myriad ways. By studying the combinations, a well-trained astrologer can determine an amazing amount of information about the subject of a chart.

Most people don’t really know their full potential, purpose, psychological makeup or spiritual path.

The astrologer acts as a medium who channelizes those higher energies, analyzes the configuration of the chart and is aware of other divine signs, and interprets them for your benefit.

The questions can be on any subject that concerns you. It could be about your inner and outer qualities, intellectual abilities, and aptitude. You can ask whether your have good people skills or how to improve your relationships with family, friends, and loved ones. You can ask questions about your finances or how to remove debts. Other questions can be connected to your education and higher knowledge, travel, health, etc.