FAQs – About the Process

A real-time process has been made into a virtual process. How related are these factors in terms of experience?

The real-time process starts when an individual asks a question. Then the time is noted down and the planetary chart is drawn based on that time. This person will then randomly select a certain number of betel leaves from a bunch of leaves – without counting them – and offers them to the Panikar. It is the Panikar who counts the number of leaves, applies the formula and finds out the related planet. This planet defines the Ascendant in the chart. He then associates each leaf with each astrological house in the chart and gives the predictions. This is what happens in the case of real-time process.

The virtual process is also designed in such a way that this randomness is maintained. Once the person types the questions and clicks on the submit button, the time is captured and the chart gets drawn automatically.

When the individual chooses a betel leaf number from the drop-down box, an internal program does the arithmetic calculations, identifies the planet and defines the Ascendant.

When the person clicks on the bunch of betel leaves, 12 leaves emerge automatically, without any manual influence and will be displayed on the member’s screen.

All activities such as the leaves offering, the choice of wicks or oil once done cannot be altered in real time. The same happens in the virtual process.

It’s important to note how each leaf gives clue on the questions asked. The beautiful link between the nature of leaf and the astrological house concerned, along with the associations of the planets, will be evident in the reading.

The existing relationship between each component of the reading and another – the leaf, the planetary chart, the wicks, lamp and oil, the chosen body part and the questions asked are fruit of synchronicity – a scientific explanation of the Divine.

Just as a white ray of light is made of seven colors, the components of the reading are also interconnected and give clues to the questions asked. Just like the Sun’s rays converge and sparkle through a convex lens, similarly these individual elements converge to give the needed solutions.

How different are the in-person, online, phone or Skype, Betel Leaf Astrology readings?

Having a reading in-person definitely has some advantages. But how many can afford the time and efforts involved and its cost? An online reading has mass appeal and is still very accurate.

In terms of experience, the readigs are just as effective when they are virtual. For instance, instead of lighting a real lamp, you can light a virtual lamp. In real time, you need a translator or interpreter, because the Panikar speak in their own Malayalam language and rarely speak English fluently.

In the virtual process, the astrologers at AstroVed respond to the members’ queries. They are specially trained to do so and speak English, too. So member of AstroVed can directly communicate with them.

Can you summarize the meanings of the omens the astrologer received, when I made my selections?

The truth is that everything in the Universe is connected. In other words, synchronicity incorporates some meaningful coincidences and interpreting them is an art and a science, too.

Omens are interpreted separately for each instance. An omen could be supportive or a warning. The meanings can change instantaneously, based on other changing factors. Omens turn into superstition only when a permanent interpretation is assigned to them. In fact every moment is new and an omen has a different meaning every time.

Some omens that are considered good for one need not be so for another. The best-known example is probably Halley’s Comet, which was a “bad omen” for King Harold II of England, but a “good omen” for William the Conqueror.

Therefore, during your individual reading session, clues from your choices and their interpretation will be analyzed in detail.

Are there any Dos and Don’ts in selecting the betel leaves, lighting lamp, etc.?

There is absolutely no right way or wrong way during the selection process. They’re no dos or don’ts, because the Divine or Higher Power will determine what you’ll choose: number, betel leaves, color of the flame, etc. For this reason, any choice you make is just perfect in its unique nature.

Does the person need to know any kind of Western, Vedic, Chinese, Mayan Astrology, etc.?

No knowledge of astrology is necessary. Except for their common predictive nature, all methods or techniques used in different systems are meant for different purposes. So they cannot be compared.

Will the person benefit more by the reading if they know about planets, signs and astrology at any level of understanding or experience?

Though knowledge of astrology is not necessary, if you do have some knowledge of astrological rules, you’ll be able to appreciate the reading better. But even if you don’t know astrology, the level of understanding and experience will be just as good. The Royal Astrology readers who will do the predictions for you are experts in chart reading.

I take that reading is basically a two-step process: a. The online step-by step selection process, which is determined by my intuitive choice b. The reading with the Astrologer that is based on choices I made during the selection process. Is my understanding correct?

Yes. You said it right. Every choice you make is a hint given by the Divine about your present state of mind and your overall life. Though these could seem to be disconnected pieces of information, the Royal Astrology readers receive the clues and interpret them through their proficiency in astrology and their power of intuition.

The Rishis formulated this great wisdom and were self-realized beings. They understood how all the external actions of an individual are purely based on his or her inner psychic world.

Hence each choice you make is an action that comes from your inner being and your thoughts that are agents of your karma.

That is why the process may seem simple, but it’s both profound and very powerful.

Is the chart created during the Royal Astrology Reading the same as a person’s Vedic or Western astrology birth chart? Does it differ? How?

No they are different charts. The birth chart indicates the experiences in previous births and the likely future up to the next birth. That way, a birth chart is a complete map of your destiny. The Royal Astrology chart is the astrological chart of the moment.

While the birth chart is valid for a lifetime, the Royal Astrology chart is valid for about 2 years. In a birth chart, the Ascendant is based on the birth time. So the exact birth time is vital for the correctness of the chart. In the Betel Leaf Astrology chart, the ascendant is calculated based on the planet that emerges from the number of leaves.

How can one best prepare oneself to get the most out of this Royal Astrology reading?

To prepare yourself, try to relax in a quiet place at least 15 minutes before the reading. You can close your eyes, breathe and gently and focus on your nostrils. When thoughts come, gently return to focusing on your nostrils. This is a simple technique of relaxation given by Dr. Pillai.

Pray to your Guru and your personal Deity asking for guidance in correctly understanding the predictions. Seek their blessings for using the insights received and improvement in all aspects of your life.

It’s good to have a notebook and pen readily available to note down the points mentioned during the reading.

How long do the predictive energies of the planets and leaves last?

A Royal Astrology reading is valid up to 2 years. To reap its maximum benefits, it’s recommended that a person does only one reading of this type within that time frame.

It’s important to allow sufficient time for the energetic effects to transform and support your life and progress. Soon you will witness positive changes in the areas of life or issues presented during the time of the reading. You are also provided with follow-up sessions every three months when you need further clarity or assistance with the reading.

Does this reading result in shifting my thought patterns or focus in life?

To explain this process, imagine the case of an ailment. Someone is sick and goes to the doctor, who asks to run some tests. It takes blood samples, checks the blood pressure, sugar or cholesterol levels. After the test reports, he can finally diagnose the disease. He then prescribes appropriate medicines for the person to heal.

Similarly in astrology, you make certain choices or selections. The astrologer reads the charts and explains what the problems are and prescribes appropriate remedies. So the remedy list is the prescription. This happens with the remedies, too. As for a patient faith in his doctors and the medicines will favor healing, faith in the astrologer’s abilities is the catalyst that accelerates the effect of the remedies.

Astrological remedies work from the inside out, as it brings a change in your inner world, which automatically reflects on your external world.

For example, your relationships will improve, you might understand that you need to forgive and accept some people and situations as they are. Your financial condition will get better, your business, health, trade, career, meetings with others and your alliances will all improve.

But it’s important to trust this process. Positive belief is the secret ingredient for success.

Are there remedies and should they be done for the rest of my life or for a specified time? What if I don’t apply the remedies?

What do you with medications? The doctor prescribes medicines and specific dosages to be taken at specific times of the day. He also will tell you how long you should take them.

This happens with the remedies, too, as they are prescribed based on the severity of the affliction as seen in the charts and the leaves. You might have to do the remedy just once or for a few days or even once a month, etc.

The remedy and its duration depends on the person and the life problem.

Ignoring the remedies is like going to the doctor, doing the tests, being diagnosed, receiving the prescription, paying the bill and not taking the medicine. So again, it’s important to follow up and do the remedies.

How can I optimize my reading and get the most of it?

With Faith: Pray to God that He or She will reveal the answer to you through the astrologer.

With Clarity: Keep your mind clear and meditate on your question.

Decide exactly what it is that you wish to know. If your mind is confused and you are thinking of many different questions simultaneously, it could be difficult for you to comprehend and relate to the given answer.

Prepare a complete list of all the questions or aspects of your life that you want covered in the reading.

Avoid interruptions when the astrologer is speaking.

Have a note pad and if you have a question, write it down. If you still haven’t received the answer during the reading, then you can ask it at the end. Breaking the astrologer’s train of thought can cause unnecessary diversion. Similarly asking another question before the previous one has been answered will be distracting and reduce the reading’s clarity.

Interact. But do so in such a way as is conducive to the reading. Whether you are describing a specific situation in length or simply listening to the astrologer, both of you should stay on track.

Instead of arguing with the prediction given, you may ask further questions to get more clarity on the prediction

Give options: Some questions may have options that appear to be multiple questions, but are actually only one question.

Suppose you want to move to a different location and have several different options in mind. You can name your choices A, B, C, etc. and can ask a simple question ‘Which is the best place for me to move? ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’?

You need not reveal the actual names of the places, as long as the astrologer knows what they mean. This way you can maintain confidentiality. You can even ask the astrologer to prioritize the options in the order of your preference.

What are the steps involved in the Booking Process?

The booking process starts when you intend to purchase the prediction services. Then the series of activities will follow, including specifying the queries, selecting the betel leaf number, etc. By the end of the booking process, you will receive a mail confirming the prediction date, time and the astrologer with whom you will be connected, who will be chosen by you to give you the predictions.

Can you provide more information on the time duration available for the reading?

Astrologers will be available to cater to the customers globally. Therefore slots will be opened from 5:00 am to 10 pm IST. You will have a total of eight open slots of one hour each to facilitate the prediction services.

  • The Royal Astrology prediction services will be available five days a week, Monday through Friday.
  • The slots for the upcoming week will be available on Friday prior to that week.
  • Allow 8 hours for the initial booking, as well as for follow-up sessions.
Can you tell me the duration of the reading? What do I do if I have any further queries?

Once you purchase a Royal Astrology Prediction services, you are eligible for a total of four consultations over a spread of 12 months. That is, starting from the date of the first detailed reading, and further one comprehensive follow-up reading at the completion of 90 days from the previous reading. In total, there will be four readings including the three follow-up readings.
The maximum time required for the initial prediction call be 75 minutes. The call starts with a 2-minute relaxation meditation with the astrologer. The quarterly follow-up sessions will be of 30 minutes duration each.

Will the astrologer prescribe any remedies? Will I get any assistance in completing the remedial procedures?

Based on the planetary positions as depicted in your Royal Astrology Chart, the astrologer might prescribe remedies for you. These are corrective or preventive measures to protect you from future impediments. Please note that the remedy cost is not included in the reading cost and must be performed separately.

Whether remedies consist of temple rituals or separate homas or poojas, we will assist you to ensure that they’ll be performed in the most efficient and appropriate ways, just as prescribed.

What will I receive with the Royal Astrology Prediction Service?

The process starts when you connect with the astrologer via Skype or telephone to learn the predictions. The customer will receive one mp3 recording of the consultation, which will be available in your order log. You will also receive a detailed prescription of remedies. You are advised to download these items as soon as possible. The first consultation, as well as the later quarterly counseling sessions, will be recorded and made available to you.

You will not be allowed to change the astrologer at any point in time until the completion of that subscription period.

If a follow-up consultation comes on a Sunday or public holiday, it will be rescheduled for the following working day.

Please note that MP3 recordings and prescriptions will be available for download within 24 hours after the completion of the consultation. You will receive separate emails and an SMS (or text message) regarding the dispatch of the same.

The Customer Service Desk will remind you of the upcoming follow-up sessions with your Royal Astrology reader via email or SMS (or text message). You will also receive emails and SMS regarding the availability of the audio and shipping of the remedies’ Prasad.