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Royal Astrology (RA) Prediction Services (Betel Leaf Astrology)

Getting Started: Simple 5-Step Process


Write your intent or purpose of this reading – what is your burning Question?


Choose a Betel Leaf number – from a given selection


View the images of the 12 randomly generated betel leaves corresponding to the 12 Zodiac Signs – in the Royal Astrology Planetary chart


Select a body part – from the options provided


Choose the type of oil, the number of wicks and the size and color of the flame

Please note that there is no right or wrong way to make the selections. Whatever you choose is coming directly from your intuitive mind and is THE PERFECT choice. So, no matter what you choose, you are right!

This could be a turning point in your life!

Take advantage of this unique and sophisticated predictive technique, once reserved only to royal families. The answers to your questions come directly from a Divine source.

Royal Astrology reveals the cosmic energies surrounding your situation. Additionally, a bunch of betel leaves and the choices you make contain clues to the solutions to your current problem.

1Totally Unique

What makes this service stand out from the rest is its focus on the NOW. The moment of time at which you submit your queries and the number of betel leaves you choose form the basis for the Royal Astrology Planetary Chart. The predictions are based on the leaves’ quality and the RA chart.

2Divinely Guided

The number of leaves, their physical nature and everything that you pick and choose is called ‘nimitha’. The nimitha is a divine sign triggering future events in your life and causing some significant circumstances. Our specially trained Royal Astrology readers will analyze the cause and explain the effects.

3AstroVed’s Experience

AstroVed has been hosting more than 65 Ashtamangalam readings by Panikkars (or expert astrologers) from Kerala. Royal Astrology is both an aspect of Ashtamangalam and a complete process in itself. We have identified the crucial steps of this process, sequenced and automated its essential components to make this service available to the global community.

4Benefits Of The Reading

Find a favorable time window to increase positivity in your life with effective strategies. Receive advanced knowledge of your good and bad times to speed your success. Get helpful answers to seemingly unanswerable questions. Attain new awareness that saves you time, energy and money and brings you emotional protection from unnecessary pain.