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Will Team India Win T20 World Cup 2021 Astrology

October 5, 2021 | Total Views : 68
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Team India’s chances of winning T20 world cup in 2021:

Firstly, we should note that t20 world cup is happening after 5 years. Last t20 world cup was held in India in 2016. This world cup  was about to happen in India as well but due to pandemic situation the tournament has been shifted to UAE. The Tournament will start from 17th October 2021. Team India’s first match will be held on 24th October 2021. The Final match will happen on 14th of November 2021. 

Now, talking about Team India, it will be Virat’s last assignment as t20 world cup captain. Although, he will remain test captain of India but he’s resigning from t20 captaincy and things are not looking bright for him for One day International Captaincy as well. 

Talk To World's Best Online Astrologers To Get In Depth T20 World Cup 2021 Predictions 

Now, looking at Virat’s kohli chart, Rahu  Mahadasa is running in his life which is exceptional for his own sporting career as Rahu is the Yogakarak planet in his life sitting in 3rd house in Aquarius sign. 

But for winning the world cup you need extra ordinary combination in your birth chart along with perfect dasa time period which is not looking very promising for virat kohli. He will be in Main period of Rahu and sub period of Ketu till 30/09/2021 when the world cup matches  will be running. Although,  from 1/11/2021 his luck may change for better due to Main period of Rahu and sub period of Venus. Although,  Venus in 10th house may bring him and his team glory but not the final title or world cup. Rahu may lead him to semi -final or final but he may always remain one step away from glory after reaching so close as Venus is debilitated in his 10th house with Moon. This period of Venus may bring inconsistency and fluctuating fortune.  Him and his team may not do well in knockouts.

Fortune  always trouble him at the very end of any ICC Trophy semi-finals or Finals. Talk To Astrologers now to get in depth T20 world cup 2021 astrology predictions.

Team India’s chances in winning World cup T20 2021 with adding Dhoni as mentor:-

  • Ms Dhoni has taken the responsibility of team India’s mentor in upcoming t20 world cup. 
  • Ms Dhoni is 3 time ICC trophy winning captain including t20 world cup in 2007, 50 over world cup in 2011 and ICC champion trophy winner in 2013. 
  • Now, as mentor he will give his service to team INDIA in t20 world cup 2021 in UAE. 
  • Dhoni is running under the very favourable dasa of Main as well as sub period of Jupiter till 17-10-2023. 
  • It will not be surprising if Dhoni would remain coach or mentor of team India  till 2023 world cup. 
  • His Jupiter may play big role in giving fortune and favours to team India in crunch situations not only in world cup 2021 but even further in future. 
  • Adding him as team India’s mentor is a very wise decision from BCCI. His inclusion will bring luck, enthusiasm and subtle tricks which may help team India in tough situation or in knockout matches. 
  • The Only problem is Virat’s fortune as a captain is not very supportive of crossing final hurdle in winning championship
  • Now Looking at India’s chart at the point of independence on 15th August 1947  at 00:01 Am 


  • Main period Of Moon is running in country’s Kundli. Moon in own sign in 3rd house especially with Sun and Venus  can bring glory for India in Sports especially till 2025. 
  • Moon being 3rd lord in 3rd house of valor and sports may bring several achievements and glory For India in many sports including cricket.
  • Chances of winning cricket world cup is high especially in 2021, 2022 because of Main period of Moon  and sub period of Mercury sitting together in 3rd house. 
  • The Dasa period of India currently is Main period of Moon and sub period of Mercury till 12th December 2022. 
  • The only problem is Kohli’s chart and him representing India in 2021 t20 world cup as a captain.
  • That’s why chances of winning t20 world cup for India in 2022 is great under different captain than winning world cup in 2021. Jupiter and Saturn transiting in Capricorn during this world cup may bring some good results for Team India. 

Now, we should look at Team India’s Destiny under captaincy of Rohit sharma in T20 world cup in 2021.

Now, there can be possibility of alternative captaincy or change in captaincy under mid-world up 2021. Looking at Rohit sharma’s chart for 2021 and 2022 world cup, there is much possibility of Team India lifting the ICC Trophy under his leadership.   

Currently, in his chart Main period of Rahu and sub period of Venus is running till September 2022 and then  sub period of Sun will occur. Both Sub periods, Venus sub period and Sun sub period is very promising and very rewarding for Rohit sharma. He can achieve excellence in these 2 sub periods. But Main period of Rahu will play big role in his life in gaining captaincy or lifting world cup for India as a Captain.

Rahu  in his 12th house with 12th lord Jupiter causing Vipreet Raja Yoga which can bring glory for Team India. This Vipreet Raja yoga can bring unexpected success from most hopeless position in a cricket especially in Knockouts due to his own fortune.

Rohit Sharma’s chart impeccable results for Team India as a captain but since Virat will Captain the t20 side of India  for world Cup 2021 results can be overall good but team India may choke at crunch game s or in Knockouts. Although,  Fortune of Dhoni and Rohit can bring magical and unexpected results for Team India in coming world cup. 

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