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Effects Of Sun and Ketu Conjunction In Scorpio 2021

November 1, 2021 | Total Views : 334
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The conjunction of Sun-Ketu in Scorpio will have adverse effects on many people. The Sun and Ketu conjunction in Scorpio sign will be happening on 17th November 2021. The Scorpio sign represents 8th house of the natural Zodiac. Here Ketu may elevate many people spiritually but conjunction of Sun would impart health issues and failure in important work with rejection and dejection for many people. Here Sun will get malefic and some people may also suffer from financial problems as well from loss of position , power, respect. Those who are in the realms of Spirituality will gain and may earn respect during 16th November 2021 to 16th December 2021.

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The effects of Sun-Ketu combination on each Zodiac sign:-

Sun And Ketu Conjunction Impacts On Aries:-

Sun-Ketu Combination will happen in your 8th house may result in humiliation, loss of respect and financial losses for many people. Those who are in field of Spirituality, Occult and Astrology will gain in unexpected ways but others may find their personal and professional life problematic. Health may suffer and one may suffer cold and viral fever. Your important work may get stuck and there can be hindrances in your professional life. You may develop some insecurity, misunderstandings with your lover or life partner. Some people may also suffer from separation or divorce as well. Some Aries natives may suffer from sudden accidents as well.

Sun And Ketu Conjunction Impacts On Taurus:-  

Sun-Ketu Conjunction will be in your 7th house and your marital and love life may suffer for few months  dear Taurus.  Although,  some people may earn popularity through spiritual writing and spiritual speech in public. One may accumulate much gains from religious or spiritual writing, books publication and contacts with influential people. There will be problems in case of pregnancy as well. Personal life will be problematic but you will get mixed results in your professional life. Some gains and some losses will be there. Students will have tough time during examination or competition. There will be increase in your mental stress as well. 

Sun And Ketu Conjunction Impacts On Gemini:-  

Gemini natives may fall in litigation issues due to this conjunction.  Some people may feel detachment from their lover or spouse. Some people may improve their life routine through exercise, yoga, meditation etc.  There will be lack of clarity and balance in your personal and professional life. Stress factor may cause harm in your professional life as well. Those who are appearing in competitive exams may face failure as well. Overall,  health will be fine but small injuries may happen here and there. 

Sun And Ketu Conjunction Impacts On Cancer:-  

Conjunction of Sun-Ketu in your 5th house may cause problems  in health to your children or in relationship with your children. Some people will suffer from break up and separation in their love life as well. Those who are in speculation or invested money in stocks and share may suffer from losses as well. People in entertainment and sports industry may suffer from dejection and failure.  Some people may hatch conspiracy against you especially if you’re in corporate business or in politics. Students may also suffer from lack of concentration. 

Sun And Ketu Conjunction Impacts On Leo:-  

Sun conjuncts Ketu in your 4th house may involve you in some conflicts and litigation issues. Domestic harmony will be affected and your mother or your spouse may suffer from health problems. Expenses will be high and income will be decent. Some people may suffer from lack of funds or savings in their important work. Those who are in property business or planning for buying any property may suffer from dissatisfaction. Students will not care much about studies and may get involve in wandering or day dreaming. Leo native may suffer from stomach or liver problems.

Sun And Ketu Conjunction Impacts On Virgo:-  

Surya –Ketu combination will happen in your 3rd house which may result in problematic relationship with your colleagues and siblings. Virgo natives may suffer from laziness, carelessness and day dreaming. Your optimism will not materialize and your goals will not be fulfilled during November-December 2021. Success in any kind of competition or sports will be hard to get. Those who are in entertainment or media industry may suffer from professional issues and loss of power and position. Your communication skills will not be up to the mark with authorities and peers.

Sun And Ketu Conjunction Impacts On Libra:-  

The conjunction of Sun-Ketu in your 2nd house may result in problems and disputes in family. Problematic relationships with spouse or other family members may bring tensions and anxiety. Income will be good but expenses will be high as well. Some people may also suffer from skin and dental problems. You will not be very social during November December 2021. Priority towards work only might bring you some small gains. You need to control you anger and you should bring diplomatic and patient approach in your professional life to earn gains. 

Sun And Ketu Conjunction Impacts On Scorpio:-

Scorpio natives may see rise in their professional life especially in Astrology, occult and other religious and spiritual fields but you will suffer in love and relationship. Your married life will be lacklustre for coming few months. There will be fights or arguments with your spouse or romantic partner. Some people might go separation or divorce as well. There will be lack of clarity and balance in your life for future. You may suffer from humiliation or loss of reputation at work place. Authorities might embarrass you as well. 

Sun And Ketu Conjunction Impacts On Sagittarius:-  

Sun-Ketu conjunction will happen in your 12th house which may result in gains from foreign trips or in foreign country. Those who are looking to settle in foreign country may get success. Some people will earn well away from their birth place or in foreign land. Some people will also recover from chronic issues or diseases. Income will be high and expenditure will be less. You may get leisure, pleasure, money during tis times. Some unexpected gains or influential contact may also come your way. Sagittarius natives should not start new work or business during this time. One may get employed in different city or country. 

Sun And Ketu Conjunction Impacts On Capricorn:-

The Conjunction of Sun-Ketu in your 11th house will bring gains, rewards, money, influential contacts in your life during November-December 2021. Although,  those who are starting new work or new business may not get desired results or desired success in life. Health will be fine and travelling will bring rewards. Some people may earn gain through elder people, seniors, peers or authorities. You may get success in competitive sports or in competitive exams. Some romantic encounters will be short live but you may enjoy pleasure and happiness from casual or clandestine affairs.

Sun And Ketu Conjunction Impacts On Aquarius:-

 Sun-Ketu combination in your 10th house may cause loss of job, respect, powerful position in professional life. You may suffer from humiliation or failure at work place. There can be some financial losses as well. Some people might change their job or profession due to stress and dissatisfaction during November-December 2021. You may not get expected promotion or increment during this time. Authorities might take some hard action which may land you in trouble. Some people may also suffer from break in their education.

Sun And Ketu Conjunction Impacts On Pisces:-  

The combination of Sun –Ketu in you 9th house might result in unexpected gains in occult field or in the field religion, spirituality, Astrology. Those who are in writing and publication field will see gains and admiration from authorities,. Although,  health and reputation of your father might suffer. Your income will be decent but expenses will be high. You need to show patience and persistence to earn gains and rewards in your professional life. Students will get success in their educational pursuit. Success in higher education or through employment in foreign land is assured. You may lonely and isolated in your personal life. 

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