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Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 Effects On Sagittarius Moon Sign

May 4, 2020 | Total Views : 342
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Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 Effects On Sagittarius Moon Sign:

Rahu and Ketu – The Shadow Planets

Rahu and Ketu are planets without physical existence. They are the Chaya Graha (shadow planets) and the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon. In Vedic astronomy, Rahu and Ketu are the north and south lunar nodes, respectively. The eclipses occur when the Sun and Moon are at one of these points. Rahu and Ketu are both temperamental and erratic. Rahu belongs to Vayu, the air sign, while Ketu belongs to Agni, the fire sign. They are believed to be malefic.

Rahu and Ketu, however, wield power over human lives. They are karmic planets and indicative of the karmic bondage, in that they are associated with karma in our past life, and the repercussions we experience in the present life. Both planets can affect an individual’s thinking and mindset, when placed in dominant positions on the birth chart.

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Significance of Rahu

Rahu is the ruler of Maya Prakriti (illusion), and while it is associated with wealth and worldly pleasure through unknown means, it gives sorrow through unknown means. Rahu is a creator of confusion, and is a result of the eclipse and creates darkness. It cannot give everlasting happiness. Although Rahu is a giver, it is never satisfied with unlimited materialism. 

Significance of Ketu

Ketu is opposite to Rahu and confines itself to psychic and spiritual pursuits. Ketu signifies the process of spirituality that refines materialism. Ketu causes sorrow and loss, yet it turns an individual to God. Ketu causes material losses to bring more spiritual benefits to any individual. Ketu has mostly been associated with negative aspects as it brings difficulties to the materialistic side. It brings detachment, losses, wandering, and confusion. 

Transit Effects of Rahu and Ketu for Moon Sign Sagittarius– 2020

Rahu and Ketu are the shadow planets who will be transiting your Moon sign, Sagittarius, to Taurus and Scorpio signs, from Gemini and your own Moon sign Sagittarius, respectively. Rahu will be transiting the 6th House while Ketu will be transiting the 12th House, from Sagittarius. 

Transit Period and Impact

The transition period will occur on Wednesday, 23rd September 2020, till Tuesday, 12th April 2022, for 18 months. Rahu will be transiting the 6th House that indicates the aspects of selfless service, day to day professional activities, competitions, diseases, debts, and rivalry. Ketu will be transiting the 12th House, which is indicative of aspects that include Moksha or spiritual liberation, charity, investments, foreign settlement, expenses, and losses.  

Rahu Transit into the 6th House

This transit period holds a lot of promise for you. Rahu’s transit into Taurus, the 6th House from your Moon sign Sagittarius, makes for progress and positive things happening for you. On the professional front, you will be high on potential and execute your tasks enthusiastically, and the outcome is high productivity. Despite the challenges you may face at your workplace, you will resolve them successfully with your ability to have the right perception and make the right decisions. The transit is a favorable period for you at work, and you will receive due recognition for your performance and achievements. You will gain from participation in competitions and reap awards.

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You are quite unstoppable during this transit, in terms of handling adversities, and even in a situation where you are faced with opponents or enemies, you will have the ability to overcome them and emerge triumphant. The transit period is an excellent time to repay existing debts successfully, but be careful about incurring new debts. Your health remains reasonably good, and there will be no cause for anxiety on this front. 

On the domestic front, take this opportunity to reconcile with your spouse, and sort out any misunderstanding you may have had with him/her. The time bodes well for you, and you are probably going to utilize this productively and engage in selfless service.

Ketu Transit into the 12th House

As Ketu transits into Scorpio, the 12th House from your Moon sign Sagittarius, you will find yourself more and more inclined towards the path of spirituality. Those of you seriously seeking to attain Moksha (salvation), will find this phase favorable to go forward in your mission. You have natural leanings towards charity and philanthropy. However, a word of caution would do well to keep you from going overboard. As much as you do for others and extend your generosity in terms of donations and other charitable acts, rein it in a little as you may start to experience monetary shortages. It is advisable to watch your limits even in gracious acts of charity. 

The time is suitable for some of you aspiring to go abroad. Your plans will fall into place, and you can be confident about taking the leap. A restless period for you, as some of you may suffer from sleep disorders. While you are on your quest for spirituality, there may be an underlying sense of exasperation that will keep you troubled and restless, about life in general. The situation may propel you to seek spirituality more aggressively and could misfire on your relations with family and friends. Be advised to avoid such a situation, as it could negatively affect your standing with family and social circles.

Overall, this phase leads you to the path of spirituality. However, do not rush the journey and take it gradually, making it work positively for you.  

Remedies for Rahu Ketu Transit

Propitiate Rahu and Ketu by performing the following rituals:

  • Archana (light and sound ceremony)
  • Abishekam (hydration ceremony)
  • Homa (fire rituals)
  • Pooja (offerings)
  • These remedies will bring relief from afflictions due to these transits and favorable results, that can negate the harmful impact of Rahu and Ketu. Participate in the Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 rituals to attract the blessings of the shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu.

    Home Remedies for Rahu Ketu Transit

  • Chant the below mentioned Shanti Mantra for Rahu 108 times daily:
  • Om Rahuve Devaye Shaantim, Rahuve Kripaaye Karoti

    Rahuaye Chamaaye Abhilaashat Om Rahuve Namoh Namah

  • Chant the following Shanti Mantra for Ketu (108 times) daily:
  • Om Ketum Karnavann Ketave Peshomayyam Apeshase, Samushdwirajaythah

    Chant the above mantras for 21 consecutive days for best results

  • Avoid red and coral colors in your clothing and jewelry
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