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Powerful Mantras of Lord Rama

April 11, 2019 | Total Views : 2,006
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Lord Vishnu protects people against all odds. He has promised in Bhagavat Geetha, that whenever people are suffering extremely, he would appear and end the sorrows of the people. To fulfill the promise, he has appeared almost nine times through his nine incarnations or avatars, and but is yet to take his final  avatar to save the people. Worship of Lord Rama enhances self-esteem, will power, mental strength and the ability to get rid of vices.

Chanting the Name of Lord Ram brings astounding benefits. “Sri Rama” balances the nerves and calms the mind. It ensures proper blood circulation and general good health.

Even the sound of the word ‘RAM’ itself is too powerful which is composed of ‘RAAA’ and ‘OMMMM’ representing 2 chakras among 7 chakras of the Human body. 
The name of Rama is a divine guide on the road to spiritual perfection. But on the way, it also bestows material blessings on the aspirant. Thus, the merciful Lord Rama takes care of the material needs of aspirants while molding them into spiritually perfect beings.


Sloka 1

Raamaaya Raamabhadraaya Raamachandraaya Vedasey
Raghunaathaaya Naathaaya Seethaayaah Pathaye Namaha!!”


Chanting of this sloka strikes a chord with Lord Rama and chanting it regularly endears the devotee to Lord Rama.

Sloka 2:

“Om Kleem Namo Bhagavathey Raamachandraaya sakalajana vashyakaraaya Swaaha!!”

Benefit: Regular chanting brings overall success and happiness to the person chanting it.

Sloka 3:

“Shri Rama Jaya Rama Kothanda Rama”

Benefit: Lord Rama and the Kothanda, the bow, are an unmatched combination of courage and valor. The figure of Lord Rama wielding the Kothanda is matchless in spiritual splendor. An aspirant gets many blessings by invoking Lord Kothanda Rama using this mantra which is a special wish-fulfilling mantra.

Sloka 4:

“Sri Rama Jayam”

Benefit: Regular chanting/writing of this mantra, specifically 108 times daily, brings success in all endeavors.

Sloka 5:


Benefit: Chanting of the Sita-Ram mantra balances both sides of the brain, hence, the restless and unstoppable mind becomes still, harmonious and balanced. It increases the mastery over mind and senses. It induces sound sleep in the seeker by curing insomnia.

Sloka 6:

“Heen Ram Heen Ram ”

Benefit: Chanting of this mantra is the easiest form of meditation for those who do not have proper spiritual masters or guidance which awakens the mysterious psychic awareness in the average individual as well as in the spiritual aspirant.

Sloka 7:

“Shri Ram Shri Ram”

Benefit: Chanting of this mantra induces one-pointed devotion or Bhakti in the heart of the aspirant which is necessary for tasting inner bliss.

Sloka 8:

“Clin Ram Clin Ram”

Benefit: When chanted with full devotion, this mantra protects one against all psychic attacks, black magic, negative thoughts, and evil entities.

Sloka 9:

“Fhat Ram Fhat ”

Benefit : Chanting of this mantra integrates the personality of the seeker and makes him more sincere, honest, and straightforward in word, thoughts and actions.

Sloka 10:

“Ramay namah”

Benefit: When one recites this mantra, he gets purity of mind and word.

Sloka 11:

“Shri Ram Chandray Namah”

Benefit: This mantra, dedicated to Shri Rama along with the Moon God, prepares one for meditation. As a result of the healing sound vibrations, different patterns of the mind rearrange themselves to become tranquil.

Sloka 12:

“Shri Ram Sharnam Mamah”

Benefit: Chanting this mantra with a sincere heart brings balance and strength, and heals the physical and mental body. Furthermore, the chanting of the mantra usually has the effect of creating a surge of bliss through the body.

Sloka 13:

“Om Ramay hun That Swaha”

Benefit: This mantra, when chanted with devotion, activates and awakens this healing energy in Manipura chakra (begins to awaken and activate the entire chakra). The mantra precisely prepares the solar plexus chakra to be able to handle the inflow of kundalini healing energy that gives the chakra its power.

Rama Mantra – Siddha Mantras for Daily Worship

Monday Mantra – “Shri Ram Jaya Ram Siva Ram”

Monday is the day of the moon, the celestial force that governs the mind and the intellect. In this mantra, we also honor Lord Siva who protected the moon from decay thus symbolizing protection of the mind and the intellect. Meditating on this mantra ensures proper functioning of one’s mind and intellect. It transforms the human intellect into a divine intellect that can perceive God.

Tuesday Mantra – “Shri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama”

This is the mantra of Hanuman, the great devotee of Lord Rama. It is known as the Rama Raksha Maha Mantra. Raksha means protection and maha means great. So this is the great mantra that ensures Shri Rama’s protection for the devotee. The protective power of this mantra is such that if a woman meditates on it regularly, she will be cured of any stomach and uterine problems that she may be suffering from. Therefore, this mantra is especially beneficial for women.

Wednesday Mantra – “Hari Rama Hari Rama, Rama Rama Hari Hari”

Wednesday is a special day for Rama and, thus, it is an ideal day for Rama worship. This mantra bestows a special blessing on men. If a man meditates on this mantra 1008 times on Wednesdays, his wife will not covet other men. Lord Rama, the perfect husband, grants this blessing for men.

 Thursday Mantra – “Jaya Rama Siva Rama Guru Rama Jaya Rama”

Thursday is a special day for the Sathguru, the divine teacher on the spiritual path. On this day, the aspirant should think of Lord Rama as the Sathguru and the Sathguru as Lord Rama and meditate on this mantra with love and devotion. The grace of God and Sathguru will flow in torrents towards those who chant this and spiritual wisdom will blossom in them.

Friday Mantra – “Sita Rama Hanumantha Rama Sita Hanumantha”

If people face deficiencies of any kind in this life, they should meditate on this mantra on Fridays. The deficiencies will disappear and their life will become picture perfect. Moreover, just like Mother Sita stepped into the fire and came out unscathed, this mantra can save one from fire mishaps. Furthermore, Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar gives a special blessing for women. If a woman meditates on this mantra 1008 times on Fridays, her husband will not covet other women.

Saturday Mantra – “Shri Rama Jaya Rama Sundara Rama’

Saturday is another important day for Rama. On this day, we call upon Lord Rama and the most significant among devotees, Hanuman. One of Hanuman’s names is Lord Sundara. Calling upon Lord Hanuman as Sundara will bestow endless blessings on the aspirant. Hanuman, the great master of Rama bhakti, will teach humans how to be the devotees of Lord Rama and personally guide us on the path to Lord Rama. If one meditates on this mantra on Saturdays, there will be no deficiencies in his life. Chanting this mantra can get rid of Shani doshas – afflictions due to Saturn, so to please Lord Saturn, everyone should chant this mantra regularly with humility, sincerity, and devotion towards Saniswara, Hanuman and Lord Rama.

Sunday Mantra – ”Shri Rama Jaya Rama Raghu Rama”

Sunday is the day of the Lord Sun. Lord Rama was the greatest king of the Ikshvaku dynasty. King Raghu was an ancestor of Lord Rama and one of the great kings of that dynasty. This is why the Ikshvaku dynasty is also known as the dynasty of Raghu. So on Sundays, we call upon Lord Rama as a successor of Raghu and as the merciful Lord who incarnated in the Iksvaku dynasty.

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