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Navratri Colors 2020

September 23, 2020 | Total Views : 76
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List of 9 Colors for Navratri 2020:

  • Navratri Day 1 – 17th October 2020 – Dark Blue
  • Navratri Day 2 – 18th October 2020 – Yellow
  • Navratri Day 3 – 19th October 2020 – White
  • Navratri Day 4 – 20th October 2020 – Red
  • Navratri Day 5 – 21st October 2020 – Green
  • Navratri Day 6 – 22nd October 2020 – Peacock Green
  • Navratri Day 7 – 23rd October 2020 – Purple
  • Navratri Day 8 – 24th October 2020 – Pink
  • Navratri Day 9 – 25th October 2020 – Gold

Navaratri is a popular Hindu festival in India. This year, it will be celebrated from Oct 17th, 2020, to 25th October 2020. Navaratri means 9 nights. It is believed to be the power time when Goddesses come to Earth, assuming a different form on each night. The purpose of their descent is to destroy negative energies. Sacred Hindu texts say that the Supreme Goddess took unique forms that were meant to display the power of the divine feminine energy. So, on each night of Navaratri, a different goddess is invoked by devotees.

It is a time-honored tradition for people to wear dresses in certain colors on each day of Navaratri. These are the colors of Navratri. There are 9 Navratri colors. Let us see what are the Navaratri Colors for 2020. 

The first three nights of Navaratri represent the power of the Goddess to destroy negativity and suffering, as well as to create a shield of positivity around you.

What are the colors of Navratri 2020?

Navratri 2020 1st Night:

On the first night of Navaratri, Goddess Angali, a form of Goddess Kali, is invoked. She is the Goddess who bestows Siddhi or supernatural powers. Those who please her through worship will get abundant blessings. As this day falls on Saturday, which is ruled by Shani or Saturn, one should wear garments of dark blue color, a color associated with Shani.

Navratri 2020 2nd Night:

Chanda Munda Samharini is a form of Goddess Kali. Her name means ‘the slayer of the demons Chanda and Munda’. She has the power to destroy demons who are present as internal and external negativities. She also helps her devotees to overcome fears. As it is a Sunday, which is ruled by Sun, one should wear orangeish yellow-colored garments, in tune with the Sun’s energies.  

Navratri 2020 3rd Night:

Goddess Linga Bhairavi represents pure and divine feminine energy as Linga. Powerful, compassionate, and fierce, she removes our sufferings and protects her devotees with positivity. She also bestows spiritual and material blessings. The day falls on Monday. White-colored garments are recommended.The second three nights of Navaratri represent prosperity: With the blessings of the Goddess, we can overcome problems like lack of money, financial instability, and also attract prosperity.

Navratri 2020 4th Night:

On the 4th night, Goddess Varahi, the performer Goddess is invoked. She is a goddess who acts quickly. As a form of Lakshmi, she represents the archetype for material wealth, especially gold. Those who invoke her can receive multifold blessings for health, wealth, and abundance. The day falls on a Tuesday associated with the red planet, Mars. Hence, red-colored garments should be worn.

Navratri 2020 5th Night: 

Goddess Vyasa Draupadi has been newly birthed by Dr. Pillai. She is the most comely Goddess and has great power. She bestows the blessings of status, wealth, material comforts, and self-esteem. She is invoked on the 5th night. The day is a Wednesday and is associated with planet Mercury, and the corresponding color is green.

Navratri 2020 6th Night:

Shreem Brzee Lakshmi is invoked on the 6th night of Navaratri. She has the power to bring prosperity. Shreem represents the sound of gold, as well as the manifesting energy that can attract money and wealth. By invoking the Goddess, one can attract money, financial stability, and successful life. The day falls on a Thursday. Peacock Green color is suitable for this day.
The third three nights of Navaratri represent intelligence. The Goddess helps us overcome ignorance, gain creativity, and use knowledge to exploit opportunities.

Navratri 2020 7th Night:

Goddess Jnana Saraswati bestows spiritual wisdom and material knowledge. By invoking her, one can get rid of the obstacles that hinder one from gaining knowledge and also get good memory power. The day falls on a Friday. The color to be used is purple.

Navratri 2020 8th Night:

Goddess Pratyangira Devi is the ultimate Protectress. She shields us with positivity, peace, and prosperity. Evil forces are destroyed with her help, and one can gain overall victory, The color to be used is pink.

Navratri 2020 9th Night:

Goddess Chintamani Saraswati is the Goddess of strategies. By invoking her, one can excel in the creative and performing arts. One will also be able to apply the right knowledge at the right time, which can help one succeed in life. The day falls on a Sunday, and the associated color is gold.

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