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Mars and the Motivation Factor

April 7, 2016 | Total Views : 2,264
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Mars is the energy that determines the level of courage and confidence within you, and thus how passionate and determined you are to achieve your goals and desires. Basically, your style of action and motivation in life shows the quality of Mars energy within you. Each one of us experiences Mars energy differently depending on where the planet is positioned in our natal charts. Mars energy can be constructive as well as destructive. Its position in the zodiac sign, the house it occupies, and the influence of other good and bad planets are the factors responsible for it. mars-and-the-motivation-factor Let us see how the motivating factor of Mars operates in different zodiac signs. In Aries, Mars thrives well for two reasons. First, it is a sign ruled by Mars, and second, Aries is one of the fire signs, resembling the properties of Mars. Those who have this combination in their natal charts are full of energy, which they need to put to a constructive use. They are passionate and competitive. In earthy sign Taurus, Mars energy is more disciplined. It enhances the natural strength and stability of the natives and helps them set well-defined long-term goals, along with providing a determination to achieve them. The zest of Mars in the mutable air sign Gemini is a little scattered. People with this combination have a multi-directional focus. Mars stimulates their determination, but the energy of the sign will disseminate their focus, and this could make them change their tracks often. The energy of watery sign Cancer contradicts the aggression of Mars, and thus people with this combination are not directly aggressive about following their goals. They are slow but persistent. In fire sign Leo, Mars gains its vigor. People with this combination are passionate and bold with well-defined goals. They are quite open about what they want in life. In Virgo, Mars makes a native productive and goal-oriented. They are determined, but not aggressive in their approach. They accomplish their goals in a methodical and organized way. In balancing sign Libra, the conspicuously fierce energy of Mars turns subtle, honing natives’ strategic skills to win battles intelligently and diplomatically. Mars also helps Libra’s creative energy to prosper. In Scorpio, a sign ruled by Mars, the Martian energy turns secretive. People with this combination in their natal charts are not overtly aggressive in their approach to attain their goals and desires. They are secret warriors waiting for the right opportunity to act. Mars energy in adventurous Sagittarius gains its natural vigor, given the fiery element of the sign. People with this combination are sporty, optimistic, and energetic. On the other hand, being ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is a philosophical sign where Mars strengthens natives’ belief systems and ideologies in life. The orderly sign of Capricorn is where Mars finds its highest dignity. It is a sign of discipline and being practical. These are the people with controlled aggression, working persistently to achieve their goals. In Aquarius, Mars energy is at unease, for it’s a house of Saturn whose energy doesn’t go well with that of Mars. People with this combination are hard-working and have a lot of patience to make things work. They give importance to their personal freedom, along with the good of others. Mars energy fluctuates in the mutable watery sign of Pisces. Those who have this combination go with the flow. Due to momentary feelings and changing moods, they take time to decide on a goal, but when they wholeheartedly pursue a goal they will be emotionally committed to it. banner

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