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Effect Of Jupiter Transit in Aquarius On 20 June 2021

June 9, 2021 | Total Views : 24
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In astrology, retrogrades can be a challenging time. Life slows down, and the areas ruled by the planet going retrograde may need to be reviewed. Jupiter is the planet that signifies good fortune and abundance. When it goes retrograde, it is time for inner growth, both on a spiritual and philosophical level. 

During Jupiter retrograde, things that were going smoothly in our daily life may go into pause mode or stall completely. It can compel us to come up with different ways of doing things and new solutions to overcome problems. When Jupiter goes retrograde in Aquarius, we may have to make big changes in life, and when Jupiter goes direct, we continue on the same path, ignoring the challenges that could arise.

Jupiter Retrograde 2021: Helps Reassess, Review, and Refocus 

Jupiter retrograde is a time to ask the questions needed for growth and success. Every 9 months, Jupiter goes retrograde for about four months. During this period, we may question your beliefs and values. This period is not good for investments, speculation, or gambling.

Jupiter will go retrograde in Aquarius on June 20, 2021, till September 14, 2021, after which it enters Capricorn.

Let’s see how Jupiter retrograde 2021 will affect your zodiac sign. Our Jupiter retrograde 2021 predictions will help you understand Jupiter retrograde 2021effects on your life.

Aries: For Aries Rasi or moon sign, Jupiter rules the ninth and twelfth house. It will be transiting in your eleventh house of income, desire, and gain. Retrograde Jupiter for this house means that you may find it difficult to fulfill your desires, hopes, and dreams. Things you are expecting to happen during this period may be delayed, or the results may not be what you expected. Financially, there may be some problems, and you may incur some expenses for the future.

In terms of relationships, it will be an average time for you. So make sure that you maintain proper communication always with your partner in order to avoid any potential misunderstanding. Married Aries natives who want to start a family should wait until the time Jupiter is in retrograde. Healthwise, this is a good time for you. Make sure you follow a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Remedy: Recite Sri Rudram.

Taurus: For Taurus Rasi or moon sign natives, Jupiter is the ruler of the eighth and eleventh houses. It will be transiting in your tenth house of career, name, and fame. Retrograde Jupiter in the Tenth house means that during this transit, you will have to be very patient and careful when making any move because you are likely to experience many struggles during this period. Be careful and respectful in your speech and try not to offend anyone.

Professionally, it is better not to begin any new project. Don’t switch jobs even if your current job is boring or tiring. If you are into business, there will be some good business opportunities, but benefits will be delayed or more sluggish. Family atmosphere will be good for you as joy and peace will be present in your family during this time.

Remedy: Fasting on Thursdays will be good for you.

Gemini: For Gemini Rasi or moon sign natives, Jupiter is the ruler of the seventh and the tenth houses. It will be transiting in your ninth house of religion, luck, and international journeys. Retrograde Jupiter in this house will create problems for students pursuing higher education.

This Jupiter retrograde may give a different value system, and you may not be able to see eye to eye with your gurus. During this time, you may follow a different faith and encounter problems with the legal system. Professionally, if you lack a job or the one you have is not very satisfying to you, then you are likely to get a new opportunity, but you should have patience as some delays are possible. Your family will lend support during this period, and your brothers and children will offer you their full support. You may achieve many of your desires through hard work, and you can also get relief from the problems you were facing earlier.

Remedy: Apply saffron or turmeric on the forehead on Thursdays.

Cancer: For Cancer Rasi or moon sign natives, Jupiter is the lord of the sixth and tenth houses. It will be transiting in your eighth house of joint ventures, tax, financial settlements, insurance, loans, and death. Retrograde Jupiter in this house may offer benefits in tax money for the natives, but it is likely to be delayed. You may have to make more of an effort if you wish to get insurance benefits,. You may experience some dissatisfaction in your sexual life, even though you will have an active sex life. Spiritual beliefs may not be totally fulfilling, and you will feel restless spiritually. In terms of health, you need to take care of yourself as there may be some health issues for you. Do not waste time and energy on unwanted things.

Remedy: Chant Guru beej mantra “Om Gram Green Gram Sabha Guruve Namaha”.

Leo: For Leo Rasi or Moon Sign, Jupiter is the ruler of the fifth and eighth houses. It will transit in the seventh house of marriage and partnership. Retrograde Jupiter in this house will make the native look for a moralistic and generous partner. During this period, the natives and their partners will desire freedom and independence, but they will encounter restrictions. Since Jupiter signifies marriage and retrograde suggests review or re-doing, natives may enter into second marriages during this time.

On the professional front, you must not change jobs now as it won’t prove favorable for you. You are likely to get involved in a conflict with some colleagues at the workplace. Financially too, you may see some fluctuations in economic matters and the chances of benefiting from money transactions are also remote.

Remedy: Wear yellow sapphire gemstone.

Virgo: For Virgo Rasi or moon sign, Jupiter is the ruler of the fourth and seventh houses. It will be transiting in your sixth house. Jupiter retrograde in this house indicates service, health, co-workers, cost, conflict, divorce, and also unpleasant work. During this period, the natives will become strong, mentally as well as physically. This may help them to deal with their shortcomings and opponents in the best possible way.

As the sixth house indicates health and physical well-being, it can trigger some problems. So, you could suffer from blood sugar and also gain put on weight during this time. If you are a business native, you could encounter a lot of issues in your work environment. Co-workers, too, will not be helpful and may even try to take advantage of you and your kind nature. If you take part in any sort of competition, success will come only through hard work. You may also have to deal with some problems in married life.

Remedy: Recite Guru Stotra

Libra: For Libra Rasi or moon sign, Jupiter is the ruler of the third and sixth houses. It will be transiting in your fifth house. Jupiter retrograde in this house means that your children, love life, education, investment, speculation, sports, and the stock market will be impacted. The natives are likely to confront problems in romance. It is quite likely that your love may not fructify. During this period, the person may become heartless and devoid of emotions, especially towards their offspring. They are also likely to enter into relationships with multiple partners. Married natives who are keen to start a family may face delays. Jupiter retrograde may lead to marriage without a license in some instances. Avoid all speculation and gambling. Also, avoid any high-risk investment in the stock market, as you may not get the profits you expect.

Remedy: Offer jaggery and wheat to cows.

Scorpio: For Scorpio Rasi or moon sign, Jupiter is the ruler of the second and fifth houses. It will be transiting in the fourth house. Retrograde Jupiter in this house affects the mother, comforts, vehicles, and family. During this period, the natives may become very proud and egoistic. They are also likely to hold grudges against people, thereby gaining enemies in life.

Financially, you may be fortunate during this period. You are likely to achieve success due to your hard work. Your relationship with your mother may deteriorate. Mental peace is likely to get disturbed. There may be problems with your vehicle. Jupiter in the fourth house means a favorable time for buying property and getting support from family. But during the retrograde, the results may be delayed leading to disappointment and frustration. You are likely to feel physically weak. However, your financial sector will be stable. During this phase, you will gain respect and honor. You are also likely to go on a holiday.

Remedy: Water a Peepal tree every Thursday, but avoid touching it.

Sagittarius: For Sagittarius Rasi or moon sign, Jupiter is the ruler of the first and fourth houses. It will be transiting in your third house. Retrograde Jupiter in this House indicates communication, siblings, neighbors, meetings, short-distance trips, and learning. You may have some differences with your sibling during this transit. You will be dissatisfied with your relationship with siblings. Your efforts will be good and will bring you recognition.

Financially, you will find it easy to manage your money. During this time, you are likely to become over-ambitious and proud. Avoid such tendencies, as they will only harm you. During this transit, you may develop a communication problem or find it a problem in retaining things. Also, you will try to spend time learning new things.

Remedy: Do Rudra Abishekam


For Capricorn Rasi or moon sign, Jupiter is the ruler of the twelfth and third houses. It will be transiting in your second house. Retrograde Jupiter in this house affects communication, money, family values, voice, security, and close friends. During this time, you may have some unusual expenses. Imbalance in your financial life may disrupt your lifestyle. You are likely to get a family inheritance, but unfortunately, you may not have a clue about how you will use it. You may have some security issues too, and you may feel rather insecure during this period. You are likely to question your family values or may not be interested in following those.

Remedy: Make yellow rice on Thursdays, and offer it to poor people.


For Aquarius Rasi or moon sign, Jupiter is the ruler of the eleventh and second houses. It will be transiting in your first house. Retrograde Jupiter in this house influences your health, identity, the manner in which you deal with the world and collect information. You may suffer from poor health as Jupiter represents the liver in astrology. Hence, you are likely to develop some problems with the liver. You may also suffer from self-doubt as you will find it hard to understand the people around you. It is also possible that you may be deceived by others.

The retrograde Jupiter will prevent you from receiving all the benefits and protection that you are expecting. It can cause delays in opportunities and luck. But it will bless you with intelligence and reinforce the good qualities of the native. You may become attractive, your health may improve, and your presence in the public sphere and society will be enhanced during this transit.

Remedy: Offer books to students on Thursday.

Pisces: For Pisces Rasi or moon sign, Jupiter is the ruler of the first and tenth houses. It will be transiting in your twelfth house. Retrograde Jupiter in this house indicates isolation, hospital, prison, research, and bed pleasure. Jupiter retrograde will be good for you in terms of attaining higher wisdom and establishing a connection with the divine nature, research, and meditation. It will be beneficial for you.

During this time, you may become bold and fearless. You will not be afraid of anything or any sort of event that you confront in life. You’ll be fortunate enough to defeat your enemies, and you will also feel interested in religious activities. Jupiter retrograde can also bring some ill results depending on the house and the sign where it is placed. Also, your expectations are likely to be more, and you will feel frustrated when they are not met.

Remedy: Chant Jupiter beej mantra: Gram Greem Graum Sah Gurave Namaha.

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