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Jupiter (Guru) Transit Aquarius on 21st November 2021

September 23, 2021 | Total Views : 122
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Details Of Jupiter (Guru) Transit Into Aquarius on November 2021:

Jupiter or Guru is the most auspicious and benevolent among the Navagrahas. It will be transiting into the sign of Aquarius from Capricorn on Sunday, 21st November 2021, at 02.06 PM (IST) in the afternoon. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and falls under the “Kama Houses” (House of desires). It brings gains and expansion, and as it is fixed in nature, the gains received will be enduring. During this transit, people will try to manage their time and will become cautious in all that they do. This Jupiter transit 2021 is favorable for innovation, new technology, and scientific research. It will create in people a desire to interact with others and expand their networks. 

The transit will have a significant impact on the lives and fortunes of people born under all the 12 zodiac signs. Let us see how it affects each Moon sign. Talk To World’s Best Astrologers On Call @ Astro Speaks

Jupiter (Guru) Transit 2021 Effects On Aries:

Aquarius is the 11th House for Aries, and this is the Labha Sthana for your sign. So, this Jupiter transit can have a positive impact on Aries natives. Consequently, Jupiter, which occupies the 11th House from Aries, will cast its 5th aspect on Aries’ 3rd House, its 7th aspect on the 5th House, and its 9th aspect on the 7th House. Thanks to the power of Jupiter or Guru, this transit could ensure that the following year will see many of your wishes coming true. Your relationships with colleagues, siblings, in-laws, and others, will become amicable and smooth. You may have a good rapport with your mother, children, mother, and other relatives, as well, during this period. You may go on picnics with near and dear and will spend time and money on entertainment.

During this transit, your workload may increase. This could affect you mentally and result in some sleep disorders. Go for regular walks and do meditation as they can help you deal with such problems. Also, some of you may develop problems with digestion. Following a healthy and balanced diet is the best solution to get rid of such issues. Do not skip meals and always try to eat on time. This could help a great deal.

This Jupiter transit will be good for those who are in love. It is an ideal time to express your feelings to your beloved. There will be better intimacy between lovers now. If you are married, the conjugal relationship between you and your spouse could become more peaceful and harmonious. You are likely to shower your spouse with gifts like dresses and jewelry.

Finances may improve and become stable during this Jupiter transit. There may not be any heavy or unwanted expenses, and this may boost your financial status and prosperity. Those who are involved in foreign trades may find it possible to augment their income. The same may be the case for those who are involved in speculative trades like stocks and shares. Their financial position may witness good improvement, too.

Employed natives may be given a promotion at work, but this could also mean a heavier workload. Income may go up, and your bosses may recognize and appreciate your hard work. You may have to shoulder some new responsibilities at the workplace. Those who are seeking jobs may get some good opportunities during this transit period. 

Profits may increase for those who are doing joint ventures or partnership businesses. People doing trade in vegetables and fruits are likely to advance well in their line of work, and those selling grocery items or provisions could see a good uptick in their economic status. But there is a possibility of stiff business competition. But you can overcome such things and emerge victorious. If you are working in fields like media, medical, or engineering fields, you may look forward to making a good income. People in other fields may make good progress due to the arrival of new trade opportunities. Recognition may come your way, and you will be able to perform with confidence and finish your tasks on time.

For students, there may be moderate advancement. If they desire to make significant progress in their academic life, they will have to make some determined efforts. Those who are studying abroad may make good progress. Students doing post-graduation may do well and attain success in their endeavors. If you have finished your studies and are on the look-out for a job, you may get one with a good pay package. Some of you who are trying to go abroad for higher studies may be able to do so.

Transit Remedies:

*Wear yellow clothes on Thursdays
*Donate clothes to people like Gurus and teachers.
*Keep a small elephant statue in your living room 

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Jupiter (Guru) Transit 2021 Effects On Taurus:

Planet of good fortune, Jupiter (Guru), will be transiting into the Aquarius sign from Capricorn on Sunday, November 21, 2021, at 02.06 PM (IST) in the afternoon. Aquarius is the 10th House or Karma Sthana for Taurus. So, this transit has favorable implications for Taurus natives with regard to their business, career, or profession. Jupiter, occupying the 10th House from Taurus, will cast its 5th aspect on Taurus’ 2nd House, 7th aspect on the 4th House, and 9th aspect on the 6th House. Hence, during this Jupiter transit, many Taurus-born people may make good progress in their careers or business. They could rise to higher levels, for one, and also add to their assets and worldly comforts by purchasing vehicles, land, and buildings.

Family life may be filled with peace and harmony. You may become more spiritual in outlook, and some may go on pilgrimages. Relationships with friends could be good, and there is the likelihood of auspicious events like marriages happening at your home. There may be a good rapport with children, but parents’ health may cause some concern.

Lovers can look forward to harmonious relationships with their beloved. In the case of married Taurus natives, there may be differences of opinion between spouses, and this could be due to money matters mostly. So, try to steer clear of arguments at any cost.

This Jupiter transit may work wonders in terms of finances. Money flow may be good, and investments made earlier could yield good returns, too You may be able to repay old loans at this time. There could also be profits from stock and share trading. On the whole, there may be much to cheer about on the financial front.

Employed natives may work with great vim and vigor, and this could be appreciated and recognized by your superiors. They could also appreciate you for sharing your views and ideas. Name and fame may come due to your hard work and the great rapport you have with your co-workers.

Businesspersons may try to boost their income by launching new business ventures. Trading operations could bring more profits, and there may be a good improvement in your financial status. If you have joint ventures or run partnership businesses, you may be able to attract more customers, provided you take your responsibilities seriously, work hard, and do your tasks on time.

Taurus professionals can look forward to progress in their jobs and better finances now. A favorable work atmosphere may prevail. But it is advisable that you weigh the pros and cons of your actions thoroughly before making important decisions about your profession.
School students may suffer from a lack of concentration; hence, they need to focus more on their studies. But, engineering students may do well in examinations and get good marks. Researchers, too, may be successful in their work.

Transit Remedies

On Thursdays, donate cooked chickpeas to devotees visiting temples

Give plantain to cows

Donate ghee to Shiva temples

Water Peepal trees

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Jupiter (Guru) Transit 2021 Effects On Gemini:

Aquarius is the 9th House or Bhagya Sthana for Gemini; hence, this Jupiter transit can be a highly beneficial period for Gemini natives, and they can look forward to a spell of immense good fortune. Jupiter will also cast its 5th aspect on the Gemini sign itself, 7th aspect on the 3rd House, and 9th aspect on the 5th House. Hence, this Jupiter transit may bring many good tidings for Geminis. There could be marriages, childbirth, gains from paternal properties, and travel to foreign countries.

But on the downside, you may suffer from dejection, insomnia, or depression due to a heavy workload. Do meditation and walk regularly to avoid such problems. Also, older women may develop joint-related problems, and they should seek medical advice for the problem.

Young lovers may find this Jupiter transit very favorable. But you must be careful in your speech as you may annoy your lover with your harsh speech. Those who are of marriageable age and eager to tie the knot may find good life partners now. A harmonious bond may prevail between husband and wife.

There may be good gains through investments in speculative trades during this Jupiter transit. This could enable you to repay some of your old loans. Besides, you could make handsome profits from new business investments and get good returns from mutual funds. You are likely to spend on donations to charities.

People working for the government may have to work harder to get recognition, but those in the private sector might have it easier and receive appreciation from their higher-ups for their work efficiency. Some of you may discuss your plans for the future with the higher authorities. If you are working in the architecture field, you may expect good advancement in your profession, and some could get business opportunities abroad. Those working in the medical field, too, can expect better days. Work-related journeys may bring gains for businesspersons. If you are doing foreign trades or import-export business, there may be opportunities to travel abroad for business dealings.

Students could be relaxed and study their lessons with better confidence and focus. Teachers and parents may give them good encouragement. Science and technology students may get part-time jobs now. Those doing post-graduation may excel in their studies.

Transit Remedies

Donate food to elderly people

Worship Lord Dakshinamurthy on all Thursdays

Wear yellow garments on Thursdays

Jupiter (Guru) Transit 2021 Effects On Cancer:

Aquarius is the 8th House, or Ayur Sthana, which is the House of Longevity, for the Cancer sign; so, this Jupiter transit could bestow sudden and unexpected fortunes and changes for those born under the Cancer sign. Due to this transit, Jupiter, will cast its 5th aspect on the House of Expenditure and Losses for that sign, 7th aspect on the House of Wealth, and 9th aspect on the House of Comforts. This implies that you may spend money on buying new properties, see good improvement in your finances, and experience some lucky breaks during this period.

Due to work pressure, you may not see much of your family. Avoid using harsh words and displaying aggressive behavior with people now. It is possible that some of you will shift to another location. This means you may face a situation where you will be separated from the family.

Some of you may suffer from indigestion caused by mental stress or poor dietary habits. Apart from this, your health may be fine during this period. Try to remain calm and keep your temper on a leash. Doing Yoga and meditation can be of help to boost your health and remain fit.

Love relationships may be on a roll, while some could fall head over heels in love at this time. There will be harmony between married couples, too. Your life partner will be full of appreciation for you. They will admire your artistic nature, sense of beauty, and creative temperament. This could work wonders for your relationship and fill you with happiness.

During this Jupiter transit, the money flow may be rather moderate. But if you are in the fields of acting, writing, or fine arts, you may be in a position to make good money. Those doing foreign trade, too, may have significant earnings. This may be a favorable time to invest in houses, lands, or vehicles. But only if you work very hard, you will be able to meet your targets. On the whole, your economic condition may be rather average.

It is quite possible that employed natives may develop some differences of opinion with their co-workers. So, be careful and try to be friendly and polite towards your colleagues and bosses. Some Cancer natives may get opportunities to go abroad for work. When it comes to business, there will be good progress for those who deal with the Government. If you are running a business or trading venture, this is a good time for you to get bank loans approved. This is also a beneficial time to go in for investments in new business ventures. If you are a professional, too, there may be some promising opportunities coming your way, while new initiatives could meet with success.

School students may fare well in their studies, but those who are doing graduation will have to spend more time on studies to achieve success. Parents will prove to be of great help in planning your future course of action. During this Jupiter transit, some may also get chances to go abroad for studies. Students who are doing research, too, are likely to do well in their work.

Transit Remedies

Donate clothes to people like professors or senior level teachers

Do meditation daily for 20 minutes

Offer Pradosha worship