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How To Improve Your Education

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 2,749
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Knowledge, like your horizon keeps expanding with every effort or step you take to learn something new. But the knowledge that our society considers necessary for educating everybody keeps changing with the changing times.So, education these days has come to mean trying out a slice of knowledge that will enable one to earn a livelihood through approved professional fields.


Respect and call upon the Goddess of Learning:

We have come a long way from the times when knowledge had been revealed as Vedic hymns by the sages of the east. In the following ages, these hymns came to be preserved as written text. Hindu Vedic literature is the earliest text for spiritual and philosophical knowledge- they were the understanding and visions of the savants about life and Universe. From such times knowledge has been considered sacred and worshipped. From the Vedic times, the process of learning is initiated by invoking the Goddess Saraswati. She represent swisdom, intellect and creativity – all those attributes that learning brings about. Even today, students, researchers and artists worship her to acquire her qualities. In India, Goddess Saraswati is worshipped on the Vasant Panchami day (during spring season in month January-February) to seek her blessings for success in improving abilities for learning. Rituals performed for her is said to improve intellect and creativity.


Learn so to be creative:

Down the ages, we lost touch with the faculties of the sages. Knowledge that was once wholesome covering varied aspects of our lives and Naturebegan to flow as two separate streams. But these two streams of knowledge eventually merge and become one and are elevated to highest form of knowledge. The hype these days for learning a particular field of knowledge especially in Science and Technology can turn to be imbalanced and limited for further growth of personality and character. Any learning that neglects true nature of life can never be enlightening. Only wholesome knowledge is the fertile ground for creativity and innovation. Instead of compelling students into choosing a field of studies, they should be encouraged to gain knowledge and sharpen their skills in what they are passionate about. Let the learner seek knowledge in whatever he or she loves and admires. Taking the route of their passion will help them flourish.

Planets that help in learning:

Mercury signifies an individual’s education, skills of writing and speech for communication and skills in technology. Jupiter is a benefactor for research. While Mercury facilitates how we express our learning and talents, Jupiter provides the drive to explore, intellect to find new ideas and expand beyond our limited horizons. Therefore, planets Mercury and Jupiter play an important role in cognitive achievements. When these planets have good influence over the 2nd House (primary school), 4th House (college) and 9th House (advanced degrees), studentsbecome good learners and scholarly. Praying to these planets and the concerned deities can help in increasing learning abilities.

Houses in astrological charts indicate level of education:

  • 2nd House: This house indicates primary education during childhood of an individual. Association of strong planets in this house will tell how a child will perform in primary education and whether it will be a strong foundation for next level of education. This house also indicates a child’s interest and inclination in education.
  • 4th House: This house indicates effectiveness of one’s education, how it will help in fulfilling his or her goals later in life. This house also indicates the level or standard of education a child will have and how it will help to build foundation for a good career.
  • 9th House: This house indicates higher education of an individual. Association of strong planets in this house will indicate whether a person will be scholarly and gain ability for sustainedand planned thinking.

Studying and understanding a person’s chart can help him or her to utilize the good potentialities for better career prospects.

Nurturing students with astrological insight:

The wisdom of Vedic Astrology can illuminate the path for students who are aiming for academic excellence and educational success. It can tell which planets are influencing the tendencies and talents in a child. This can provide an insight to parents in guiding their children towards a destination that is favorable for them. Traits such as laziness, distractions or lack of concentration, health problems and so on that hinders a child’s education can be consciously rectified. Astrological remedies help in making a learner constantly conscious about the rectifications and improvements required to be made in their lives.  

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