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How Astrological Signs Affect Personality

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 2,252
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Each one of us have our own tendencies and characteristics that drive us through our lives. They form the building blocks of our habits, nature, attitude and finally the way we think and how we manifest our reality. Understanding the characteristics in individuals not only helps in self-discovery but also in developing individual abilities for improving life.


Twelve Zodiac signs display the positive and negative aspects of various planets. The signs Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars, Taurus and Libra by Venus, Gemini and Virgo by Mercury, Cancer by Moon and Leo by Sun. Saturn rules over Capricorn and Aquarius. Characteristics of individuals are primarily based on their ascendant signs and planets holding influence over such signs: Aries: It is the first sign of the Zodiac and similarly an Aries personality is always an initiator. They have self-confidence that always come forward to lead or take the initial steps for a process to begin. They are honest, extrovert, full of energy and can speak their mind under any circumstances. But they are also impatient, at times unnecessarily dare-devil and easily involve themselves in power struggles. Taurus: Taurus born loves to seek the joys of life. They love comforts derived of material possessions and also relishes sensual pleasure of enjoying arts, things that are beautiful and good food. Though they seek extravagance, they are also reliable, loving and dependable Gemini: Gemini’s changeable nature or duality in their nature makes them very flexible, lively, social and intelligent. Their insatiable curiosity and wide interest make them seek knowledge. They are always learning and gathering information, and love to be challenged intellectually. But beware of their sudden change of moods, you maybe surprised to find them quite rude and insensitive.


Cancer: Cancerians are the sensitive, understanding and complacent ones. They help in creating an environment of harmony and stability. They are very emotional, and attached to their home, family and close friends with whom they love to spend intimate time at a secure and warm corner. Leo: A Leo’s confidence, warm and social nature, and eagerness to take lead of others, make them prominent personalities. They are the ones who will work with utmost effort and with a strong desire for being appreciated. Their protective nature may become overbearing and egoistic. Virgo: Virgos are observant and have an eye for details – the right person to study a plan whether it is the lay out plan of your house, or plans for the next project, or for a vacation, because they are good planners and organisers. Virgos have clear thinking and good understanding of a situation and they leave no stone unturned in doing so. Virgos are perfectionists. They are also dependable and easy-going. Libra: Librans are full of vibrant ideas, encouraging new ideas, initiatives. A Libran is a relaxed kind of person, who enjoy communicating their thoughts and encouraging people into thinking. Well they are found many times battling in their mind trying to find the right balance for emotions, opinions, and judgments. Hence they are good at setting up strategies and organizing. Scorpio: Scorpios have magnetic personalities, have good understanding skills, and are very attached to their close relations. Though they prefer to maintain a low profile, they are born revolutionaries, independent and quite possessive about what they like. They are very serious about their work and usually get deeply engaged in studying things thoroughly. Sagittarius: Sagittarians are quite open, friendly and their cheerful attitude always is a plus for their closeness with everyone. However, their negative traits could be being tactless, careless, irresponsible and restless. They have inclinations for learning, travelling, undertaking philosophical pursuits and their optimism, curiosity and openness make them adventurous and sketch pictures larger than life. Capricorns: Capricorns are calm, disciplined, hardworking, self-determined and self-possessed and rigid in their outlook. They are highly romantic, loyal and usually marry their true love. They protect their family from the world as they are very much attached to them. Aquarius: The natives of Aquarius are commonly interesting, intelligent and logical people possessing clear thinking. They are extremely sensitive as well as passionate. They are strong willed and may turn forceful under certain circumstances. They make very warm and serious companions, who are very attached to their loved ones. Pisces: Pisceans are artistic and creative people. They are usually emotional, sensitive, trustworthy, enthusiastic and are compassionate in relationships. They are very romantic and extremely caring towards their partner. They are indecisive, timid and often lack clarity because above everything they are dreamers and unwisely intuitive.  

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