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Ganesha: The Lord of Success and the Destroyer

June 12, 2015 | Total Views : 2,570
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The Lord of Success

Gifting an idol of Ganesha is believed to bring success and prosperity to both - receiver of the gift and the giver. Ganesha is offered prayers before worshipping any other deity of the Hindu pantheon. He removes all hindrances and clears the way for your prayers to reach the right deity.


He is worshipped before beginning new business ventures, or careers, laying foundation of new buildings and also after relocating to a new house, after buying a new car or any physical asset. In Hindu culture, Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, God of new beginnings and the God of success and prosperity. Round-the-year rush of devotees to Ganesha temple keeps increasing, just like the idols of Ganesha sold every year, during Ganesh Chaturthi. Devotees also prefer to keep tiny idols or images of Ganesha in their purse. The incidents of Ganesha performing miracles in his devotees’ lives have been increasing too. These are the instances of how Ganesha is perceived in a place where he prevails across all strata of society. Ganesha resides in the last or the lowest chakra of our body: the Muladhar chakra which is the root of Kundalini Shakti or spiritual energy. Muladhar chakra holds all the inert and negative energies. An inactive chakra restricts and limits you from acquiring knowledge of truth and for seeing the reality before you. As this chakra gets activated in the body, level of consciousness rises and so does intelligence. Meditating on Ganesha and the Hidden Meaning of Ganesha’s Body parts can give you an insight about how to improve your level of consciousness. It requires higher intelligence to look at the root of your problems and look for the solutions. And Ganesha has the expertise to help you!


The Destroyer

Ganesha rides on the smallest rodent, the mouse. There are various interpretations on symbolism of mouse – it has been considered to be symbolic of ‘Darkness’, ‘Ego’ and also ‘Illusion’. These are the three qualities that keep us ignorant and confused in our lives. You cannot solve problem or acquire strength to go beyond obstacles in life if you are confused or ignorant. Ganesha helps in dispelling darkness, ego and illusion. On the day of 4th waning Moon every month Ganesha’s energy is very close to you. He helps his devotees in transformation, and to manifest changes in their lives as they desire. The ritual of shattering or smashing coconuts in front of Ganesha’s shrine has great significance – you think of a problem and worry you want to get rid of in your life and smash a coconut in front of Ganesha, he will help you in smashing your problem and worry too. Ganesh Chaturthi is an important event. When you worship a clay idol of Ganesha with complete devotion, it absorbs your negative energies that may stand as hindrance to realization of your goal. And when you immerse the idol in river, lake or sea, it dissolves your bad karma along with it. When Ganesha absorbs your karma, he dissolves the lower vibrations in your body and brings clarity to your mind. He strengthens your mind to get what you desire by dispelling confusions from your life.


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