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Pisces Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 1,944
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Pisces, the sign that is As the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces represents Dreams. For Pisces, Imagination is the keyword, value for Human Relationships, their quality and Generosity is their identity. The word Pisces is a Latin translation of the Greek name, which means ‘the fish(es)’. Two fish swimming in opposite directions is the symbol of Pisces, which represents flexibility. Neptune and Jupiter are their key planets. Neptune is the God of the Seas, which depicts dissolution of reality, that is, the spiritual and mystical aspects, while Jupiter indicates thinking and learning. Water is their element, which points to deep emotions. Pisces is sensitive, kind, gentle, emotional and selfless. They are also imaginative, artistic and creative, and have great versatility in them. But they can also be escapists and lazy. Pisces Man : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

Pisces Man

A man born in the zodiac sign of Pisces is fundamentally, a dreamer. Pisces men love to dream and it remains is an essential part of their living. They are highly imaginative, often dwelling in their own world made up of their thoughts, beliefs and hopes. They also keep hovering between hard reality and imaginative presumptions. But a Pisces dream is not mere fantasy, but involves immense creative thinking, that can comprehend even abstract concepts and oblique ideas, and come out with refreshingly new and out-of-the-box solutions. Imagination is not an idle distraction for them, but remains a definite means of purposeful creativity. Fired by the power of this rare faculty, the gentle Pisces can grow in stature and scale immense heights in their pursuits. There cannot be imagination without at least an element of sensitivity, and strong sensitivity does remain yet another important part of their character. For them, this extends to people, surroundings, issues, and nature. Their sensitivity is closely linked to their emotions, and reflects on their delicate feelings, as they get deeply influenced by any ups and downs happening to them. They are artists at heart, who bring their immense sensitivity into their artistic pursuits. They are intelligent, but are more of an intellectual orientation. While they are rational in their thinking, and have their facts and figures ready and verified, for arriving at any conclusions, it is their intuition which holds a major say in many of their decisions. Here, their vivid imagination takes on the form of strong intuition, which they bring into play for forming opinions, choosing options and making decisions. They are also flexible and adaptable.
Pisces men are extremely good at heart, who hold tremendous value for relationships. They are humane to the core, who are kind, gentle and affectionate. They are soft and mild mannered, and will treat others as they themselves would like to be treated – with honour and respect. Their sensitivity also manifests as compassion, as they not only sympathize but will also genuinely empathize with others. They will ever be ready to extend a helping hand to anyone in need, often going out of the way and even facing difficulties and suffering inconveniences. Selfless, yes they indeed are, who feel joyful by the sheer act of being helpful. They are too gentlemanly to expect any rewards, recognition or applause from others, and unfortunately, they may not get any at all, most of the times. Pisces, in short, are gentle giants. But Pisces men remain too idealistic to be practical and effective in the affairs of the world. Living in an imaginary world and forming their own ideas about how something should be, they often miss out on how a thing really is. Unable to face reality or come to terms with it, they often become incapable of taking on an issue with purpose or handling a situation to its logical end. Instead, they try to escape, blaming something else or the other. Their hyper sensitivity makes even non-issues into major ones, as they take things to heart and get intensely swayed by emotional upheavals. These contribute to a strong feeling of weakness and low self-esteem, and they, many times, end up performing mediocre and achieving much less than what they are actually capable of, given all their talents. As their enthusiasm declines, pessimism and laziness creep in. A Pisces man is a great romantic and a fascinating lover. He can simply charm his lady-love with his tenderness and sensitivity. He can add on a dose of colour and sweetness to the family relationships, without compromising on their quality. But he may often get hurt due to his hyper sensitivity and withdraw into his own self. His unrealistic expectations and impractical dreams can strain the family relationship. If they can temper their imagination with realism and sensitivity with practicality, and convert their great dreams into creative pursuits, the Pisces men can blossom into noble and loveable personalities, whose very presence will become a matter to be cherished.

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