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5 Things to Do for Dad on Father's Day

June 14, 2016 | Total Views : 1,813
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Just around the corner, Father’s Day 2017 is on June 18th, following Mother’s Day almost at its heels and summoning you once again into acts of gratitude towards the parents who nurtured that precious life in you. Yes, on the day you were born, your father had also begun to learn so many idiosyncrasies about fatherhood! After all, the handling of each child is a unique learning experience. fathers-day You could be naturally motivated to make your father happy, or you may feel obligated. When you are motivated, myriad ideas will be flying around you, but if you are in the latter category, it’s perhaps because your father may not have fit into the ideal imagery that society paints of a father - the one who resembles power, a strong masculine force, a protector, a mentor, and so on.

Reasons for Celebrating Father’s Day

Celebrating your father’s day is important from many angles – this day brings you a chance to receive blessings from a person who is responsible for your presence on Earth. You were born to a particular parent, under a particular situation, because every soul has to follow the path guided by universal laws. No matter how you evaluate your life at this juncture, with deeper understanding you will learn to respect your parents evermore. This is the day to be grateful – either for reconciling or to be thankful for your past. Both aspects can help liberate you from past deeds/karma, and you stand to open up to the grace of universal energy.


Just as it is important to perform rituals for establishing religious beliefs and celebrating important landmarks in life, so is the day for remembering your father, whether he is dead or alive. Performing religious practices for the departed souls of parents brings blessings too.


Things You Can Do to Celebrate Father’s Day 2017

  • Show him that you respect the profession he pursued to earn for the family and take care of you. Pamper him with a memento that equates him with great achievers in the same field or makes his field of work an important component of our lives.
  • Give him a gift that will encourage him in pursuing his hobby with more fun with the latest technology in the market, whether he loves to read, enjoys music, or collects watches.
  • If your father is a religious person, infuse your good wishes for his life through a graceful act –organize a religious event for him with the family or arrange for a pilgrim’s visit to a sacred spot.
  • Spend a special evening with him serving him his special dishes and discussing times of joy or sadness you both have passed together.
  • You can initiate him into programs for maintaining good health, like yoga and meditation. You can also get him a membership to a sports/music/humor club.

By showing respect to your father, you acknowledge the need for a father in a child’s life and uphold the values attached to fatherhood. When you respect your parents, your children learn to do the same too!

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