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In the current busy world, we are running towards our goals and dreams and often miss to participate in rituals thanking the divine and seeking their blessings. According to Vedas, Homa, Pooja & Abishekam are holistic rituals which are considered to be most powerful way to submit your prayers and express our gratitude towards divine being. For you to virtually participate in the rituals, AstroVed has released this AstroVed Web TV App to ensure that you are not missing the auspicious Homas, Poojas and Abishekam (hydration rituals). The specialty of the app is that you can watch the sacred rituals at your respective time zones including LIVE events. You can get to know the schedule of the upcoming events and set reminders not to miss the events. You also have an option to watch the past events. You would require stable internet connection to watch the LIVE events via Web TV.

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  • LIVE Astroved TV
  • LIVE Astroved TV
  • LIVE Astroved TV

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LIVE Astroved TV
LIVE Astroved TV

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