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Life is full of uncertainty and we often need guidance for making the right decision in the right time. Rather than pondering the options and wasting time, you can take advantage of Instant Insight also known as Prasna Astrology, an ancient source of Vedic wisdom. Through this application, you can ask our astrologers any question and they would give clarity for wavering mind queries. We refer to Prasna Astrology as Instant Insight because of its incredible efficacy in providing accurate answers to your urgent questions, within minutes. Thus, it truly is an Instant Insight.

Prasna means “question” and it signifies a special branch of Vedic Astrology that calculates answers based on the exact moment a question is asked. Our expert astrologers will examine the planetary indicators of the precise time and answer your questions accordingly. Instant Insight (Prasna Astrology) provides you with the opportunity to make a decision based on the proven methods of Vedic Science.

In today’s world, people are always on the move; to meet the demands of such busy lifestyles, we have made our Instant Insight (Prasna Astrology) service absolutely mobile. You can send your inquiries and will receive an Instant Insight, right from the comfort of your home or office.

To get an Instant Insight you have to:

  • Ask your questions with clarity and sincerity.
  • Choose a number between 1 and 249 thinking about the question.
So what are you waiting for? Get the help of the Instant Insight app and get answers to your questions. All it takes is just a few minutes; download this application and start making benefit out of it. We’re always motivated to hear from you. If you have any feedbacks, suggestions or questions, please email it to: Don’t forget to rate and give your valuable comments for this Application.

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  • Instant Insight
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Instant Insight
Instant Insight

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