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Remedial Trip

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Financial abundance and prosperity are of prime importance to every human being. Some of us are wealthy through generations, while some of us may have to work hard to attain wealth and prosperity. Our financial destiny is decided by our past karma and the planetary positions in the birth chart. Leading a prosperous life can satiate both your financial needs and help lead a peaceful life. However, at times, you may be put into a situation where your efforts to attain prosperity may go in vain due to adverse effects of planets and past life karma.

Why Prosperity Remedy Trip?

Seeking divine help and blessings can help you gain financial abundance, prosperity, wealth, health and resolve debts. To fulfill your earnest wish of becoming monetarily sound and stable, AstroVed has put together a powerful package to go on a 4-day spiritual trip to visit a list of 10 hand-selected ancient temples across Tamil Nadu. This package named, ‘Prosperity Remedial Trip’ makes it convenient for you to visit the right temples, at the right time, where you can seek blessings for financial prosperity and opulence.

Offering your sincere prayers to the deities at these powerful temples can bestow the following blessings:

  1. Gain stable wealth
  2. Restore lost wealth
  3. Ensure prosperity and profit
  4. Resolve planetary effects and past karma blocking wealth
  5. Lead a wealthy and comfortable life
  6. Success in all endeavors
  7. Gain material riches such as own house, vehicle, etc.
  8. Remove financial suffering
  9. Relief from evil aspects
  10. Resolve Doshas (afflictions) affecting prosperity
  11. Business profit and successful career
  12. Remove all kinds of obstacles
  13. Freedom from debts
  14. Victory in court issues
  15. Relief from worries, spells and hidden enemies
  16. Job attainment and promotion

Praying whole-heartedly to these powerful deities can help you experience divine miracles and fulfill your dream of leading a wealthy and prosperous life. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will make sure that you relish the spiritual essence, rich mythologies of these temples and transform your life positively!

Prosperity Remedial Trip Customized Package

As a part of the Prosperity Remedial Trip customized package, you can have a free astrology consultation with our expert astrologer, who will analyze your birth chart and prescribe remedies and temple visits accordingly. Then, 3-in-1 Homa dedicated to invoke the blessings of 3 archetypes recommended in your consultation will be performed followed by the remedy trip. Your itinerary and 3-in-1 Homa for the ‘Prosperity Remedial Trip’ customized package shall be designed based on your consultation.


  • Prosperity Remedial
    Trip General Package
    • 4-day visit to 10 sacred temples in South India, powerful in gaining prosperity and financial abundance blessings
    Prosperity & Abundance Package
    (Two Persons)
    Prosperity Remedy Trip

    US $ 956.00

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Temple Visits in Prosperity Remedial Trip General Package

God of wealth

Planet Sukra worship for wealth

Worship of 9 planets for Prosperity

Worship for increase in wealth

Worship of Saturn for wish granting and happiness blessings

White Ganesha temple – obstacle removal temple

Recovery from Debts, win legal battles and dispel dark manifestations

Birth star temple for blessings of prosperity

Vishnu debt relief temple

Lord Shiva worship for relief from debt


  • Pickup from Chennai Airport / Railway station
  • Refresh & breakfast
  • Proceed to Kubera temple (God of wealth & materials)
  • Lunch
  • Proceed to Kumbakonam – 05 hrs drive
  • Dinner & Overnight stay at Kumbakonam
  • After refresh & Breakfast proceed to Suriyanar temple (9 Planet temple – to get blessings from all Navagraha)
  • Kanjanoor Planet Venus (Sukra) – (wealth manifestation temple), Thirukodikaval (wealth raising temple)
  • Break for lunch
  • Evening Visit: Mangala Sani (Saturn blesses his devotees happily and grants them their desired boons)
  • Dinner & Overnight stay at Kumbakonam
  • After breakfast Visit Thiruvalanchuli (White Ganesha temple – obstacle removal temple), Thirubhuvanam (for recovery from debts, for winning legal battles, for neutralizing the effects of black magic), Thiruvidaimaruthur (Birth star temple)
  • Break for Lunch
  • Evening Visit: Thirucherai Saranathar temple (Vishnu debt relief temple), Thirucherai Runa Vimotchana temple (Shiva in this temple give relief from debt)
  • Dinner & Overnight stay at Kumbakonam
  • After breakfast proceed to Chennai or Trichy
  • Drop at respective airport

Your package includes:

  • Accommodation in specified hotel* (with breakfast)
  • Travel in an air-conditioned car*
  • Accompanying guide charges
  • Tollgate, parking, and interstate permit charges

Your package excludes:

  • Lunch & dinner at all places
  • Cost of Pooja items, Dhakshina (priest fee) to temple priest
  • Tips in hotels and tips to driver
  • Laundry, telephone & other charges

*Type of accommodation and car may vary depending on the package of your choice