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Remedial Trip

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The famous saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth’ and being hale and healthy is essential to lead a peaceful and happy life. Though you may have all the wealth you need, if you are suffering from any illness, you may not be able to enjoy the material riches. Any illness could be due to negative influence of planets in your birth chart or the current planetary influence (Dasa/Bhukti). Some may suffer from health issues due to the effects of evil eye or negative forces or due to sins committed in the past.

A heartfelt prayer at the sacred energy vortex of the deity can be a remedy for your problems. There are selected Powerspots in Tamil Nadu which holds positive healing energies to boost up your health and reduce the impact of any illness. If you or any of your loved one is suffering from any health-related issues, you can pay a visit to these powerful energy vortices for a long-lasting relief.

Why Health Remedy Trip?

AstroVed has put together a powerful remedy trip package comprising of a 4-day spiritual visit to a list of hand-selected ancient temples across Tamil Nadu. This package named, ‘Health Remedial Trip’ makes it easy for you to visit the right temples, at the right time, where you can seek blessings of the divine to enjoy a long and healthy life.

Offering your sincere prayers to the deities at these powerful temples can bestow the following blessings:

  1. Relief from sickness or ill-health
  2. Cure long-standing ailments
  3. Overcome the fear of death
  4. Long and disease-free life
  5. Overcome obstacles
  6. Restore health and vitality
  7. Remove adverse effects of planets, causing sickness
  8. Prevent death due to diseases, age and accidents
  9. Mental peace and relief from confusions
  10. Relief from past sins
  11. Protection any sort of danger
  12. Remedy for various ailments

Our experienced and knowledgeable team will make sure that you relish the spiritual essence, rich mythologies of these temples and transform your life positively!

Health Remedial Trip Customized Package

As a part of the Health Remedial Trip customized package, you can have a free astrology consultation with our expert astrologer, who will analyze your birth chart and prescribe remedies and temple visits accordingly. Then, 3-in-1 Homa dedicated to invoke the blessings of 3 archetypes recommended in your consultation will be performed followed by the remedy trip. Your itinerary and 3-in-1 Homa for the ‘Health Remedial Trip’ customized package shall be designed based on your consultation report.


  • Health Remedial Trip
    General Package
    • 4-day visit to 8 sacred temples in South India, powerful in solving health-related issues
    Health & Well-Being Package
    (Two Persons)
    Health Remedy Trip

    US $ 903.00

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Temple Visits in Education Remedial Trip General Package

Lord Ganesha Powerspot for Obstacle Removal

God Shiva powerspot for healing and health blessings

Swetharanyeswarar Koil for curing nerve diseases

Sri Vanchinadha Swamy Temple of Lord Yama to overcome fear of death

Planet Mercury Powerspot to Improve Intelligence and Knowledge

Amritaghateswarar-Abirami Temple to achieve victory over death

Sri Pralayakaleswarar temple for curing ailments

Lord Shiva temple for cure from diseases


  • Pickup from Trichy Airport or railway station
  • Proceed to Kumbakonam
  • Check-in
  • After lunch visit : Thiruvalanchuli (White Ganesha temple – obstacle removal temple), Alangudi (planet Jupiter “Guru Powerspot” Devotees seeking better career and Knowledge visit this temple)
  • Dinner & Overnight stay at Kumbakonam
  • After breakfast visit Vaitheeswaran Temple (Shiva in this temple bestow healing and health blessings), Thiruvengadu (cure Nerve diseases)
  • Break for Lunch
  • Thirukadaiyur (Abirami Amman temple)
  • Dinner & Overnight stay at Kumbakonam
  • After breakfast visit Srivanjiyam (God of Death, Yama temple), Pennadam (Lord Siva temple)
  • Dinner & Overnight stay at Kumbakonam
  • After breakfast proceed to Chennai visit Maruntheeswarar temple (Shiva as the Lord of Medicine)
  • Drop at Chennai Airport / Railway station

Your package includes:

  • Accommodation in specified hotel* (with breakfast)
  • Travel in an air-conditioned car*
  • Accompanying guide charges
  • Tollgate, parking, and interstate permit charges

Your package excludes:

  • Lunch & dinner at all places
  • Cost of Pooja items, Dhakshina (priest fee) to temple priest
  • Tips in hotels and tips to driver
  • Laundry, telephone & other charges

*Type of accommodation and car may vary depending on the package of your choice