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Sade Sati Remedies

Sade sati is that phase of the life; wherein, your planet of birth comes under the influence and power of Lord Saturn; people are suggested to devote themselves in hard work and dedication in their respective fields. Sade Sati is a span of 7 ½ years dominated by the power of Saturn in our life. The complete transit of Saturn is the time taken to make its way through all the constellations or houses; it takes approximately 29 years for a constellation.

Saturn is an important planet, notoriously known as the tough planet. An irregularity in one’s Birth Sign or Janmarashi and the position of Saturn at the time of an individual’s birth can cause obstacles, disappointment, unhappiness etc. in his or her life. This time is obvious to invite bad luck in finance, relationships, health, family, business, career and profession. But, Sade sati is an ideal time for hard work and dedication and to pray the Planet Saturn when it transits through each Janma Rashi. The transit of Saturn through each Rashi is called Dhaiyya.

It is believed that Sade Sati is the result of karma; an individual is liable to pay off his/her karma once in the lifetime. There are some suggested astrological remedies which can minimize the bad effects of Sade sati.

It is advisable to stay relaxed during Sade sati in spite of worrying about the dreadful effects. It can be perceived as a time when one becomes aware of the achievements and success in life. In fact, it is a time to prepare ourselves to eradicate laziness and to utilize the time for hard work and dedication to achieve the desired goal; unimportant matters can be postponed for some other time. Sade sati is an opportunity to find one’s spiritual self to make life fruitful.

Remember Hard Work and Dedication surely pays off!