Sun Pooja

Sun Pooja

Sun is the ultimate source of life on Earth. Sun in our horoscope represents, power, authority, Government, our health and journey of our soul.
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Temple- Nine Planets:- Sun

Sun is the ultimate source of life on Earth. Sun in our horoscope represents, power, authority, Government, our health and journey of our soul. In India, Worshipping Sun is a regular practice. It’s a life giver planet and people celebrate festivals in the name of Sun named CHHATH Puja, MAKAR SAKRANTI , PONGAL, and SAMBA DASHMI .

There are others names of Sun such as, SURYA, DINKAR, DIVAKR, BHASKARetc.

There are some famous shrines of Sun such as KONARK Sun Temple in ODISHA and MODHERA Sun Temple in GUJRAT.

Sun rules over Orange, Saffron and Red colour. Sun is the karaka of Power, affluence, anger, domination etc. Sun gets exalted in Aries Sign and debilitated in Libra Sign.

  • Natural Friends of Sun:- Moon, Jupiter and Mars
  • Natural enemies of Sun:- Venus and Saturn
  • Neutral Planet:- Mercury is neutral planet for Sun.

Auspicious and inauspicious Transit Results:- When Sun transit over your 3rd house, 6th house, 10th house and 11th house in your horoscope then it gives good results. But transit of Sun in your birth chart over 1st house, 2nd house, 4th house 5th house, 7th house, 8th house, 9th house or 12th house then it gives inauspicious results during its transit.

Sun Pooja:-

Strong Placement of Sun is very much required in our chart for prosperity, wealth and happiness. If Sun any how gets afflicted by enemy planet or through Rahu, Ketu, Saturn even in its exalted position then it makes Sun go weak in your horoscope and imparts unfavourable results. Also, if Sun is in debilitated position or have lordship over 6th,8th and 12th house then it also become inauspicious for you.

So, for removing the obstacles and hindrances regarding your health, career and wealth you need to appease planet Sun and nullify any inauspicious and unfavourable results or Dosha of Sun.

Benefits/Blessings of Sun Pooja:- Sun Pooja imparts good health and good luck in our life. Sun Pooja bestows luck and growth in our career prospects. It can also give relief from diseases and long chronic ailments. Sun Pooja grants success in getting good job especially government job as well. Regular flow of income and prosperity in life is also one of the blessings of Sun Pooja.

9 Planets Fire Lab(Homa)

9 Planets Fire Lab (Homa)

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Dhanvantri Fire Lab

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Sthri Vasiya Yantra

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