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AVA Kalki Karuppaswamy
Reading & Remedy Service

Who is Kalki Karuppaswamy?

According to Dr. Pillai, Kalki Karuppaswamy is a powerful God who is here, now, to help us. He came to establish Dharma – Light and Truth – and to usher in the Golden Age – a time of peace, prosperity, and happiness, following the current age of darkness, strife, and upheaval. He will do what is needed to foster the transition and restore justice – righteousness – balance and order. He understands the heart, mind, and limitations of humanity and has the means to quickly and efficiently end suffering and grant miracles for those who seek his help. Kalki Karuppaswamy can resolve those problems that most often plague human beings in their desire and need for financial stability and success, relationships, children, employment, career, resolution of disputes, and anything else relating to the myriad conditions affecting human life. He can also address spiritual desires and reveal the true purpose of a divinely-inspired life.

What can Kalki Karuppaswamy do for you?

He is a compassionate being who wants to help – he can resolve circumstances such as:

  • Relationship challenges
  • Disputes among the key relationships
  • Health and wellness issues
  • Financial problems and set-backs
  • Protection from malicious situation
  • Land ownership issues and challenges
  • Legal suits or court cases.
  • Blocks and/or little progress made in career or business ventures
Money & Financial Security

God & Spirituality

Kalki Karuppaswamy demands and achieves justice – it is no small thing. He is concerned about the specific details of your life and he will make sure those who have been wronged financially, or in other ways, will be protected and given a chance to progress in life as deserved. He rights wrongs. The kind of thing you can sense, but don’t know what to do about it. For instance: A promotion you deserved but didn’t receive. Opportunities that should have come but didn’t because of known or unknown interference. Placement in exams – or college applications that were not given the recognition due. Deals that should have gone your way but didn’t.

If an injustice has occurred, he takes notice and makes the needed correction for you or your loved ones. What he does not support are “crooked deals”. If a slight occurred in a circumstance that was illegal, illicit or immoral, it will not receive his notice. His regard and protection is reserved for those things that are outside of negative means or ill-intent.

Dr. Pillai became very interested years ago when he witnessed a Karuppaswamy Channel performing miracles. The Channel healed the blind; people who could not walk, could walk again; people who could not speak could speak again; and so on. Incredible miracles happened to all these people instantaneously, right in front of Dr. Pillai and it made a powerful impression. Dr. Pillai wanted others to benefit and decided to make this phenomenon available to anyone in need of these miracles – whether to heal a malady or to have an injustice righted. When injustice is at the root of a problem, Kalki Karuppaswamy can help.

Dr. Pillai has trained and empowered unique, attuned individuals to bring Karuppaswamy forward to serve this hidden need. It is through Divine Intervention that the seemingly impossible becomes possible. If something in you feels compelled to connect with Kalki Karuppaswamy, it is time to ask for help. It’s what he does.

Please watch the following videos to learn more about Kalki Karuppaswamy

Karuppaswamy Webcast:

Karuppaswamy God Of Justice Descends:

Karuppaswamy The Performer God:

How to Align with Kalki Karuppaswamy?

Dr. Pillai advises the importance of establishing a personal relationship with Kalki Karuppaswamy. He descends into the earth plane every night at 8:20 PM, wherever you are in the world. You can establish contact by offering simple prayers and other items in front of his picture. With sincere, heartfelt prayers, you can ask for his help to solve a particular challenge or issue that is impacting your life. He wants to help you. You just have to seek him out and ask.

Offerings to Establish Contact with Kalki Karuppaswamy

For a minimum of 48 consecutive evenings, chant “Om Kum Kalki Karuppaswamy Namaha” for 20 minutes, which is the approximate amount of time for repeating the mantra 108 times (the optimal number for chanting a mantra). Dr. Pillai shares this powerful mantra in the following clip (the mantra can be heard towards the middle part of the Karuppaswamy Webcast, at the 18:15 time stamp): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq4O1jT3bBY

At a minimum, you can offer a glass of water. Although if you have access to any of the following items, you can also offer any of them to a picture of Kalki Karuppaswamy (the picture should face towards the North-East direction):

  • Incense (light a few sticks, although be practical in this and careful not to set off smoke detectors or irritate other residents where you live)
  • Candle light or a ghee lamp.
  • Flower petals.
  • Lime or lemon.
  • Fresh cooked food (not left-overs, can be veg or non-veg).

Please notethat you can discard the offered items after the ritual is completed and distribute any food items as a feeding for the poor or needy. You should not personally eat or drink the offered food items.

Prior to Kalki Karuppaswamy’s Divine encounter, please review the areas of your life where you find blockages, discouragement and/or outright interference to your progress. If you have lawsuits, open or suspected or hidden enemies, please be prepared to ask for help. Kalki Karuppaswamy will only perform Dharma, as he serves the Golden Age of Truth or Satya Yuga. He will not be complicit in any act to scheme against or harm others, especially if the motivation is due to self-serving, ill-intent, such as jealousy or petty revenge. He is a vehicle for Truth and Justice and a greater good – that is his purpose.