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Kalki Karuppaswamy Divine Intervention – Remedies

Since Kalki Karuppuswamy Channel is on Pilgrimage, we are not able to schedule any readings for the time being. Once he is back from the pilgrimage we will start to schedule the readings

Divine Intervention Level 1 Remedy Program:
Level 1 New Moon Feeding

One New Moon Feeding

Divine Intervention Level 2 Remedy Program:
Level 1 Remedy Program

30-45 days of remedies which includes one New Moon Feeding, three focused prayers on your intentions/desires (known as Sankalpa); three elaborate poojas; updates and a wrap up call at the end of this remedy period

Divine Intervention Level 3 Remedy Program:
Level 2 Remedy Program

Three to four months of remedies which includes two New Moon Feeding; six Sankalpas; six elaborate poojas; updates and a wrap up call at the end of this remedy period

Divine Intervention Level 4 Remedy Program:
Level 3 Remedy Program

Six months; which includes three New Moon Feedings; twelve Sankalpas; twelve elaborate poojas; updates, one mid-program call; and a wrap up call

ANY of the following Special Empowerment Requests (SER’s) may be required as per Kalki Karuppaswamy during or after your Divine Encounter or as per your request for timely empowerments. These SER’s can be used for your important timings such as meetings, appointments, interviews, signing legal documents, financial planning, etc., as it pertains to your situation. These special empowerments will help you to dispel negativity and doubt while strengthening or deepening your energetic connection to Kalki Karuppaswamy. Thus, you will feel more aligned, empowered and protected during the important timing and afterwards so that you have a favorable experience as you take necessary steps towards manifesting your desired outcome or achieve your goal.

Special Empowerment Requests (SER’s)

May be advised by Kalki Karuppaswamy or you may request ANY of the following Specialized Remedies/Poojas as focused energetic support is needed.

Level 3 Remedy Program
  • Sandalwood offering – for wealth and prosperity blessings.
  • Tulsi offering – gives blessings for a new beginning.
  • Lemon offering – gives deeper insights, guidance, blessings into your situation or goal that you want to achieve
  • Sankalpa Pooja – where your specific, focused intention/prayer is empowered by Kalki Karuppaswamy.
  • Coconut offering – for challenging karmic obstacle removal
  • Garlands made of flowers Kalki Karuppaswamy communicates for a particular need or day
  • Other more elaborate, Specialized Poojas that may be required or recommended (price depends on the specific type of Pooja). This will require multiple and large amounts of Sandalwood, Tulsi, Lemon, Coconuts, Garlands and other items.

Guidance for you to do at home, or as per Kalki Karuppaswamy’s recommendation:

  • Continue daily poojas/prayers/mantra practice to Kalki Karuppaswamy as mentioned in the section above: Preparing for your time with Kalki Karuppaswamy. How do you align with the energy of Kalki Karuppaswamy?
  • Specific instructions to help you to achieve your goal or the desired outcome/manifestation.
  • Keep a journal of your thought patterns and steps that you are taking as you progress so that you can provide necessary feedback if requested by Kalki Karuppaswamy and also to help you to feel focused on manifesting your goal.
  • Send timely updates regarding your progress as per your remedy program level.