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Yogas (as part of Panchang)

Yoga means “union.” For purposes of the daily Panchang (or daily five important time elements), Yoga of the Day refers to a union of the current degrees of the Sun and the current degrees of the Moon in the Zodiac plus 93 degrees, 20 minutes. Yoga of the Day is also called Yoga Dina.

The energy of the Yoga of the Day helps hold an event together, so events that begin during favorable Yogas are more supported for us, and events that begin during unfavorable yogas will give us more difficulties. The Yogas do occur in a sequential manner, one followed by the other.

The table below gives a list of the various Yogas of the Day and a keyword to suggest the energy of that Yoga.

# Name of Yoga of the Day Keyword for the Yoga’s Energy
1 Vaidhriti Divisive
2 Vishkambha Victorious
3 Priti Contented
4 Ayushman Well-Rooted
5 Saubhagya Good Fortune
6 Shobhana Gorgeous
7 Atiganda Danger
8 Sukarma Generous
9 Dhriti Enjoyment
10 Soola Confrontational
11 Ganda Troublesome
12 Vriddhi Discernment
13 Dhruva Constant
14 Vyaghata Fierce
15 Harshana Joyous Excitement
16 Vajra Power Burst
17 Siddhi Victory
18 Vyatipata Adversity
19 Variyana Luxurious Comfort
20 Parigha Obstruction
21 Siva Benevolent
22 Siddha Accomplished
23 Sadhya Diplomacy
24 Shubha Auspicious
25 Shukla Bright Focus
26 Brahma Trustworthy
27 Indra Leadership