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The Technology of Time Management

Science, Technology, Astrology

  • May 5, 2004 – Indian Supreme Court ruled Astrology is a Science following a challenge to the University Grants Commission (UGC)
  • February, 2011 – Bombay High Court upheld the decision

Definition of Technology: The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes

Definition of Astrology: Study of Movements of Celestial Bodies; “Jyotish” – Light of the Lord

Roughly defined, time is movement of the planets. The calendar was created around the Sun and the Moon, and accordingly the Solar and Lunar calendars. This astronomical recognizing of time is recognized in day to day life all around the world. On a weekly basis, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc. are time units. They have greater significance than acknowledged by common people.


This association of the planets and time is traditionally called as chronological time, but time is also largely psychological, emotional and financial./

Einstein, although recognized for his contribution to time and space, knew about psychological and chronological time. Einstein said time passes very quickly when you are talking to a boyfriend or girlfriend whom you like. But when you do not like the person, even 5 minutes appears to be 5 hours.

The Financial Aspects of Time

Time has financial implications too. Everybody is paid for their time. Your relationship with your time decides the money that you make.

Example: From 10 to 11 am, someone makes $10/hour in America, but someone else for the same time $1000.

Why is the disparity?

The relationship that one has with time makes all the difference. The man who works very hard and makes only $10/hour does not value his time. His value of time is only $10/hour. Fundamentally one has to revise and keep revising his concept of time.

That Time is Money is Divine Law.

If you insult time, you will insult money.

Compressing Time

Assume that you want to make $500,000. You are making now $50,000/year.It takes you 10 years to make $500,000.

How do you do Compress Time?

You simply make $500K within one year. 10 years of time is compressed into 1 year if you can make $500k within 1 year.

For that you may have to change your job into a business or something else. The first step is to think about $500K. When you think about it, then the brain will open up and attract opportunities.

Compressing Time Through Astrology

Not every planet brings you money, only certain planets. What if you have 20 years or 7 ½ years of Saturn, and Saturn is not a money planet for you. Can you not make money? Yes you can.

You have to identify the good planets and the “hora” of the good planet and exploit the good time and planet to bring you the fortune.

In a given day all the planets share their timings within the 24 hours, an hour slot each except for Rahu and Ketu. This is hour of time is called as Hora in astrology. Not all of the horas are bad for you, not all of them are good.

Each day also carries a unique flavor of energy, conducive to specific actions and unsupportive of other actions. This information can be found in a “Panchang”.

Technologies that Cross Time and Space


  • Watching the Horas
  • Notating the Passage of Time every 3 hours – Active Planets
  • Transiting Planets are “Exalted” or “Debilitated”
  • Knowing your Major/Minor Planetary Times – Dasha/Bhukti


Assistance Outside of Time & Space

  • Pariharam (Remedies)
  • Nadi Astrology
  • Others

How to get Started

  • Know Your Good and Bad Planets and what each tend to bring you; alternatively join the 1 year Innovative Nadi Program which will include Good and Bad Planets as well as 3 personal calls with an astrologer and 4 conference call tutorials to help you get started with utilizing your good and bad planets.
  • Monitor Your Personal Experience during Planetary Times with Planetary Watch (Free)
  • Increase Your Alertness of Time and Energy with Panchang (Free on homepage of
  • Proactively Act on Good Times and Preempt on Bad Times