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Birthstar FAQ

A few members have written that they do not feel that the birthstars and chart analysis generated by AstroVed do not seem to fit their characteristics.

Please view Dr. Pillai’s commentary on How To Use AstroVed below:

AstroVed provides you with computer-generated, automated predictions. It is true, a live astrologer can do a better job. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that no two astrologers will give the same predictions. If four astrologers read your chart, there will be four different readings

I did think about these problems before I gave the green signal to the AstroVed project. It is my firm belief that you are your own astrologer. You know better about your life than anyone else.

I want to illustrate this point with some examples. First, let us talk about your own birthstar. In all, there are 27 birthstars. Each birthstar has its own characteristics. Verify if your characteristics match with the characteristics of the birthstar. If they do, then there is no problem. If it doesn’t, then you may have to go to the adjacent birthstars, either the one prior or the one after, and see if any of those characteristics match with your traits. The characteristics for the 27 birthstars can be viewed in AstroVed’s Vedic Tutor section.

Once you have ascertained that this is your birthstar, we can rerun your chart with the moon being placed in the correct star. (We calculate your birthstar on the basis of the moon. It means that on the day you were born, the moon occupied your birthstar.) We will have to slightly alter the time of birth until we get the right birthstar time.

For example, Ashwini is the first star. The computer will give you a prediction based on the fact that you were born under Ashwini. But your real characteristics do not match the characteristics of Ashwini. In which case, you go to the next star, Bharani, and see if the Bharani characteristics match yours.

Each star has 4 divisions called “padas”. You may be born in one of the padas, or divisions. The characteristics for each pada is also given in books- you can consult them.

Ascertaining your birthstar is important, because it will basically decide the major planetary periods that you will undergo during your life.

If you feel there is a discrepancy in your birthstar please contact us at . Include your name, email address, date/time of birth, as well as place of birth. Include your birthstar given via the program and the birthstar you believe is correct.