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Zodiac Signs and Their Colors

DateMay 13, 2024

Have you noticed that your Aries friend’s wardrobe includes a lot of reds, while your Cancer friend’s has more whites? Not surprising because all zodiac signs are partial to certain colors. This could be due to the influence of their ruling planets and elements. For instance, Aries is ruled by the red planet Mars, while Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is white in color. So, let us explore this connection between zodiac signs and colors more deeply.

zodiac signs colors

Aries – Red

Aries energy is the energy of Mars – the fiery red planet. So, Aries natives are drawn to shades of red when shopping for clothes, sandals, or jewelry. Red is also the color of passion and courage, which Aries has plenty of. Red vibes with Aries’ energy, but they should not let it overpower them. While red complements their passion and boldness, it can also make them more impulsive and reckless. When balanced, it can energize them to achieve what they want.

Taurus – Green

Taurus energy is the energy of Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Your element is Earth. Green, the color of Nature and your heart center, is your chosen hue. Your stable and grounded nature draws strength from all shades of green. You may even have a green thumb and have your own kitchen garden. Green buoys your sense of harmony, which Venus-ruled natives crave. It stands for growth, balance, and abundance. It also reinforces your connection to nature and your love of material comforts.

Gemini – Yellow

Gemini energy is the energy of Mercury. Your element is Air. You love yellow because it lifts your spirit. It also makes you feel gung-ho about life and fills you with energy and positivity. After all, Gemini loves to have fun. Yellow just makes everything seem brighter to your breezy and carefree soul. You often go for a combo of yellow and white. The white gives a cool texture to the vibrancy of the yellow.

Cancer – White/Silver

Cancer energy is the energy of the Moon. Pearly white/Silver calms your mind and emotions. Ruled by the Moon, you tend to be moody and emotionally unstable. Wearing white or surrounding yourself with white-colored stuff instills a sense of peace in you. It helps you stabilize your moods and communicate with clarity. White and silver reinforce your sensitive and nurturing side. These are also the colors of purity.

Leo – Gold

Leo energy is the energy of the Sun. You are like the Sun – shining brightly, generously spreading your sunshine on those around you. Gold, yellow, and orange – the colors of the Sun – resonate with you strongly. Gold brings out your regal nature and leadership mojo, but sometimes, it makes you a bit vain, egoistic, and domineering. Tone it down with yellow and orange when you feel that you are going overboard. They can bring you down to earth without depleting your charisma, creativity, and urge to dazzle like the sun. They also reflect your warmhearted nature, generosity, and optimism.

Virgo – Brown

Virgo energy is the energy of Mercury. Different shades of brown appeal to your no-nonsense, diligent, earthy, and shy nature. You don’t like to call attention to yourself. You are grounded, analytical, practical, and disciplined. Brown reflects all these aspects of your personality. But it can also make you more self-effacing and low profile. Go for blue and silvery white once in a while to create a subtle impression and break the monotony without compromising your true essence.

Libra – Blue

Libra energy is the energy of Venus. Being a feminine planet, it makes you gravitate toward light pinks, rose gold, and blue. Pinks go well with your girly side and eager-to-please nature. It also enhances your looks, adding to your charm. Blue is in tune with your diplomatic and balanced approach and love of harmony. It vibes well with your fairness and sense of justice.

Scorpio – Black

Scorpio energy is the energy of Pluto, the mystery planet. Black and dark grey with some hints of silver add to your enigmatic personality. Black masks the power within you because you are not one to flaunt your power. On the other hand, it dials up your magnetism because who can resist a mystery? Black also reflects your depth and intensity. Black also has associations with death and rebirth or transformation, which is something Scorpios are good at.

Sagittarius – Purple

Sagittarius energy is the energy of Jupiter, the most benefic planet. Purple, the color of spirituality, appeals to you as it brings out your philosophical side. This color of abundance also reflects your expansive nature and boosts your luck. It makes you more optimistic. You can also mix it with some orange and yellow to jazz it up. Fiery and vibrant colors emphasize your adventurous and free-spirited nature. Purple, on the other hand, signifies spirituality, wisdom, and knowledge.

Capricorn – Grey

Capricorn energy is the energy of Saturn, the planet of discipline and justice. Your hardworking, practical, and responsible attitude makes you plumb for solid, unpretentious colors like grey and brown. They reflect your reliable nature and traditional values. White and black bring together extremes; grey signals your conservative personality.

Aquarius – Electric Blue

Aquarius energy is the energy of Uranus, the disruptive planet. Hues of electric blue and ocean green catch your eye immediately. Blue can trigger brilliant ideas in your inventive mind. It can also calm its restless energy. Green connects you to the world and reminds you of your purpose in life – making a difference. It brings out your idealistic and humanitarian side and makes you less detached and radical.

Pisces – Sea Green

Pisces energy is the energy of Neptune, which is associated with the ocean. So, not surprisingly, light green is the color that resonates with you the most. It evokes the pale green of the ocean, conjuring up a dream world where you can find refuge from the unpleasant realities of life. As an empath, you tend to absorb other people’s emotions like a sponge. This can be emotionally draining for the sensitive Pisces. Green can refresh and rejuvenate you when this happens, as it is the color of life. Aqua blue may also be one of your favorites, as it brings the healing energy of water and nourishes your troubled soul.


Colors have their own energy. When this energy syncs with our zodiac signs, it can have a positive effect on us. The planets that rule us exert a subtle influence on us, which perhaps explains why we prefer some colors more than others.

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