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Vishnupati: Special Time to Pray to the Protector and Preserver

DateAugust 3, 2016

For the third time this year, Vishnupati occurs on August 17, 2016, when the Sun enters Leo. The nine-hour window when the energy of Lord Vishnu is prevalent on Earth is known as, “Vishnupati Punya Kaalam.” Devotees pray to Vishnu in any of his forms for spiritual upliftment and material prosperity.


Access power of the Sun by calling upon the Protector Archetype

The Sun, whom we worship as a shining and most effulgent being, the one who bestows light and energy and warrants the functioning of the entire solar system, is moving into the zodiac sign of Leo. It is in his kingdom where he gains utmost strength. This celestial event is celebrated as Vishnupati.

Vishnu, who is hailed as the protector and preserver of this Universe has been mentioned in the Puranas as one of the Adityas (the different forms of the Sun god, Surya). As Vishnu, Surya destroys the enemies of the Gods. Brahma Purana specifically mentions 108 names of Surya in which Vishnu also finds a place.

When the Sun enters into fixed signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio, Vishnu is worshiped for prosperity, as well as material and spiritual gain. So, Vishnupati occurs four times in a year. This is the third event of Vishnupati in 2016 and one of the sacred times to worship Vishnu in the form of Lord Krishna.


Celestial energies influencing Vishnupati 2016

On this Vishnupati day, a full Moon will be in the star Shravana, which is ruled by the Moon. The Moon will be in Capricorn, the sign ruled by the planet Saturn. The Moon will receive the aspect of two major planets, Jupiter and Saturn. This star’s overlord is Vishnu, making the day even more auspicious for worshipping him in order to attain wealth and prosperity. The influence of Jupiter on this star opens you up to his blessings of wealth consciousness.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and the one who bestows boons for the fulfillment of desires related to wealth, education, happiness, and children. When you receive blessings from Saturn, no other planet can take away what this planet gives to you.

Mantras dedicated to different forms of Vishnu

The chanting of mantras can provide you the necessary means for accessing the positive and powerful energies of the day:

Om Vishnave Swaha is an all-encompassing mantra for wealth and health.
Om Narayanaya Swaha is the most powerful of all mantras of Vishnu.
Om Govindaya Swaha and Om Gopalaya Swaha are for bringing prosperity and enlightenment.
Om Trivikramaya Swaha brings benefits of the three worlds – earth, space and hell.
Om Sudharshanaya Swaha is for protection against the evil and destroys bad karma.
Om Ramaya Swaha is for bringing peace and removing negativity.
Om Krishnaya Swaha is for attracting miracles.


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