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Venus in 6th House : Meaning, Impact And Remedies

On November 12, 2022

Venus in 6th House with Remedies:-

The occurrence of Venus in the 6th House of the horoscope can sometimes cause blood-related issues and other ailments like diabetes, ENT infections & kidney-related problems. These natives are even susceptible to sexual diseases, depending upon the dignity and strength of Venus and the position and aspect of other planets. The natives with Venus in their 6th House admire their caring and sharing attitude. However, they must refrain from the idea of being perfectionists and ruthless in matters of work and profession.

venus in 6th house

House Venus posited in a Kundli:-

Venus represents beauty, art, sophistication, attraction, luxury, happiness, prosperity, pleasure, and so on. It also caters to comfort, indulgence, and aristocracy.

When Venus, the planet of romance and beauty, occupies or is posited in the 6th Bhava (which stands for professional life and work environment ), the natives are likely to be practical, affectionate, and helpful. Their love will be strong, loyal, and stable but may not get the same in return, and they will share everything with their partner and loved ones. Venus in the 6th Bhava denotes working with contracts or agreements, such as lawyers and social workers. Natives with 6th House Venus can be a veterinarian, nurses, skin specialists, nutritionists, or doctors.

Venus in the 6th House represents divorce because Venus signifies marriage, and when it occurs in the 6th House, it works in the opposite way of what it represents. Conflicts or struggles are foreseen not only in marriage or family but also in the workplace or daily life. Disagreement with colleagues, supervisors, or customers is on the cards in daily work life.

The natives with Venus in their 6th House possess tremendous respect for the people they are working with or those working for them. Venus in the 6th House brings happiness when the native works in a social environment.

Zodiac sign and Nakshatra influence:-

Venus in the 6th House captivates you towards serving others. You will always think of benefitting others. You may help orphans, participate in charitable causes, give shelter to street dogs, or take care of nursing homes and old-aged home people. Venus in the 6th House may make natives become veterinarians, nurses, doctors, etc. Some may work with politicians or serve the nation in some capacity.

The 6th House also symbolizes litigation, accusations, and disputes; hence, the placement of Venus in this House may make natives face a lot of opposition and arguments about marriage and other partnerships. Venus can also represent divorce, as the 6th House represents the breaking up of love and relationship. You may face controversies in marriage and end up with a divorce or separation for a few years. There might be a loss of fertility and loss of sperm count rate, depending on Venus's strength and position or aspect of other planets.

You will respect people who serve and care for you, like your household helpers. Venus in the 6th Bhava reduces the aspect of love and affection in your life. Still, it provides happiness in various forms, such as working for a good cause, encouraging charitable acts, and helping those in need without any selfish motive.

Impact of Venus on 6th House of Birth Chart:-

Venus in the 6th House may make you crave a healthy sexual life. There can be an overindulgence in sexual activity and lust with different sexual partners. You may have a longing for free-flowing sexual bonding without any burden of loyalty and commitment. You can also get involved with several members of the opposite gender at your workplace but would not be up for a profound love and emotional relationship. You may even be excited to engage with many people, even after marriage, sexually.

Venus in the 6th House of Birth Chart may make natives employed at banks, brokerage firms, animal shelters, or even in a fashion or photography field since the 6th House rules daily regular working life.

Positive effects of Venus in the 6th House:-

Venus in 6th House can make many folks highly talented at design work because they pay attention to all details. Well, when it comes to their workplace, their employees and colleagues like them because these natives are polite, friendly, and easygoing due to Venus in their 6th House. They are optimistic and think about the welfare of all at their workplace and try to make it a better amicable, pleasant working environment and enjoyable working experience in daily life for all. Also, cooperation from the opposite gender and associates or colleagues is especially favorable for them. When there are conflicts, the natives with Venus in their 6th House tries to find the middle ground and settle any arguments.

Adverse effects of Venus in the 6th House:-

Venus in the 6th House of Kundli suggests to natives that they need to be careful in matters of love and relationship. It may so happen that they may lose genuine, loyal partners and go for relationships that only look and appear good but may not be practical or long-lasting in the real sense. Their tendency to underestimate themselves may make them slow in achieving success, goals, or ambitions in their career.

The natives with Venus in their 6th House need to overcome their lack of confidence to rise high and enjoy aristocratic status. If people with Venus in their 6th House don't get the praise they deserve for their efforts, they become agitated and lash out at those who don't deserve it. The preoccupation with hardcore meritocracy may be dangerous. Venus in the 6th House might sometimes make natives long for perfection. However, they should follow this habit as much as possible. They may have to gradually work on giving up their wishes or desires to be correct and perfect always. Being a perfectionist may be why people like working with them. But it is also why many may dislike working with or under them. Native's high expectations might make their employees turn bitter towards them.

Exaltation and Debilitation of Venus in the 6th House:-

Exalted Venus in 6th House of Pisces:-

A positive exalted Venus in Pisces sign in the 6th House may bring about reasonable alimony for a female in case of a divorce or separation. The 6th House Venus is likely to give you an excellent immune system. You might accumulate a lot of wealth suddenly through unexpected means, and sometimes, you might receive a sudden windfall of money from an inheritance. Sudden gain of wealth can also be possible with help from someone from the opposite sex. You will be fond of varieties of food, fast food, different cuisines, and vast collections of jewellery. Your lady associates or colleagues may turn out to be favorable for you. This position of Venus may also give you good comic timing and witty nature.

Debilitated Venus in 6th House of Virgo:-

A negative malefic debilitated Venus in the 6th House might strain you in your relationship and face trust issues. Your parents may not be supportive or attached to you. You may face medical, lifestyle, indulgence, and legal expenses. Your married life may get filled with quarrels, and your spouse will become unhealthy. You may go for extramarital affairs, and some people may remain childless. If you have children, they will not be loving, caring, and supportive of you. Some natives may not be committed and responsible towards their spouse or marriage. This may cause mental agony and trauma to your spouse, and ill health might lead to suffering and separation in married life.

Ascendant sign and Venus in 6th House:-

  • Venus in the 6th House of Aries Ascendant gives a lot of expenditure and unhappiness in romantic or married life. One may form an illicit relationship with the opposite sex.
  • Venus in the 6th House of Taurus Ascendant may make one suffer from ailments like frequent urination and early ejaculation. Health issues may disturb your peace. Some may have diabetes.
  • Venus in the 6th House of Gemini Ascendant natives may not attain happiness from the opposite sex and gets troubled by venereal diseases.
  • Venus in the 6th House of Cancer Ascendant may make natives go to any extent to fulfill their sexual desire.
  • Venus in the 6th House of Leo Ascendant may make natives lose their money, and there will be no support from family and relatives.
  • Venus in the 6th House of Virgo Ascendant may make native born in a wealthy family. Native's income may rise after marriage.
  • Venus in the 6th House of Libra Ascendant may give happiness and prosperity through friends, family, and relatives. You may receive inheritance or wealth through in-laws.
  • Venus in the 6th House of Scorpio Ascendant may make natives educated and intelligent and achieve high career positions. Some people may also become a scholar. However, love and married life will not be happy.
  • Venus in the 6th House of Sagittarius Ascendant may make native gain from jobs and services.
  • Venus in the 6th House of Capricorn Ascendant may make the native suffer from insult, and the native may lose their status or high position in their career.
  • Venus in the 6th House of Aquarius Ascendant weakens a native's financial condition at a young age. Extramarital or clandestine affair is possible.
  • Venus in the 6th House of Pisces Ascendant may reach a high position in life after facing and eradicating many obstacles, sadness, and hindrances. Hard work and struggle will be boon for the native.

Remedies for Venus in the 6th House:-

  • Donate sweets, sugar, food, and clothes On Friday.
  • Eat Ghee, Curd, and Sugar daily
  • Wear clean clothes daily and keep the white handkerchief clean in your pocket.
  • Wear white clothes regularly
  • Use and apply Sandalwood paste and powder on your body
  • Wear White Clothes.
  • Light Camphor daily in your home.
  • Keep Yourself Well Groomed.
  • Apply perfume Daily.
  • Wear White Clothes.
  • Surround Yourself With Fragrant Flowers.
  • Bath In Rose water or with Sandalwood paste powder
  • Consume White Foods with little sugar.
  • Wear a Diamond or opal on your index or middle finger.

Some special remedies for the Malefic Venus:-

  • Offer sweets to widowed women or little girls on Friday as it is a powerful remedy.
  • Donating pure cow ghee to any religious place and using it regularly in your kitchen helps calm Venus' effects.
  • You should use perfumes and silver ornaments.
  • You could chant the Mantra of the planet Venus - Om Shum Shukraya Namaha 108 times daily.
  • You could also chant Om Dram Dream Drum Sah Shukraya Namah.
  • On Friday, one should give white food or ornaments to needy young girls
  • Pouring white flowers in a river also helps eliminate the malefic effects of Venus.


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