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Venus in 12th House : Meaning, Impact And Remedies

On November 12, 2022

Venus in 12th House with Remedies:-

Venus in the 12th Bhava brings enormous imaginative prowess & makes natives flirtatious, seductive, and charming. A benefic Venus in the 12th House gives you a vibrant, attractive, and elegant personality, huge worldly desires & the luck to achieve those desires to lead a luxurious life. The Vipreet Raj Yoga can also form with Venus in the 12th House if Venus becomes lord of the 6th, 8th, and 12th House, making you rich, prosperous, knowledgeable, & blissful. Venus in 12th House people may find their luck and prosperity in foreign countries. Some may also get settled permanently in foreign lands.

The retrograde Venus in the 12th House can make you reflect on yourself and transform your personality, bringing new ways of thinking. Unorthodox, unusual, and out-of-box thinking may fetch you great success. But success may take a lot of hard work, patience, and time. But it could bring new ways or ways of thinking, approaching life, and interpersonal relationships.

venus in 12th house

The combustion of Venus in the 12th Bhava may not allow you to enjoy your life, and negative emotions may always surround you. You can get into legal trouble and may get punished or penalized for your actions. The combustion of Venus in the 12th House may also lead to separation from your spouse or partner.

House Venus posited in a Kundli:-

Venus in the 12th House gives you passion and compassion in life. The 12th House comprises losses, moksha (liberation), expenses, foreign travel, spiritual connection, healing power, and the subconscious mind. Venus in the 12th House gives utmost conjugal bliss, bed pleasure, and happiness through intimacy and sex from a very tender age in life. Your spouse will be loving and caring, and the love marriage can become successful and long-lasting, but infidelity may cause separation. Your spouse may bring comfort, stability, satisfaction, happiness, and good luck in your life after marriage.

Venus in 12th House brings immense imaginative prowess, which may help you become a famous successful writer or renowned artist. You will have massive desires and aspirations pushing your limits beyond your capabilities.

This position of Venus may also make you fantasize about your sexual desire; various people from the opposite gender and you will be in search of your dream spouse. You may get attached and attracted to people younger or older than your age. You will have high expectations from your spouse after marriage which may cause a tiff in your conjugal bliss. You may become judgemental and fussy about your and your partner's looks, style, dress, and appearance. You will be flirtatious and untrustworthy in romance at a young age. You may enjoy a lot of casual pleasure, flings, and one-night stands in your youth. You will never be satisfied with one relationship or may not want commitment in a relationship till the age of 28 or 30.

Venus in the 12th House in Horoscope makes the person so spiritual that they tend to love everyone equally, not just one individual but the whole world in the later part of life. The native will be fond of building shelters for animals and homeless people. Venus in the 12th House in the birth chart may make natives successful and famous spiritual leaders, writers, and physiologists who want to help and heal people. You will be wealthy but may ruin your savings due to high expenses in your daily or regular life.

Zodiac sign and Nakshatra influence:-

Venus in 12th Bhava is also the most beneficial position of Venus for accumulating wealth, as luck will favor you in financial matters. Your earnings may come from multiple sources. You will have the caliber to fight for your rights and to ward off your enemies or competition through self-efforts and intelligence. This position of Venus in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces sign might make you a money and chick magnet and may give or bestow success in professional life and business fields. You can become an excellent skin expert, doctor, surgeon, dentist, etc.

This position of Venus may also give you venereal diseases and save you from accidents, mishaps, or unfortunate events. You should be careful while indulging in water sports or any kind of adventure sports. You may have to undergo a few minor operations at a young age. Venus in 12th House removes the fear of legal issues or residential problems in a foreign land but can create disputes at your birthland. Venus in the 12th House makes natives secretive about their love relationships/ affairs and avoids public displays of affection. However, it might cause problems in your married life due to a lack of affection, respect, appreciation, or sincerity toward your spouse. Venus in the 12th House also represents creativity and artistic talents. The natives with Venus in their 12th House could be profound and excellent writers, painters, teachers, directors, or coaches. It also signifies creative imagination and spirituality, and natives could opt for simpler living with no materialism in old age.

Impact of Venus on 12th House of Birth Chart:-

Venus in the 12th House represents success and prosperity in a foreign or distant land. It represents the hidden talents of the native. Venus in the 12th House signifies unrealistic or hypothetical expectations regarding every aspect of the native's life. Venus in the 12th House fulfills the native's desires, wishes, and aspirations after some struggle or delay. Natives may reach their goals successfully, especially away from their birthplace.

Venus in the 12th House makes natives find their partners in foreign lands or may get settled in distant lands after marriage. The natives with Venus in their 12thHouse build love themes or fantasies for their relationships.

Venus in 12th House makes you love isolation and solitude, and you may thrive in travel blogging and adventure sports. You may prefer your daily work or occupation in isolation. Venus in the 12th House in Kundli might make you a forest officer, forest guide, librarian, or psychiatrist in a secluded land. Also, you can even work in a foreign embassy, museum, fashion or glamour industry, or be a travel blogger, etc. You may do well in cotton, textiles, garments, medicine, and cosmetics business. However, this position will bring a lot of ups and downs in your career. You can only achieve success if you put in your efforts and take the initiative along with risks. You will be fond of wine and women and enjoy attending pleasurable parties, exotic tourism, and luxurious aristocratic lifestyles with high expenses.

Positive effects of Venus in the 12th House:-

A positively placed benefic unafflicted Venus in the 12th House may give you enormous desires and power to achieve your goals and desires and lead a luxurious life. It will give you an attractive personality and may make you sensuous and attracted to the opposite sex very often. You will thoroughly enjoy your life with immense pleasure, enthusiasm, and zeal. Your spouse will love and support you in every circumstance, and if Venus is placed in exalted, own, or friendly sign, it usually gives long life to the spouse.

Adverse effects of Venus in the 12th House:-

A negatively placed afflicted or malefic Venus in the 12th House may make you dissatisfied or unhappy with your spouse's behavior. Also, your sexual expectation is exceptionally high and can never match reality. You may not remain loyal to your spouse and will have multiple relationships or can have clandestine extra-marital affairs. You may become a spendthrift and can take loans to fulfill your desires and to maintain a luxurious life.

Exaltation and Debilitation of Venus in the 12th House:-

Exalted Venus in 12th House of Pisces:-

Venus in 12th House in Pisces sign may give you a happy, joyful married life with a devoted, fun-loving loyal partner, and you may get wealthy in foreign lands or through the help of the spouse after marriage. Venus in Pisces in the 12th House may make you a good actor, singer, comedian, anchor, painter, or writer.

Debilitated Venus in 12th House of Virgo:-

Venus in12th House in Virgo sign might cause some tension on the domestic front, but your financial condition may improve after age 30. You may become a successful doctor, software engineer, editor, or animation artist. Your spouse may suffer from some health issues constantly.

Your Ascendant sign and Venus in the 12th House:-

  • Venus in the 12th House of Aries Ascendant may make you rich and happy after age 40. Some people may marry twice. Your fortune may rise after the age of 40. Your married life can be long-lasting, and your spouse will be devoted.
  • Venus in the 12th House of Taurus Ascendant gives foreign settlements and success in romance or love marriage. This placement of Venus might make you skilled in lovemaking or sexual games. You may gain from investments, lottery, gambling, and speculation.
  • Venus in the 12th House of Gemini Ascendants may give success and growth in business or popularity through sports, travel blogging, media, and the entertainment field. Success through self-employment is possible.
  • Venus in the 12th House of Cancer Ascendant may make natives endowed with full comforts, luxury, wealth, and success after marriage. Your married life will be happy with a loyal, intelligent, and successful spouse.
  • Venus in the 12th House of Leo Ascendant, may you be attractive and charming for the opposite sex. You may gain or earn a lot of money through the help of the opposite sex.
  • Venus in the 12th House of Virgo Ascendant may make you successful in your profession and bring luck and stability to your life after marriage. You may earn from multiple sources and gains from foreign lands possible.
  • Venus in the 12th House of Libra Ascendant might give foreign travel, success in higher education, or artistic profession. Some people may get settled abroad after marriage. A journey will bring gains in your life.
  • Venus in the 12th House of Scorpio Ascendant might make you a good astrologer, writer, researcher, meteorologist, forest officer, astronaut, or English teacher.
  • Venus in the 12th House of Sagittarius Ascendant may make you a political leader or spiritual scholar. You may become head of a religious, spiritual, or educational institution. Some people may acquire success through work in the aviation or travel industry.
  • Venus in the 12th House of Capricorn Ascendant may give you popularity through social media or your speeches. You may become successful in an embassy-related occupation or food and hotel-related business.
  • Venus in the 12th House of Aquarius Ascendant might bring all the luxury and wealth after the struggle, dejection, and hard work. Your patience may get tested at times. Success in trading and import-export business is possible.
  • Venus in the 12th House of Pisces Ascendant might make you a successful politician, actor, anchor, broadcaster, singer, or writer. You may also become a successful teacher or painter. Some people will do well in the spiritual and yoga fields.

Remedies for Venus in the 12th House:-

  • Donate sweets, sugar, food, and clothes On Friday.
  • Eat Ghee, Curd, and Sugar daily
  • Wear clean clothes daily and keep the white handkerchief clean in your pocket.
  • Wear white clothes regularly
  • Use and apply Sandalwood paste and powder on your body
  • Wear White Clothes.
  • Light Camphor daily in your home.
  • Keep Yourself Well Groomed.
  • Apply perfume Daily.
  • Wear White Clothes.
  • Surround Yourself With Fragrant Flowers.
  • Bath In Rose water or with Sandalwood paste powder
  • Consume White Foods with little sugar.
  • Wear a Diamond or opal on your index or middle finger.

Some special remedies for the Malefic Venus:-

  • Offer sweets to widowed women or little girls on Friday as it is a powerful remedy.
  • Donating pure cow ghee to any religious place and using it regularly in your kitchen helps calm Venus' effects.
  • You should use perfumes and silver ornaments.
  • You could chant the Mantra of the planet Venus - Om Shum Shukraya Namaha 108 times daily.
  • You could also chant Om Dram Dream Drum Sah Shukraya Namah.
  • On Friday, one should give white food or ornaments to needy young girls
  • Pouring white flowers in a river also helps eliminate the malefic effects of Venus.


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