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Venus in 10th House : Meaning, Impact And Remedies

DateNovember 12, 2022

Venus in 10th House with Remedies:-

Venus is all about love, beauty, sophistication, sensuality, etc. At the same time, the 10th House caters to work, profession, occupation, fame, honor, etc. Venus in the 10th House acquires authority, a promising career, ups and downs in their relationship with their father, affection from their partner, and success or popularity in public life. It also denotes harmony in family relationships and instant fame through artistic or entertainment sources. Venus in 10th House brings compassion, amicable business relationship, good contracts, good management skills, a respected personality and admired reputation, high skills, and success at a quick pace.

venus in 10th house

When Venus occurs in the 10th House of the birth chart, the person may grow high in the profession and become very popular. The natives with Venus in their 10th House may grow high and acquire a powerful position in their career. They may also become quite popular or famous. However, they should not become much concerned about others’ opinions and what others think and talk about them. These people also strongly desire to be admired, respected, and adored in public or social life. The natives with Venus in their 10th House also want their partner to appreciate their wealth and material possessions. These natives wish to cherish or enjoy their status fully and want to show it to others for admiration. However, these natives dislike flashy or expensive items and gestures.

Retrogression of Venus in the 10th House of Horoscope may make you materialistic and comfort-loving. It makes you passionate and luxurious and pushes you to work hard to gain and acquire it. It may bless you with creative abilities, and you can make the best out of it whenever the opportunity arrives in your life. Be more cautious about your name and fame, which can get affected or published negatively because of your immediate reaction to a situation.

House Venus posited in a Kundli:-

The natives with Venus in their 10th House spend time developing a relationship. This is why they don’t need or want a fierce commitment until they are well-established in their career. Before starting a family, they want a solid home and a secure nest egg. Their slow and steady pace of work takes time and effort to extract something significant from their work or occupation. And no one can alter their mind once they make up their goal and mind and ends ups achieving them.

At times, Venus in the 10th House may become aloof from their partner, friends, and family because of their work or career. Although, those close to the native may find him a trustworthy, solid, and caring individual who takes good care of their family members, partner, and loved ones and fully perform their duties or responsibilities.

The combustion of Venus in the 10th House is not a good position. Others may blemish your ability and creativity. You will not be rewarded despite being intelligent, a hard worker, and having outstanding professional performance. Your work will benefit others. Your thought and creativity in your occupation may not be appreciated fully and may not give you the gains you deserve. This will make you jealous of others.

Zodiac sign and Nakshatra influence:-

Venus represents love in a relationship. Venus in Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Capricorn, and Pisces signs can help you find your spouse in a workplace or professional arena. Your spouse may be career-oriented and professional. This position of Venus in the 10th Bhava can manifest a very professional attitude towards marriage. You will marry to project a particular image to the world. You may marry a person to achieve the desired reputation and can utilize this status and authority to help the underprivileged.

The native with Venus in their 10th House in Gemini, Sagittarius, or Aquarius sign could be in any managerial or administrative position in their jobs. The native might also become a famous singer, musician, or actor.

Any authority-based career or a high-ranked position could be a possibility for the native of the tenth House, Venus, because the 10th House demands power and comfort.

Venus in the 10th represents the artistic and creative side of the native and the financial side of the native. Thus, a native could be a hotel, bank, or company manager. He can also be the CEO and HOD at any retail clothing company as it brings out the creativity in the designing and marketing side of the native.

Impact of Venus on the 10th House of Birth Chart:-

Venus in the 10th House usually makes you utilize your creativity and out of box thinking to become successful in your line of work. You may also help your friends and others through the help of your authority and status. Hence, you may become a social worker, charitable, or philanthropist. Furthermore, as Venus stands for love and compassion, you can shower unconditional love on your partner and family and serve the masses as well.

Venus in the 10th House represents authority, position, passion, compassion, and public image. It illustrates how you project yourself in your career or work. Venus in the 10th House gives you talent and denotes or reflects your capabilities and high skills to gain authority, power, wealth, name, and fame.

You will be in a career that is somewhat connected with creativity or artistic ability. You may do well in the sports or entertainment world. You can become a singer, film actor, artist, designer, clothing and fashion apparel professional, etc.
The natives with Venus in their 10th House may meet their significant other in a professional work environment. Their partner will be well-behaved, professional, career-oriented, and focused.

Positive effects of Venus in the 10th House:-

The natives with Venus in their 10th Bhava love being the center of attention, may establish good social position, and climb the ladder of success by converting their hobbies into occupations. Many people may consider them pretentious because they want to live a high-class aristocratic life and bond well with influential people.

However, many tend to respect them for their charming articulate behavior, and they have many admirers. The natives with Venus in their 10th House want to be recognized or admired for their charm, talent, intelligence, grace, beauty, or loving manner.

Adverse effects of Venus in the 10th House:-

The natives with Venus in their 10th House from D1 or Rasi chart must be careful that their need for validation doesn’t obstruct the path of finding someone special. Not everyone is as crazy about status as these people are. But these natives should not have too many expectations in their youth. Instead, they should find a partner with similar interests or hobbies with passion, and the rest will fall into place.

The natives with Venus in their 10th House (significantly when Venus is debilitated) should be careful about judging people. Some may want to come close to you just for their own gains in money. These people may not be interested in a deep friendship, loyalty, and fulfilling partnership with you.

Exaltation and Debilitation of Venus in the 10th House:-

Exalted Venus in the 10th House in Pisces:-

A positive benefic or exalted Venus in the 10th House in Pisces sign may make you love others unconditionally. Still, at times you may not get the same emotion from others. You may want to live a high-profile life and may establish contact or friendship with influential people. You would work hard to achieve your goals, open doors, and help others. You may love someone passionately with full devotion and compassion. You may have a blissful relationship with your loved ones.

Debilitated Venus in 10th House in Virgo:-

A debilitated or malefic afflicted Venus in the 10th House in Virgo sign can make you self-centered and greedy. You may go to any extent to maintain your status and become overloaded with debts. You may crave the limelight, attention, name, and popularity, and you can undertake any action, go o any length, or do any deed for publicity. Internally in your mind and heart, you are trapped in the loop of money and fame to maintain your fake status. You will not have a harmonious relationship with your companion.

Ascendant sign and Venus in 10th House:-

  • Venus in the 10th House of Aries Ascendant makes one devoted to their spouse, family, and children. Native may achieve a big success in life between 30 to 60 years.
  • Venus, if in the 10th House of Taurus Ascendant, may make one reside in foreign lands or frequently travel to foreign countries. Success will be there for both jobs and business.
  • Venus in the 10th House of Gemini Ascendant may make native popular or honored by Government. The person will be liked and admired by the opposite sex.
  • Venus in the 10th House of Cancer Ascendant may be blessed with good fortune, growth, and progress in a prosperous career after marriage.
  • Venus in the 10th House of Leo Ascendant may give success in politics or popularity and social prestige along with high status through self-employment. Success in glamour, fashion designing, media, and marketing fields is possible.
  • Venus in the 10th House of Virgo Ascendant may make natives endowed with wealth, vehicles, and property. Natives may become wealthy through their own self-efforts. Gains through family business or in-laws are possible.
  • Venus in the 10th House of Libra Ascendant may make natives marry loyal and devoted partners. The native will be work-oriented and may perform pious and charitable deeds. Success in the arts and entertainment field is possible.
  • Venus in the 10th House of Scorpio Ascendant makes one friendly, wealthy, intelligent, talkative, and knowledgeable. Natives may possess beautiful, attractive personalities and physiques. Success in foreign lands is possible.
  • Venus in the 10th House of Sagittarius Ascendant makes one lucky, talented, and victorious in legal matters. Native may attain fame through sports, anchoring, acting, singing, and modeling.
  • Venus in the 10th House of Capricorn Ascendant may make one poet, courageous, fortunate, successful writer, dancer, cinematographer, director, producer, musician, etc. Natives may also thrive in the advertising and designing field.
  • Venus in the 10th House of Aquarius Ascendant makes one a successful business person and may acquire gains through marriage or partnerships. Real-estate business or property dealing work may fetch significant gains.
  • Venus in the 10th House of Pisces Ascendant may give you success and fame through sports, travel blogging, food blogging, fashion photography, modeling, writing, teaching, story-telling, teaching, and acting. Natives may also become popular painters, singers, or artists.

Remedies for Venus in the 10th House:-

  • Donate sweets, sugar, food, and clothes On Friday.
  • Eat Ghee, Curd, and Sugar daily
  • Wear clean clothes daily and keep the white handkerchief clean in your pocket.
  • Wear white clothes regularly
  • Use and apply Sandalwood paste and powder on your body
  • Wear White Clothes.
  • Light Camphor daily in your home.
  • Keep Yourself Well Groomed.
  • Apply perfume Daily.
  • Wear White Clothes.
  • Surround Yourself With Fragrant Flowers.
  • Bath In Rose water or with Sandalwood paste powder
  • Consume White Foods with little sugar.
  • Wear a Diamond or opal on your index or middle finger.

Some special remedies for the Malefic Venus:-

  • Offer sweets to widowed women or little girls on Friday as it is a powerful remedy.
  • Donating pure cow ghee to any religious place and using it regularly in your kitchen helps calm Venus’ effects.
  • You should use perfumes and silver ornaments.
  • You could chant the Mantra of the planet Venus – Om Shum Shukraya Namaha 108 times daily.
  • You could also chant Om Dram Dream Drum Sah Shukraya Namah.
  • On Friday, one should give white food or ornaments to needy young girls
  • Pouring white flowers in a river also helps eliminate the malefic effects of Venus.


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