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Vedic New Year: April 14th IST

DateApril 6, 2013

January 1st is a nominal ‘New Year’, also astrologically there is no obvious reason for it to be the beginning point. It was an act of a powerful Roman government to consolidate conflicting regional calendars. However, a true Astrological New Year is based on the return of Sun to Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. The Sun, embodies your father, political power, and your own vitality. Start new ventures on the Vedic New Year with the full support of the Sun.

Million Sun Power Spot

Sri Venkataraman Swami, a siddha from the Agasthiyar tradition discovered the secret of the Cosmic Sun Power Spot. Siddhas perceive this power sport, located in an unassuming location, as very powerful. They believe Millions of Suns visit the earth plane once a day at this specific location to activate their energy from our own Sun. Our Sun is very powerful, which is why we are performing a Vedic New Year group Homa at the Million Suns Power Spot on April 14th IST. Be a part of this Homa and revitalize your life force.

Vedic New Year

The Vedic New Year is the best time to plan and restructure your life. Connect with the Sun and chant the “The Gayathri Mantra”, 108 times to reap tremendous benefits. April 14th is Sun’s worship day.

The Gayathri Mantra

Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat

3 Dates to Remember:

Venus Achieves Maximum Exaltation – April 8th

On Monday, April 8th, Venus will reach a point of maximum exaltation. As the planet is astrologically indicative of women, the transit will have a positive effect on women. Women will become more dominant in areas of business and media during this time, especially in Media. This is a day you do not want to miss. There is an astrological combination with Venus and the Good Luck Planet Jupiter, that will not occur for another 12 years and that allows you to connect with the two archetypes for wealth and prosperity: Lakshmi and Kubera.

Soul Genetics Grand Ritual – April 10th IST

Soul Genetics is the spiritual science of connecting with your departed ancestors and making offerings to release them into light.Dr. Pillai has designed a Soul Genetics ritual so that an individual can gain wealth, health and good standing from their ancestors going back 64 generations. The Tarpanam ritual will be performed by Vedic Specialists April 10th IST at 6 Extraordinary Power spots.

Mercury: Lacking Strength for 3 Weeks – Starting April 10th IST

A debilitated Mercury acts too independently and without any goals in mind. Proper decision making in important situations may be lacking as well. Areas of life that require constant attention like relationships and career tend to suffer the most. This will be more noticeable in the life of people who are currently running a Mercury Major or Minor period. Be extra careful before signing contracts and with communication in general.

USA Tax Tip: File your taxes before April 10th to minimize confusion over taxes.

Did You Know?

In Vedic Astrology there is a 60 year cycle based on 5 revolutions of Jupiter around the Sun (5*12 years=60 years). This 60 year repeating cycle is divided into 3 groups of 20 years each: 1st 20 years are assigned to Brahma, 2nd 20 years are assigned to Vishnu, and the 3rd 20 years are assigned to Shiva. The 60 year cycle is thousands of years old and is observed by most traditional calendars of India and China. 2013 is called Vijaya and it is the 27th year in the 60 year cycle.


Venus is exalted (maximum strength) when located in the sign of Pisces. As Venus is the 2nd most benefic planet, an exalted Venus is usually associated with good things. But the word exalted only relates to the strength of Venus, it does not relate to the nature of Venus. Therefore an exalted Venus can give either benefic or malefic results depending on the horoscope. A malefic Venus that is exalted can be very destructive. Remember Venus is also known as the God of War.


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