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Unleash Your Own Powerful Destiny

DateJuly 28, 2011

Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish or Jyotisha is derived from the Sanskrit word jyotiṣa, which is the ancient Indian system of astronomy and astrology and it, remains an important facet in the lives of many. There are two essential concepts in Vedic Astrology.

 Unleash Your Own Powerful Destiny

First is to understand your character and the reasons behind your actions. Second is to know which planetary energy and time cycle you are in, favorable or unfavorable, which can be identified by your birth chart.

Realize Yourself with Vedic Astrology

A Birth Chart holds in itself the real you, your true identity and even your destiny. As the planets keep moving, your life will slowly unwrap under their influence. It will give a full interpretation of your personality and is a reflection of your potential, proclivity and possibilities in life.

Astrology helps you gather your energy to be able to focus on, formulate and even expand your goals through planetary support. Our aim is to give you as many tools as possible to start understanding and analyzing your life, starting with your current issues, and then maximizing the future potential.

How to Use AstroVed: Where to Start

Your birth data is necessary in order to analyze and personalize your reports. If you are an registered user you can also add sub – users in your account which can include your spouse, children, parents etc. Your sub – users need not create a new account and can place orders from your main account itself. If you are not a registered user you can Sign Up for FREE with AstroVed

Act Effectively Towards Your Goals

You will be able to trouble shoot the areas that you need assistance with and sail through the express avenues open to you by doing remedies that connect you to the success vibes. Know these and consider them as your foundation to use Vedic Astrology to its full advantage!

Find Out Which Planetary Influences are Good and Bad for You

”The planets not only affect us on a mind and body level with their individual gravitational pulls and electro-magnetic fields but also spiritually influence us with their divine energies. It’s vital to know which of the planets is affecting in a beneficial way and which are affecting in an unfavorable or even obstructive way.

If a planet’s position is placed well in your birth chart then it is considered as a good planet and it will help you to taste success. If a planet is not well placed, it is considered as a bad planet and it will bring unfavorable results in life during certain periods. It may affect you in a stressful, uncomfortable and even painful ways.

Transform Your Life for The Better

Your Nakshatra or birth star is an important key in Vedic Astrology as it gives a very unique profile of how your mind works. There are 27 unique stars in this system, which are the key indicators of how your good and bad days will be. Know your Birth Star or Nakshatra and transform your life for the better!

Find Your Moon Sign/Rasi

Vedic Astrology puts more emphasis on your Moon Sign or Rasi than Sun Sign as per Western Astrology. The Moon Sign is based on what sign the Moon was in at the time of your birth. The Sun indicates how the world sees you – the Moon indicates how you see the world.

Unleash Your Own Powerful Destiny

Homas or Fire Rituals

HomasFire is the primordial purifier and transformer. When powerful sounds in the form of sacred mantras, sanctified substances such as Siddha or Ayurvedic herbs and ghee are combined in a ritual, the sound frequencies and chemical exchanges produce an environment conducive to the positive energies that are correct to change your vibration. You will match the vibration of the goal that you desire to reach.

Pooja, Archana & Abhishekam

These rituals use light waves, sound frequency and chemical reactions from the statue anointing liquids to induce connectivity to the energy focused on for your benefit. The energies are ‘awakened’ into action for you and for the world at large.

Timing is Everything

We will often talk about timing being of utmost importance. According to the cosmos, a particular opening will be present at particular times (planetary positioning) that is the most beneficial for accessing the energy most desired. Through Astrology, these times are identified and an authentic ritual, as per the sacred texts passed down from the first scientists, is recommended by our team.

AstroVed Newsletters

Our newsletters aim at educating our members in the planets, remedies, Vedic history, temples and world-wide power spots. We will give you recommendations as to what time is best for accessing what energy, and what the best time is to support a desired activity. But to receive our newletters you need to sign up with us.

AstroVed Technology

Iphone Apps There is a truth in every moment. The human mind is limited and cannot always access this truth to apply it to daily life. Now you can access this Truth from the Stars in an instant; The Wisdom of the Universe!

We’ve managed to marry the ancient technologies with cutting edge technology. We provide authentic Vedic rituals performed by expert Vedic priests as well as iphone apps for you to know your timings and Instant Insight that provides you with answers to any question you may have from anywhere that you may be.

AstroVed Services

Our Member Care Team is well versed in how to guide you once you’ve taken the first steps in finding out your key details like your Star, your Moon and your Good or Bad Planets.


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