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Unleash the Power of Your Sun to Vaporize the Upcoming Rainy Days Ahead

DateOctober 15, 2009

The Sun is not just a celestial object – it is a star with a conscious energy of its own. He is the supreme God. All ancient civilizations, Egyptian, Mayan, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Japanese, Indian etc., tapped into the power of the Sun God. The consciousness that has been attributed to the Sun throughout our history leaves us a glimmer of its true power!The Sun signifies Rulers, Government, Self-Esteem, Gold, Finance, Speculation and your Life-Force vitality. It rules over our consciousness (i.e. how and what you are aware of) and denotes individuality. The Sun can give you everything or in this upcoming debilitation take it all away!

That is why wherever the Sun is placed in your chart, be sure to identify yourself with those qualities of that Sign! One might think that the traits of their Sun would come easy to them, the truth is, the Sun only shows us the potential of our higher consciousness, but we need to take the necessary steps to bring it forth.

In the chart, the position of the Sun by Zodiac sign represents the style in which you will leave a mark in the world. See the chart below to find out where your innate consciousness resonates:


Sun in… Consciousness of… Sun in… Consciousness of…
Aries Innovator and Explorer Libra Balance and Diplomacy
Taurus Material and Worldly Matters Scorpio Transformation, Sex and Mastering Human Psyche
Gemini New Ideas and Communication Sagittarius Goal and Idealism
Cancer Nourishment Capricorn Work, Discipline and Honor
Leo Ruling Aquarius Social, Humanitarian Causes
Virgo Service and Healing Pisces Spirit, Sacrifice


If the planet Sun is so vital to your existence, what would happen if it were debilitated?
This transit of Sun into Libra is not good news for the world economy or your personal finances. Since we are already in a downturn, some other possibilities might be that you may suffer from lower self-esteem and lack of motivation/self-will to get things done. However, as Dattatreya Siva Baba has pointed out, when a planet goes into debilitation,that planetary being “comes” to the Earth-plane.This makes any remedies you do for the Sun at the right time at the right temple supremely powerful. You can completely reverse the adverse situations these next 30 days of Sun’s debilitation by actively participating in the right rituals done at the right times.

It is important to propitiate the Sun to ensure this will be one of the best years of your life. The Sun has the power to radically enhance your positive money karma and position you in the state of mind of an avatar.


Your life’s fulfillment is our highest intention!


What can propitiating the Sun do for you?

  • Destroy Financial Troubles For Good
  • Dispel Your Bad Karma Completely
  • Bring Happiness into Your Life and Family
  • Break the Bounds of a Mediocre Life
  • Give You Immense Power and Energy
  • Bring Prosperity into Your Life and Those Around You

Sun in Libra:
The debilitation of the Sun denotes that the Sun loses its power as it travels into the sign Libra. The Sun gets debilitated when he moves to the constellation of Libra on October 17th. This happens to be a Saturday and the same day the Moon merges with Sun forming New Moon. The day lord is Saturn.

This time has to be made use of by propitiating both the debilitated Sun and your ancestors during the afternoon! It is essential to perform the prayers and worship at the right time, and this is when the Sun is in the mid heaven during the afternoon (between 14hrs and 14.48 hrs: Kuthapa Kalam). With the Sun directly overheard, he has full power to shower his benefic rays on the world and yourself. It’s time to give Your Sun its Power Back!

Coincidentally: The only other day the same power will be attained by the Sun is on Full Moon day. That day should be utilized for worshiping deities.

Remember that the luminaries Sun and Moon are the lords of “Pitra Loka” or ancestral world. The planet Saturn recognizes any good deeds. Any rituals done to Ancestors and helping the needy will please Saturn on that day. Saturn will shower his blessing.

The Sun will reach utmost debilitation in the 10th degree of Libra on the night of 27th October, 2009.

The Secret to Overcome the Negative Effects of the Debilitated Sun:
Astroved is engineering a massively effective ritual at the most potent Sun energy vortex, Keela Surya Moolai. This energy vortex reins millions of Suns from various galaxies. Prayers offered here would help shower upon you the highest divine blessing for complete Material Prosperity, Life Fulfillment and Ultimate Protection.

New addition to this temple!
At this temple, we have also included a sacred place for the most Supreme Goddess of Material Wealth “Maha Sundara Lakshmi”. Sri Baba states that performing rituals and poojas to the goddess will bestow you with immense beauty and wealth!

When you become more powerful and live with more joy, our whole planet will be enhanced by your new presence. So together we can make that change; we can make that difference. Take your place amongst the stars and shine with the Sun.

This Ancestor Ritual Must Be Performed!
You should also perform Tarpanam to your ancestors on October 17th. We will also be travelling to Rameshwaram, India to perform tarpanam on behalf of many people at this time. Rameshwaram is the most powerful place to worship ancestors when the Sun is in Debilitation. Lord Rama, legendary hero of ancient India, was born of the Solar Dynasty. He himself was an embodiment of the Sun’s Energy. It was at Rameshwaram that Lord Rama performed tarpanam (ancestor worship) to rid himself of the sins he accrued in war time killing other beings. You yourself can perform tarpanam here on October 17th through Astroved’s rituals.

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