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The Peacock Angel

DateMay 27, 2009

The Peacock is the vahana of Lord Muruga. It is known as ‘Indranila Ratha’ (Cosmic Blue Chariot) and it represents the beauty and grandeur of all creation in the cosmos. During His battle with the demon Surapadman at what is now Tiruchendur, Muruga’s Vel split the demon into 2 halves, one of which Muruga transformed into his vahana, the Peacock and the other half into his emblem, the Rooster.With the full-blown beauty of the female aspect lodged within the male principle, the peacock is said to represent the union of the male and the female in one body. The Divine aspect of this, we know as Ardhanarishwara.

The Yezidis are a Kurdish speaking people who live principally in northern Iraq. They number approximately 500,000 – 600,000 with another 200,000 settled in other parts of the world. They have a rich spiritual tradition that they contend is the world’s oldest. Originally from India and therefore related to the Hindus, they also have close connections with many other cultures and traditions they have lived among during their gradual migration westward to the Middle East. The Yezidis claim to have the oldest religion in the world, contending that the truth of this is reflected in the antiquity of their calendar. They can trace back their religious calendar 6756 years, thus making 2009 CE the Yezidi year of 6758.

Tawsi Melek, the “Peacock Angel” is the most import deity of the Yezidis. For them he is not just the possession of the Yezidis, he belongs to the entire world. They contend that Tawsi Melek is the true creator and ruler of the universe, and therefore a part of all religious traditions. The Yezidis believe that Supreme God created the Peacock Angel as an emanation at the beginning of time. He was brought into manifestation in order to give the invisible, transcendental Supreme God a vehicle with which to create and administer the universe. Tawsi Melek is thus a tangible, denser form of the infinite Supreme God.According to the Yezidis, the Supreme God sent the Peacock Angel to Earth. As Tawsi Melek descended into the physical dimension his seven-colored rainbow self became manifest as a magnificent bird of seven colors, the peacock. He then flew around the globe in order to bless every part of it, finally landing in the area of what is now Lalish, the Yezidis most sacred part of Earth located in northern Iraq. Here Tawsi Melek was able to calm the Earth while simultaneously covering it with his peacock colors.

Yezidi prophecy maintains that Tawsi Melek will come back to Earth as a peacock or rainbow during a time of intense conflict, poverty, famine and distress on the Earth. He will then transmit some prayers to a holy man, who will then take them around the Earth and give them to representatives of all religions.

The Yezidis believe that Tawsi Melek is every place in the universe at every moment. He is, therefore, always available for support and protection to anyone who sincerely calls upon him. His greatest worshippers, the Yezidis, call upon his assistance to help meet all their needs. To those who call upon him with great devotion, Tawsi Melek may manifest in a variety forms, including a bright light, a rainbow, a boy, a young man, a snake, and, of course, a peacock. He also will appear on occasion so his worshippers can remain secure regarding his existence.

Since the Yezidis originated in India, their manifestation of Tawsi Melek, the Peacock Angel is naturally very close to the Peacock, the vehicle of Lord Muruga of the Hindus who moves through his domain as a young boy astride a peacock, or simply as a peacock. Similar to the Peacock Angel, Murugan’s sacred animals include not only the peacock but also the snake and the cock. The snake denotes that the essence of Murugan is pure energy (energy moves as a serpent spiral) and the cock denotes his affiliation as a solar deity. Murugan or Tawsi Melek is names for the cosmic energy that created the universe out of itself, as well as the savior who, like the cock, heralds the end of humanity’s darkness.

The peacock is also revered in other faiths and religions as below:

  • Al-Khadir, the “Green Man” of the Moslems
  • King Melchizedek of the Jews
  • St. George of the Knights Templar
  • Enki of the Sumerians
  • Dionysus of the Greeks
  • Osiris of the Egyptians
  • Quetzlcoatl of the Mexicans
  • Masaw of the Hopi Indians
  • The Planetary Logos of Theosophy

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