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The 1st Full Moon & Pushya Star of the Golden Age

DateJanuary 24, 2013


“Thai Poosam” is the Full Moon which aligns with the Pushya star in the constellation of Cancer. It is primarily for Enlightenment. Pushya is the star that helps you with spiritual evolution, the Light Body and Super Intelligence. The Full Moon on Saturday, January 26th will usher the maximum Transformational energy of the year.


Thai Poosam: The 1st Pushya Star of the Golden Age

The 1st Pushya star of 2013 is going to be an extraordinary happening, because this is the 1st Thai Poosam for the Golden Age. Historically speaking, on this day, the archetype Lord Shiva descended into the Earth plane in order to evolve the planet and give liberation to people. He descended into the temple Chidambaram which means, Sky of Consciousness. He came here to give us consciousness and to give us a Light body. And on this day Swami Ramalingam disappeared into light. If you go to the place where he disappeared on Thai Poosam, there will be at least a million people, to see him and to participate in the Light Body Energy of Ascension.

The following power objects and rituals are available so you can personally connect with this transformational energy. The services and power objects will carry the energy of transformation so you can continue to benefit from this unique planetary alignment throughout the year.


Power Rituals Performed on Thai Poosam with your Name & Birthstar

  • Fire Ritual for Muruga – Thai Poosam
  • Ramalingam “Light” Package: Eternal Flame Oil, Feeding the Poor, Brass Jyoti Lamp
  • Archana for Muruga

Power Objects Energized on Thai Poosam

  • Energized Muruga Yantra
  • Energized 5-Metal Vel with Red Coral Stone
  • Energized Muruga Copper Vel

Below are a couple of FREE spiritual practices you can perform so you can take maximum advantage of this rare opportunity to transform. While performing the meditation hold in your mind what it is you want to accomplish.


Three Mantras to chant during the 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM Time Window

(The specified Mantra is to be recited for 108 times as a standard rule)

1) Mantra for the planet Mars

Om Mangalaya Namaha

2) Mantra for Muruga and the Vel

Om Sowm Saravana Bhava Namaha


(Aum Sowm Sa-Ra-Va-Na Bha-Va Na-Ma-Ha)

3) Swami Ramalingam Mantra for the Light Body

Arut perum jyoti

Arut perum jyoti

Tannip perum karunai

Arut perum jyoti


(a-rroot pa-rroom joe-tea)

(a-rroot pa-rroom joe-tea)

(taan-ee pa-rroom ka-rroo-naye)

(a-rroot pa-rroom joe tea)


FREE: Thai Poosam – Muruga Group Fire Ritual

Transform your body, mind and soul in a powerful way with a Special Thai Poosam-Muruga, God of Pleiades, Group Fire Ritual. To benefit from this special time for transformation, we invite you and your friends to join in for Free, in a Live Webcast of a Thai Poosam-Muruga Fire Ritual.

The more people who participate on this Day of Light, the stronger the power and prayers to this Divine Archetype will be. Please spread the word!


In Vedic Astrology, the 27 constellations (also known as Nakshatras), are the keys to understand the influence of stars on our life. The term “Nakshatra,” translates into Star Map. Our personality is primarily derived from the Nakshatra aligned with our natal Moon at birth. Ancient Indian seers say that it is the Nakshatras where our Karmas are stored and it is the Nakshatras in turn that dispense our Karmas at an appointed time.



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