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Thai Velli Four Fridays to be Successful in Life

DateJanuary 20, 2011

 Thai Velli


The Vedic Tamil month of Thai is considered as an incomparable month to worship Goddess Ma Shakti which falls between mid January to mid February. Poojas are done with much significance to please the Goddess on the four Fridays of this month. Prayers are offered by devotees to Goddess to bless them with creativity, strong will power and knowledge. For people who are wondering on the question on how to be successful in life, should pray to the all powerful Ma Shakti to get her divine blessings.



The importance of 4 Fridays

Each Friday in the month of Thai has its own importance and significance as these days are auspicious for Shakti, the omnipresent. Ma Shakti portrays herself as three forms for her devotees: Icha shakti, Kriya shakti and Gnana Shakti.

Icha shakti, Kriya shakti and Gnana Shakti

Icha Shakti: The word “icha shakti” means will power. It relates to a person’s creative drive, desire and motivation. One can modify his or her lcha Shakthi through their longing for God. The embodiment of Icha Shakti is Melur Thiruvudai Amman who would provide answers to all your questions on how to be successful in life.

Kriya Shakti: Kriya Shakti represents the power of action. It is the ability to act efficiently to fulfill the desires and it relates to the physical body. Performing divine activities will help you improve your Kriya Shakthi. Thirumullaivayil Kodivudai Amman represents Kriya Shakti who will guide in all your endeavors.

Gnana Shakti: Gnana shakti denotes the power of knowledge. It leads to divinity and is the key to wisdom and is the ultimate ability to know the soul or Athma. Goddess
characterizes Gnana Shakti who blesses you with knowledge. She is also the Goddess of splendor who would intensify your everlasting looks.

Mangadu Kamakshi is the fourth Friday in Thai Velli. It is a manifestation of all the three forms of Ma Shakti and offering special prayers on this day will remove the obstacles in marriage, career, finance etc. and will help you to be successful in life.

Receive the divine blessings of Ma Shakti

AstroVed is conducting powerful Archanas in special temples dedicated to Ma Shakti on each Friday of the Vedic Month of Thai. Powerful prayers and various other rituals have also been planned on these auspicious days. These rituals and prayers have positive vibrations that will guide you to be successful in life.

So participate in the prayers with AstroVed to receive the divine blessings of Ma Shakti.



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