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Thai Poosam 2012: Feb 7th IST

On February 03, 2012

Thai Poosam 2012, the day of Lord Muruga, falls on Feb 7th! This festival falls on the 'Poosam' star in the month of 'Thai' (January – February) and the energy is ripe for spiritual ascension and development.

"Poosam" or "Pushya" is considered by many to be the most auspicious star for spiritual development as Pushya means "nurture". The deity associated with Pushya is Brihaspati, the 'Guru' or Teacher.


Thai Poosam 2012 - What is the Speciality?

This year, Thai Poosam falls on Tuesday, Muruga’s day. Moreover, the planet Jupiter in Aries is in quadrant to the Moon in Cancer, which is a significant placement. The effects or the influence of this placement is related to power, authority, providential help, wealth and foreign trips related with profession.

This auspicious Full Moon occurs when the Moon is in its own sign Cancer. As per expert astrologers, when Moon is powerful it is the receiver of more fortunes than any other planet, that is why many auspicious Yogas (fortune planetary alignment) are associated with the Moon on the day of Thai Poosam.

Know More On Thai Poosam Speciality

2 Gifts to Be Honored on Thai Poosam

There are 2 Gifts that we usually honour on Thai Poosam. One is the Vel given by the Goddess Shakti to her son Muruga which represents the divine feminine power to awaken higher consciousness and the second is the ultimate gift of grace- the Light Body- given to Swami Ramalingam.

The Vel

Life is a drama and the Shakti of the Vel gives the power to think and the power to act. The Vel is a device used to kill ignorance or the karmic mindset by dissolving karmic impressions. It pierces through the veils of ego, maya and karma and allows you to have a more productive, more rewarding life. Lord Muruga's divine feminine weapon dispels the darkness of our lower human consciousness to allow the gateway of heavenly, superior mind-set to unfold and flood in our brain.
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How Lord Muruga Received Vel?

The real meaning of the myths of Muruga has been all but forgotten. The classic myth telling of the triumph of light is the story of Lord Muruga and the gift of the 'Vel'. Once there was a demon named Tarakasura who kept bothering the sages and saints. Lord Muruga was called upon by his parents Lord Shiva and Parvati to destroy the fiend.

The young Lord Muruga set off with the blessings of his parents and he was gifted with 12 weapons, eleven of which were given by his father Lord Shiva and the twelfth was the Vel or lance given by his mother Parvati. Lord Muruga was victorious over Tarakasura on the Poosam Nakshatra day in the Tamil month of Thai.

Swami Ramalingam and the Light Body

Thai Poosam is the day on which the great Tamil Saint Swami Ramalinga ascended, or made his final merger with the Jyoti Light of Lord Shiva triumphing over the darkness. He was able to transcend the limited physical body and limited mind.

He lived and maintained his body of light for 1 – 1.5 years for all to witness. On the Pushya star and Full Moon day, he made his final merger with the light complete and physically disappeared from the earth plane. No traces of his body were ever found.

Read More on Swami Ramalingam

Thai Poosam is a very powerful day to pray to the Vel, the eminent spear in hand of Lord Muruga that bestows grace and to Lord Muruga for destruction of all the enemies, diseases and debts. Connect and Attract More Light of Intelligence in order to strengthen your inner powers and clear the path to success.

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