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On November 11, 2008

My Father was laid up in Bed for 2 weeks with a Leg/Hip Disc Problem and it was very severe, He couldn't even move from the bed. The Medicines given by Doctors weren't helping him at all. In Desperation, I ordered for the Mritunjaya Homa from and within 2 week's of this Homa being done for my Father, He was Completely Healed and running about, handling his Business Work. This experience has given me strong faith in the Power of Homa's and they really are Powerful and Work 100%.

S.H September 2006

I have been associated with for the last three months, and I have also performed Fire rituals for alleviating the malefic effects of Planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mercury, based on their positions in my natal chart. I wish to answer the very common question that is asked about astrology and our freewill, and is it possible to overcome fate through intellect. The answer is; Our ancient sages have ranked the following three things in descending order of importance as the forces that affect our life. The first is the science of self-realization, the second one is the science of the Poojas or Rituals and astrology is ranked third. If a person devotes himself to realize the self and does the Poojas or rituals properly, then planets really have no say, but if the first two aspects are ignored, then man is a slave of planets, that is commonly termed as fate. For me the rituals done in, helped in overcoming the strained relationships in the family and also to get a better job, and also to evolve spiritually. My parents had shown my horoscope to many astrologers and they said that Sarpa dosha nivarana pooja has to be done, in order reduce the negative effects of Rahu and Ketu! It is only through, that I am able to perform the rituals in a nominal price, and also got the desired benefits out of the same. I totally agree that is doing yeomen service in bringing the ancient Vedic wisdom to the current world, and has also practically proved their claims through the benefits yielded out of their consultation and rituals. I strongly recommend whomsoever having problems in their life to get in touch with, and alleviate their sufferings, through the ancient Vedic wisdom brought to us through Satguru Siva Baba.

S.Ramalingam. September 2006

Dear Astroved,

I want to sincerely thank you for the help and support you offered to me. A few months back, I wrote to you because I was having physical problems for the last few years and they had been increasing. I was unsure what to do about surgery. "My surgery was for "female problems" and it seemed that I was having a hard time getting answers from doctors. You wrote back and recommended many pujas and from your explanation I knew exactly in my heart what I had to do. It's considered "major surgery" with a 6-8 week recovery period so of course I was apprehensive.

I ordered all of the remedies that were recommended. I just want to let you know that I went ahead with the surgery. When I was being lifted off of the operating table into my hospital bed I "came to" and saw a beautiful woman smiling at me. The first words out of her mouth were" I am Mercy and you will be in my care." It turns out she was one of the nurses' aides. She, and all of the staff at this hospital were absolute angels. A few days later she came to me and I told her I had a hard time remembering her face because of the anesthesia. She said to me, "I remember you, because you were smiling as I lifted you and kept saying "Thank You Thank You Thank You."

On the morning of the day in the hospital that presented the most challenges I was waking up and I saw Baba's face. It was such Blessed Comfort. I knew I was being looked after on all levels.

So I want to say to all of you who helped me understand what I needed to do, "Thank You Thank You Thank You." I know I did what is best and that this recovery will lead me to where I need to be.

EF. September 2006

"I am 45 years old and live the New York area. I have always had a successful Career, up until 2 years ago. I was a Vice President of a major New York City Financial company and managed 7 other managers and had over 200 people working for me.

But life took a very unpleasant turn. I quit my job and started a business. Everything that I did in the business proved to be wrong. I lost Money and my self-esteem was dropping continually. There came a time that I could not even pay for my house mortgage.

This is the time that I looked at my astrological chart. I began to understand that I had all these bad things happening when I started my Saturn Dasha (the Saturn's period). I began to realize that I had another 18 years of Saturn. I freaked out. This was the time when I looked into remedies.

I started doing some remedies under the guidance of Siva Baba. It involved doing some Fire rituals for Saturn at Siva Baba's ashram in India and chanting the Mantra for Sani (Saturn) on a daily basis. I also started lighting sesame oil lamps for Saturn every Saturday and the 9 planet incense sticks for Saturn.

Things started to happen. Money started to come in bits and pieces so that I could keep my house. Currently I have some international opportunities that will put me back in a very comfortable Financial situation. What happened in my case was that the bad effects of Saturn were reversed. I know in my heart that if I had not done these Rituals with sincerity I would have lost my car and my house.

I am writing this because there may be other people in my position who are suffering like I did. I want them to be benefited by these divine Rituals. My results were truly miraculous."

A. M.

"I am a computer consultant and have had reasonable success. During the hay-days of the dot comes my rate was $150/hour and I did make a lot of Money. I bought a house for myself and a Mercedes Benz.

But destiny was not kind to the dot com companies. When the market fell I was hit drastically. I went from $150 to $0 for well over 9 months. I turned to astrology to find answers. I began to understand that it was Saturn that was giving me problems and he was crossing my 12th house of loss.

Under the guidance of Siva Baba I started doing remedies for Saturn. Things were happening slowly. I am fortunate that I kept my house and car. I bought a used car and rented a room in another's house. My house miraculously was rented which protected the house being reposed by the bank. Nevertheless, currently I am back on track and making good Money. I am confident that things will be beautiful again within the next 6 months.

I am very grateful for Siva Baba and Astroved for the remedies. My deepest gratitude to Siva Baba."


"I was one of the very top sales persons in computer software. I had a good job with commissions and stocks. At one point I found that the company that I worked for was going to fire me due to a round of upcoming layoffs. This was the beginning of bad times in my life. From that time on whatever I did proofed to be unsuccessful and unlucrative. To handle the stress I started drinking and went on expensive vacations.

I neglected to pay my taxes and my credit card bills were mounting. Not that I am an irresponsible person. I have always been a self-made woman. But strangely enough I got into this tight spot that nothing seemed to be working. This is the time that I turned to Vedic Astrology under Siva Baba's guidance. I found out that Mercury was affecting me badly. Alas, I had another 15 years of Mercury's period to deal with.

Soon I started doing the remedies listed by Siva Baba for Mercury which included lighting a candle for a statue of Mercury each Wednesday. I also had d a fire Ritual for Mercury done at Siva's ashram in India.

Finally things seem to be going better. I got a contract with an international company dealing with high-end software and my debts are more manageable now. I stopped drinking and started exercising more and eating intelligently."

"In August of 1988 I threw out my lower back and was not able stand for three days, finally the disc slipped back in place and I was able to stand and walk but it felt weak, unstable and unreliable. Since that time at least once a year my lower back would act up and for a week or so I would hobble around with a painful limp. I visited various chiropractors that provided adjustments, which helped relieve the pain for which I was grateful, but it was only temporary. Over time I became more and more cautious of engaging in activities that put to much pressure or demands on the lower back.

Early May of 2002 my back gave out like never before - I could not move, it hurt to breath and the pain was constant, I literally blacked out at one point. I ended up in bed for a solid week. Even after my chiropractor had paid a house visit I was still bed-bound, somewhat pain free unless I tried to sit-up which was exhausting and very painful. The idea that this crippled state was my Karma and could become permanent was very real and scary.

Around this time Siva Baba visited. He looked at my Horoscope and suggested that I do a homa to strengthen Jupiter. I performed the Ritual with earnest and prayed to Jupiter. Nothing remarkable seemed to happen, my back day by day slowly got better and a week later I was able to visit an osteopath who checked it out for nerve damage and he said there was no damage, the back was solid and at most do physical therapy to strengthen it but from the tests he ran it was fine. I then visited my chiropractor for a follow up adjustment and he said: "I've never seen anyone in your condition make such a quick recovery. I didn't want to scare you but when I adjusted you last week I thought you would end up going to the hospital for surgery". It was only then it dawned on me that thanks to Jupiter and Siva Baba, I had a miraculous recovery.

Over the months the back was definitely better but I didn't trust it, it still felt questionable. So I requested a Nadi reading for my physical condition and the Remedy given by the Nadi was to have homa's performed at five Siva temples in southern India. Since there was an India trip coming up in October of 2002, I asked if I could have the remedies performed at that time. The request was granted and the homa's were scheduled.

The day before flying out to India my lower back nearly gave out again. I immediately hobbled over to the chiropractor and received an adjustment, which helped, and I was able to make the flight wearing a back brace for much needed support but I was nervous and hyper cautious of my movements. Once in India we visited the ancient temples where the homa's were to be conducted. The Hindu priests performing the homa would light a bunch of incense, chant numerous Mantras while throwing different flowers and foods into the fire for close to an hour while our group watched and meditated, it was all very surreal and very easy to slip into a trance/meditative state.

At the fourth Siva Temple while the homa was being conducted, I was in a semi-meditative state sitting in a half lotus position, my back was feeling tight so I stretched a little bit to loosen it up when I heard what sounded like the cartilage in my lower back ripping and at the same time I saw out of the corner of my eye a spider like creature being ripped off. I was startled more by the sound then by the vision but I knew at that moment my back Karma was completely cleared.

Over the past year I have helped friends move. I can exercise again and best of all I don't even think about my back. At most I will lift something and remember a year ago I would not have been able to perform that simple act.

When Siva Baba was asked to explain the miraculous healing of Mike, he said the following: "I can heal almost anyone. I can reverse any situation in people's life. But then there is the law of Karma. It is better that everyone understands Karma and diffuse it through proper remedies for the planets. Remedies sometime will work when medicine cannot. It is because remedies operate from a divine level. Poverty is a Disease of the Soul. Simply some souls love poverty. Poverty cannot be cured through legislation and other social-political means alone."


"I'm truly astonished by the things I learn using Astroved. I'm at the very beginning of figuring out what's going on with the planets in the sky, but I have already found many surprising matches with events that I have experienced throughout my life.

Here is one example which happened recently: I had a bad transit of the Sun in my 8th house. This transit causes Health problems and low energy. I felt it through the whole month period so I used the Chant To Control The Nine Planets CD every day. I missed using the CD for 2 days as I was travelling, and the second night I discovered a bloody spot in my right eye. I have poor vision - this is one of my weak points - and the Sun can cause problems in the right eye. The doctor said it usually takes 10-14 days to disappear - it's just a weakness in the system and stress could cause the bleeding. I continued using the CD, Mantras to the Sun and Muruga, and the Virtual Pooja and my eye was perfectly clear in 4 days.

I was a little skeptical about the Virtual Pooja at first, however we got so much encouragement to use it that I did. Now I really can feel the energy coming from the images. I'm very grateful to Siva Baba for bringing this incredible knowledge to us along with the remedies, giving us awareness of the forces we are influenced by and the tools for taking control of our destiny."


"My wife and I have joined your Gold Program and are very impressed with the accuracy of Vedic Astrology. In addition to getting all the free reports we both ordered the lifetime report and a complete compatibility report. Once we read the lifetime reports along with the compatibility report we felt it was almost as if Siva Baba had interviewed us beforehand! It is uncanny how accurate Vedic Astrology is. In regards to the compatibility report both my wife and I were amazed at how well you knew us! Things only we thought we were aware of we found out that Vedic Astrology knew as well.

Yesterday I ordered a series of reports along with the lifetime report on my youngest son and I was astounded at the insight into my son Vedic Astrology showed! It was like you knew him inside and out. It will give him guidance for his future that is hard to put a price on.

This science also gives one peace of mind in allowing one to better understand why a certain series of events may be happening. I was able to see how certain confrontational and very upsetting events with certain female members of my wife's and my family were occurring and how the Moon was triggering these emotional periods. I am also able to see that the beginning of this period was very accurately predicted by Vedic Astrology and can (with understanding) now see how to stay clear of future potential episodes until the Moon's influence recedes in the fall.

I received a couple of warnings in my lifetime report not to drive too fast! Considering my car has a 5.7 liter 325 horsepower motor that is good advice indeed!

I would recommend for anyone wanting to understand themselves and their life better. Try it and be amazed!"

W. B.

"At the end of January, you performed on my behalf a Pooja for Litigation and Legal Problems. Six weeks later a very complex legal situation in which I was involved was completely and fairly resolved. Thank you for your help."

L. W.

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