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Talk on Thiru Neela Kantam

DateFebruary 1, 2018


‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ is a karma-bursting mantra. I am going to explain to you in this stay, how this sound ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ bursts your karma. First, you have to understand what your karma is.

Karma is your own life. Subtle frequencies of what are going to flower into events, opportunities are stored within the throat as karmic impressions. In fact, you emanate out of karma. Nothing will be out there without karma. Ordinarily, we do not pay attention to this because our consciousness is not so pointed. It grows and we do not have the energy to go into deeper levels of awareness to appreciate karmic impressions. If you stay conscious and focus your attention on your throat, you can control a lot of karmic happenings.

The sound ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ has special qualities. The sound was discovered or given to us by a great being at a time when world events (cosmic events) were created.

<Thiru Neela Kantam

There is a story of how the sound came into being. In times immemorium or in primordial times, the demons and the gods were churning the ocean of milk. The purpose was to find the elixir of immortality. The elixir was supposed to come out of the churning of the ocean of milk. They used a snake as a rope for churning a snake; and while they were churning the ocean of milk, the elixir came out- but by that time, the snake also vomited poison; and the poison fell on the elixir. Shiva, the greatest being who was compassionate of what was going to be the result, took pity on both sides. He came forward and picked up the poison and drank it. The poison stayed in his throat. This cosmic event has tremendous impact. There are many, many meanings built into this mythological story.

There is a similar story in the Bible. The Bible says, at the beginning Adam and Eve lived happily. There was no pain; everything was just happiness. But God said, ‘Don’t eat the fruit of knowledge’. But then, Eve took the fruit of knowledge and gave it to Adam. While Adam was eating that fruit, Eve said that it was the forbidden fruit. Adam immediately stopped swallowing it and stopped it at the throat; and the projection that we have at the throat even today is called Adam’s apple. Both the stories tell something about the origin of poison or negativity.

These stories have a way of communicating reality to us. This reality goes beyond our rationalistic thinking. Myths operate from a level of awareness that transcends; mind that belongs to the unconscious- to the language of the divine. Myths are true forever.

Humanity might go through phases of evolution but myths, since they deal with the reality that transcends time; hence it deals with eternal truths, it will eternally remain as true. So from both the mythologies, we acquire the sense that the throat is the location for poison. Poison is just negative consciousness.

Now the mantra ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ has the ability to diffuse this poison. That is very, very important that we have to diffuse it, otherwise karmic life will be flowering. Every moment then, we will be facing what we do not want to face. We have all in some sense, accepted karma. We do not even want to challenge it. Doing a same job, living in a same place and doing uneventful things, unceremonious things are all due to karma. A person who is free of karma is really free. Every moment becomes a new moment for him. Otherwise it is all karmic happenings. It is therefore very important that we should first take care of diffusing karma.

The mantra ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ helps to diffuse it. By just saying or remembering this word or sound, ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’, you are travelling to the time when Shiva actually drank this poison. Imaginatively, you go there. You don’t have to imagine things; it happens by itself because the word has a memory of its own. The moment you say the word ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’, you are at the times immemorium when this great event took place. So by just saying this word or thinking this word or meditating on this word or hearing this word, you are already transported to the event of Shiva’s drinking the poison. This helps diffuse your karma. Every time you say or hear or meditate ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’, ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’, ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ and focus your attention on the throat, then you are transported to the time frame and you are dissolving your karma.

‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ literally means ‘Blue Throat’. Neela in Sanskrit means blue, Kantam is throat. So ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ means ‘Blue Throat’. Blue is an important vibration. While you are doing this technique, hearing this sound, you have to visualize the color blue. Blue is the color of life and it is located at the throat. So when you visualize the color blue, you begin to vibrate at a tremendous speed; you begin to vibrate life; you begin to vibrate the element of air; you begin to vibrate life energy. You have to say the word ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ and imagine a blue throat. This instruction is given both in the meditation and in the chant. Kantam means the throat. Again the sound Ka, In, Ta, Im take you back to the throat of Shiva. It also stops the negativity that is residing in the throat.

Even ordinarily, you can observe that the throat is a very important juncture for the body and the head. The head represents the brain. But physically, the throat is the juncture between energy and matter. Energy and matter joins at the throat. That’s why you have to remain at the throat in order to understand how energy and matter unite with one another. When you are at that spot, you will be able to diffuse your karma.

Even biologically speaking, throat is very important. Now for instance, you have an infection. Throat is the first to be affected. It is very, very sensitive. This is at the biological level. There are layers which are beyond our perception and those layers are being affected when we say the word ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’, ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’, ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’.

When ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ is very deeply installed in your throat, then it not only diffuses old karmas but also stops new karmas coming to you. I have experimented with ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ in the lives of many people who came to me.

‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ is particularly used for when you are suffering from deep-seated sorrow or painful conditions. There was a woman whom I had known for long time. She had a destructive relationship with a man. The man was really exploiting her. Finally, one day the guy left and she was totally heart broken. No matter what she could do, she could not help herself. Not even sleeping pills could work. The sorrow was so profound. She came to me and then I introduced this sound ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ to her and asked her to visualize the blue color in her throat while she meditated on this sound. Within a few hours, her heart sorrow disappeared.

I have many, many instances where I have had miraculous results by using this sound on many, many different people belonging to different countries.

One day, there was a woman who just came to me and she said that she had a traumatic experience in life and she wanted to end her life. I gave her this sound and then told her to stay with this sound for two days, which she did. After two days, she had renewed interest in life. So I have concrete results as reported by these people where ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ removes karma.

Suffering is due to karma. When you use this word ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’, it diffuses it. In recent times I was encouraged to use this word and also encouraged to do this tape-series on ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ , because of the Saint Thiru Gnanasambandar.

Thiru Gnanasambandar came to this earthplane during the 6th century to reveal some of the important mantras. He is the one who promoted ‘Arakara’, ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ and …..of other mantras. Thiru Gnanasambandar went to a place called Thiruchengode. By the time he went there, there was a famine. A lot of people were suffering without food and also they were suffering due to a disease, which killed a lot of people. He took these people to the temple and chanted ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’. He told everyone present that ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ would completely reverse your karma, and this place has become known for the mantra ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’. The words of Gnanasambandar also have become immortal. There are a whole group of hymns dedicated to ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ by Gnanasambandar. I encourage everyone of you to say this sound at least a few times; you will see remarkable, marvelous, miraculous results. ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’. Thiruchitrambalam.

What we learn from this?

Dr. Pillai, thus beautifully elaborates on the sacred sound, ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ and its importance at a spiritual, physical and biological levels. He goes on to explain the inner meaning of the sound, how it can diffuse your karma & prevent new karma from coming into you. Chant ‘Thiru Neela Kantam’ on Maha Shivaratri, the great night of Shiva to connect with Him and experience His extraordinary miracles. Participate in our Maha Shivaratri power rituals to receive the graceful blessings of Lord Shiva.


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