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Suryanar Temple: Let Benevolent Planets Bless You

DateJuly 19, 2011

The pattern of our life starting from our birth can be explained by the Law of Karma. Without this Law, astrology makes little sense and Vedic astrology includes both the aspect of fate and that of free will.

 Nine Planets

Fate as per Karma means that our present condition is the result of our past actions from previous lives. The outer events of our present life are ruled by past Karma and can be difficult to change. Free will as per Karma means that we shape our future by our present actions.

Vedic Astrology & Karma

Vedic astrology provides proactive ways of dealing with our Karma through spiritual practices, like remedial rituals, Yoga, prayer and meditation which neutralizes the effects of a bad or unfavorable astrological chart. Moreover, Vedic astrology helps us to realize our true self, and helps us to know the divinity of the soul as it provides a clarification of our Karma.

Vedic astrology alleviates what is perhaps the greatest fear for human beings, uncertainty and anxiety about the future. It helps us navigate confidently through the confusing waves of Karma, aware of our outer destiny and our inner timeless self as well.

Vedic Astrology & 9 Planets

”Vedic Astrology or ‘Jyotisha’ is the oldest most time-tested system of astrology in the world. The Sanskrit word Jyotisha means “science of light” and the origin of Jyotisha is from the Vedas, the Ancient Wisdom Texts. It is the science of understanding the subtle influences that come to us from the greater cosmos; more specifically the 9 planets that are said to influence the human destiny on Earth the most.

Navgraha or 9 planets play an important role in determining the luck and destiny of a native. Although, positions of these nava grahas can push an individual up to a high position today, a slight alteration of the positioning can thrust an individual to the depths tomorrow.

According to Vedic astrology, Grahas or planets influence the minds of beings connected to the Earth. Each Graha carries a specific energy and gets connected in a specific way to the individual auras of humans at the time they take their first breath.

Appease the Unfavorable & Strengthen the Favorable Planets

AstroVed is giving you a unique opportunity to appease the unfavorable and strengthen the favorable planets in your chart, all in one temple. Suryanar Koil or Suryanar Temple is one of the Navagraha temples dedicated to the Sun, but it also has a separate shrine for all of the other planets. The Navagraha idols here are present without weapons depicting their protective aspect. Guru or Jupiter is depicted here as offering worship to Surya.

By performing rituals in the Suryanar Koil on July 27th, you can nullify the malefic effects of planets in your birth chart.


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