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Super Moon, March 19th – Question of Disaster!

On March 16, 2011

Super Moon is the New or Full moon which occurs when the Moon is at 90% or larger of its size which comes closer to Earth. The Moon will be the closest to the Earth in almost 20 years on March 19th, 2011.

 Super Moon

Scientists identified this Super Moon which coincides with a full moon as doomsday. Threateningly, exclusive warnings and control measures were suggested for the astronomical impact of Super Moon. The Earth is also moving closer to the Sun during these current months so the Sun will also add to the magnetic waves on Earth.

Devastating Effects of Super Moon

A moon cannot cause a geological event like an earthquake but it will cause a difference to the tide. If that combines with certain weather conditions, then that could cause a great troubles for coastal areas. The proximity of Super Moon could possibly trigger earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters.


Astronomers states that the disruption of Earth's climatic patterns may even cause earthquakes and volcanic activity. Every one of us feels quite helpless when something of this magnitude happens that is out of our control. Vedic astrologers study 5 planetary influences or disaster indicators which heightens the possibility of these natural disasters.

Divine Solution for the Question of Disaster

As a conscious Earth citizen, you can take the help of Siddha Esoteric Technology to avert this disaster and save Mother Earth from this adversity. Divine Intervention with Siddha Technology will help to suppress the effects of natural calamities. Some of the Divine Siddha Esoteric Technology, which can greatly minimize or prevent the devastating effects of this Super Moon are:

• Worship of Underground Ganesha for the Protection of Flood Disasters and Tsunamis • Protection from Devastative Deluges through Seashell Ganesha • Feeding of Ants to Prevent Nuclear Wars • Worship of Goddess Kali for Protection of Planet Earth

Protect Our Mother Earth

We can arrest the astronomical impacts of Super Moon and protect our Mother Earth from dangerous disasters which were predicted by our astrologers, other psychics and different astronauts through our powerful prayers.

AstroVed is performing special rituals with respect to the divine Siddha Esoteric Technology will help in preventing the great disasters that might happen in the near future. Naturally, blessings through these powerful rituals to the Guardian angels will provide a protecting sheath for your life and world, as well.

Join to seek divine intervention with disaster prevention to protect our world.


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