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Sun Transit in Cancer (16 July 2022)

Sun in Cancer sign makes the person sensitive, emotional, multi-talented, and honest in life. This transit of Sun in Cancer will bring personal and family issues for most natives. The Sun Transit in Cancer sign may bring financial prosperity to many people. However, it can also cause problems related to litigation issues, skin diseases, emotional trouble, and chaos in the family. Sun transit in Cancer sign may give you heartbreaks in love life, but also success in your career and education. Some people can start new work or business which will flourish in this period. Sun transit in Cancer sign from 16th July to 16th August 2022 can bring success and happiness to students preparing for competitive exams and those in administrative and banking services. Some people may get promotions or increments in their jobs.

Below, we are going to discuss and predict the effects and results of Sun transit in Cancer sign for all 12 Zodiac signs:-

Sun Transit in Cancer


Sun transit in your 4th house may bring good news for those in government jobs or preparing for government jobs. Success in educational pursuits and real estate work is assured. On the other hand, some people may suffer in their romantic life. Domestic harmony could be missing. Those who are unemployed could get a new job or start a new business in this period. The agriculture business will bring great profit. You may thrive in your career or business in this period.


Sun transit in your 3rd house could bring success in the sports and media fields. Those in the banking sector can also do well. Your enemies might be defeated, and your courage and respect will rise. You may reach your objectives and goals in this period. Your risks may pay off in business and investments. Your ambition or wishes could be fulfilled. Many natives’ respect and popularity will rise in society.


Sun transit in your 2nd house can help expand your business. Your overall wealth and savings may rise. There could be family happiness and celebrations at home. Success in most endeavors is assured. Your health will be fine, and your energy may be high. Those suffering any health issues in the family may recover as well. Some people may get married to their desired partner. Childbirth is also possible.


Sun transit in your 1st house will give you success over enemies and competition. Your business could flourish. Some people may acquire government jobs as well. Success in political work is possible. Some people may gain fame and money through sports and creative work during this period. Those in the artistic ad entertainment field will shine in their occupation.


Sun transit in your 12th house may bring opportunities for foreign travel or earnings from foreign lands. You may get in touch with new people, which will benefit you. Some people may start their work in a foreign land and achieve success. You may get settle abroad or seek education there during this period. There may be plenty of gains for those in travel blogging work or if your work is related to travel.


Sun transit in your 11th house can give popularity and success through digital marketing and social media. You may come into contact with aristocratic people. Your contacts and friends will provide you with gains. New friends and new love in life will bring happiness, joy, and pleasure. Fortune may be on your side, and there could be gains from speculative activities and games. Your income may rise, and you may be prosperous in this period.


Sun transit in your 10th house may be an excellent period for growth and success in your career. Those in administrative, executive, and management positions could see success and recognition in their work. Your boss or authorities may be delighted by your work or effort. You may climb the ladder of success and popularity in your career. Those in sports, politics, and showbiz work will shine in their occupation.


Sun transit in your 9th house is likely to bring happiness and wealth to the family. Your father’s health and reputation may improve for the better. You or your father may rise in profession or business. Success in higher education, especially in a foreign land, is possible. Recognition and wealth from teaching, writing, editing, publishing, and through the media fields are possible.


Sun transit in your 8th house may give some health problems and losses in business. Some people may suffer from setbacks and disappointments in their careers. Your personal and professional life could suffer in this period. However, those in religious, spiritual, and occult fields may have a great time. Astrologers and magicians could shine in their work.


Sun transit in your 7th house may give marital problems and disharmony in family life. Some people may suffer from breakup, separation, or divorce in their married or love life. Your partner’s health may also make you feel worried. There can be some tension in your family and marital life. Losses through partnership business are possible. However, some success will be there for those in freelancing work or self-employed.


Sun transit in your 6th house may bring success in competitive sports and competitive exams. Some people could recover from chronic ailments. Your energy and enthusiasm may be high. You may suffer from minor injuries but will recover quickly. Some people may acquire government jobs in railways, police, or administrative service.


Sun transit in your 5th house is likely to bring happiness, new love, and excitement to your life. Success may follow you like your shadow. There could be happiness because of your family or your children, or you will make your parents proud. New love may arrive in your life, and there could be success for those in the media, entertainment, marketing, advertising, and promotional fields. Some people may shine in the acting and singing fields too. Fortune could be on your side, and there can be a big break or ample opportunity in your career.